Each child is unique, and comes with their strengths and weaknesses.

Let us join in an endeavour to provide Help, Oppportunity, Participation, and Education (HOPE) to enhance their strengths, to overcome their weaknesses.

For details, or if you know a child who may need our support, contact us.

HOPE Qatar
PO Box 47243 Doha, Qatar Tel: +974 534 8611 Fax: +974 436 8821 E-Mail: info@hope-qatar.org www.hope-qatar.org A Member of HOPE Global Foundation Affiliated to the Indian Cultural Centre, under the aegis of the Embassy of India


Help Oppportunity Participation and Education
for children with special needs.

the children are allowed to learn the basics of Language and Mathematics and to explore the essential knowledge of Science. * * Coupling Montessori tools and principles with Special Educational expertise. Admission is based on strict criteria to identify children with mild to moderate mental disability. * Possibility of integrating the children into the mainstream schools under the guidance of our expert teachers. A team that works as a single unit under the leadership of experienced consultants for the overall development of the child. HOPE therefore beccomes: * An answer to the worries of many parents who want to educate their children with learning difficulties and special needs. An ideal setup for children to learn with individual attention provided catered specifically to their individual needs. and Physical education are provided along with apt use of Computers and * . Its activities are registered under the Ministry of Education Qatar. A maximum class size of 6-7 students per teacher ensures individual attention at all times. Opportunity. Participation. Geography and the World around them. Music. with manageable behavioural problems. Projects and assignments are constructed that foster teamwork and confidence. HOPE is a 'not for profit' centre founded by likeminded individuals from various expatriate commmunities in Qatar who have a desire to provide Help.Information Technology to broaden their skills and enlighten their minds. At HOPE. we firmly believe that each child can develop and will reach their full potential when given the right opportunity and environment. and Education for children with special needs. Art. An opportunity provided to the children to let them learn at their own pace.

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