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The Quantum Field of Maya by aashay shroff

The Quantum Field of Maya by aashay shroff

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Published by aashay shroff
the quantum field of maya, higgs boson
the quantum field of maya, higgs boson

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Published by: aashay shroff on Dec 05, 2013
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The Quantum Field of Maya The Quantum Field of Maya is nothing but the latest discovery made by the

Scientist in Geneva on the "Higgs Field". Scientist have discovered that this field exists around us and covers entire universe. This field is invisible to our eyes but it's equally present in entire universe. There is not a single inch of space in the universe where it is not present. Whatever substance interacts with this field at molecular level gains mass. Photons and gluons don't interact with this field and thus they are massless. Protons, electrons gain mass by interacting with this field. Everything including us are manifestation of this field. If this field was not present than molecules would not have gained mass and everything would have disintegrated. Thus it can be said that this quantum soup of maya is friendly to us because we are a part if it. Jesus Christ and many other sages including greatest people of all time knew this field was present and they interacted with this field to convert water into wine, copper into gold and much more. Jesus Christ said that we can do much more greater things than what he did. He was totally right because he knew that anyone who can interact with this field can create anything he desires because every creation is part of higgs field. To gain mass and have physical form every molecule must interact with this field. Thus Jesus had full knowledge of working of this field and he created wine from water, made dead man alive, he walked on water and many more miracles that he performed. I would like to tell you one more secret which is not a secret anymore, ie you can also interact with this field and create anything your heart desires. This can be done through the power of your directed and focused thought. Our thoughts daily interact with this field but just because we can't see it and there is no instant physical manifestation of our desires we don't take it seriously. Rather we take it for granted and curse our fate for the things Not happening in our life. Well we think over and around 60,000 thousands thoughts per day and almost 95% of the thoughts are from what happened in past and of repetitive in nature. So we live the same life everyday day in, day out. But if we know there is a sleeping power which permeates entire universe and which flows to and through us and can be used by our thoughts and vibrations ,than we would never have wasted time worrying about everything. We would have created the life which we want at our will. We think so many thoughts daily that higgs field gets confused regarding our desire. One day we want to date a hot girl next day we want a new car than third day we want to travel places. So the field can't work because we are confused and don't have faith that our desires can be fulfilled. Thus we get confusing results. It's a saying that "we can't clap with one hand". So in order to make this field work for us we have to be focused regarding our wants. What do you want is the greatest mystery of all time. But if you figure it out than I can show you how to get it. For instance suppose you want to buy a big house but you are unable to do so. Firstly you have to be very clear regarding what kind of house do you want. There should be no limiting beliefs as this field don't know any limitations. Than everyday you have to imagine the house you want in every detail and impress upon your mind and simultaneously you will be impressing it upon the field because you are a part and parcel of that field. When the field catches up with your image things and coincidence will began to show up. Like someone showing you the new home, grating loans at discounted prices or you winning a lottery to buy the house of your dreams. It can happen anyway so be open. Thus within no time like a miracle you will be the proud owner of your new big house. You can create anything by working with this field. There is no scarcity and shortages of anything.

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