service offices were beseiged with ting the

NAMES A TIFFIN Frick, ho new iiCV» Mun J,»it*ili Jack (Hosey) Williams, son of ha(| appo Mr. and Mrs. Harry Williams of be bailiff 120 Brenner Ct.t was recently pro- son to be moted to corporal while serving with Headquarters Co. of the Tile 765th Transportation Railway Bat- Call or talion in Korea, A 1950 graduFIN ate at Harding High S c h o o l where he participated in football and basketball, he entered the Findla service on Sept. 18, 1952 and arrhed overseas last March 28. Cpl. Williams, who is presently spending a seven-day Christmas recuperation leave in Kobe, Japan, was employed at the Erie Diesel Shop here prior to entering the service.

Service News

Nancy Anne Pendteton, hospital apprentice, USN, is spending a

r -^r- ".-^"s-t^sy^r; i~.-..>V,-^^a^




Pup Still in Wett After 9 Days Despite Scores of Rescue Ideas
CARLSBAD, N. M. (IP-Bolstered suggestions for rescue. One of the' by a multitude of suggestions, Fire plans came from a woman who Chief Ira StockweU today took his said: *'Send the other puppy down in turn at trying to rescue a 2-month- a basket. The trapped puppy may j old pup from the bottom of a dry be so glad to see him he'll climb in the basket too." water well. Ideas by the dozen were offered A fisherman: "Drop a piece of by newspaper readers and radio net the size of the bottom of the hole to the bottom with ropes tied listeners. It an began nine days ago when to the four corners. When he 5-year-old Teresa Curtis pushed reaches for the piece of meat in two pups into a hole in her back the center, jerk him out like a yard. It's about 10 inches wide at catfish." One man asked, "Why all the the top and 38 feet deep. Her cousins, Dan Hardin, 15, and fuss?—kick the hole in on top of Poe Hardin, 12, rescued one of him.' the pups. They lowered a burlap Another offered, "Fill the well;! sack and the pup walked into it. to a depth of two or three feet But the other little mongrel shied with corks. Do it slowly so the pup can crawl on top. Then fill off. The Hardin boys have been keep- the well .with water so hell float ing the trapped pup alive by low- to the top." Lower a little boy in a stout ering bowls of milk and cereal. Yesterday a couple of Boy Scouts pair of coveralls on a rope,' sugv tried unsuccessfully to drop a rope gested a woman, "and let him loop over the pup and haul him to bring the puppy back." An elderly lady suggested buildsafety. New Mexico newspaper and wire ing a lattice work ladder and letservice offices were beseiged with ting the pup climb out. NAMES AIDES TIFFIN, Ohio (* — Harry W. Frick, ho wUl be judge of Tiffin's new iiCV» Municipal J,»it*ili^.»^«*A Court, KXW. f «j**.—«» said today »»-•«-—., he Jack (Hosey) Williams, son of ha(| appointed Earl L. Bowman to Mr. and Mrs. Harry Williams of be bailiff and Mrs. Nellie Gustaf120 Brenner Ct.t was recently pro- son to be clerk. moted to corporal while serving Tile Bath Room with Headquarters Co. of the Tile Work of All Kinds Call or Write for Free Estimate 765th Transportation Railway BatH. K. STONER talion in Korea, A 1950 graduFINDLAY MANTEL ate at Harding High S c h o o l and TILE CO. where he participated in football 116 W. Front St. and basketball, he entered the Findlay, O. Phone 4470 service on Sept. 18, 1952 and arrhed overseas last March 28. Cpl. Williams, who is presently spending a seven-day Christmas recuperation leave in Kobe, Japan, was employed at the Erie Diesel Shop here prior to entering the service.


bod* Say, ft-ffys 1° ^Wt (!'

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Nancy Anne Pendteton, hospital apprentice, USN, is spending a 21-day leave at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Pendletoa, 366 llunin Court. She recently was graduated from the U. 5. Naval Hospital Corps School, Bainbridge, Md., after completing the 20-week basic course. On Jan. 6, she will report to the U. S. Naval Hospital, Charleston, S. C., for a six-month tour of ward duty. She has been in the Navy since August, 1952, and is a Harding High School graduate.

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DALLAS, Tex. (#—Atty. John P. j Green, on his way to work, stopped | at a wreck and noticed the license number on one of the cars was one issued to a state official. At his office, checking up, he asked his law partner, Barefoot Sanders, "How would you go about finding out who has license plate No. SO-128" "That's easy," answered Sanders, a state representative. "It's mine.** And that's how Sanders learned his wife and baby were in a bad wreck, although not seriously injured.

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NAMED FOUNDRY MANAGER PITTSBURGH 1 OB — Allegheny Ludlum Stetl Cor ?, announced yesterday the appointment of Louis B. Polen as manager of its Buffalo, N Y., foundry, effective Jan. 1. He'll succeed R. J. Bryan, who is retiring. Polen is a native of Scio, 136 N. Prospect. Ohio

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