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IPA Logo Use Guidelines and Stationary Production 2

IPA Logo Use Guidelines and Stationary Production 2

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Published by Mitchell Davis
IPA Logo Use Guidelines and Stationary Production 2
IPA Logo Use Guidelines and Stationary Production 2

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Published by: Mitchell Davis on Dec 05, 2013
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Graphics and Logo Usage Agreement

Acceptance of this Graphics and Logo Usage Agreement is subject to the following terms:
This Agreement is applicable to organizations, groups or individuals wishing to use the International Platform Association Full Logo (hearafter also IPA Logo) or the International Platform Association Base (hereafter IPA Base Logo) at anytime anywhere for any purpose. The IPA Full Logo and IPA Base Logo (hereafter IPA Logos) may not be used for any purpose without prior written approval by the International Platform Association (hearafter IPA). Even with consent, it is implied that the IPA Logos will not be used in any manner that may possibly disparage, bring into disrepute, or in anyway derogate the IPA or its members or in connection with any products or services that, in the IPA sole and absolute discretion, may possibly diminish or damage the goodwill of the organization.

 

You may not alter the appearance of the IPA Logos. The IPA Logos must stand by themselves so as to avoid unintended associations with any other objects, including, without limitation, type, photographs, illustrations, borders, and edges other than as outlined in this document. The width of the blank space surrounding the IPA Logos must be equal to 1/3 of the size of the symbol that is displayed (e.g., if the symbol is 30 pixels across, it must have 10 pixels of blank space above, below and on each side). You may not use the IPA Logos as a feature or design element or incorporate it into any other service mark/logo. You may never use the IPA Logo without the tagline "Founded by Daniel Webster and Josiah Holbrook in 1831 as The American Lyceum Association”. You may not use any IPA Logos other than the versions described herein without the express permission of the IPA. Additional color configurations are available on the Logos page. You may not use the IPA Logos or the name "International Platform Association" in any manner that implies sponsorship or endorsement.

IPA Logos IPA Full Logo 1. The full logo is comprised of: 2. The tagline is: Both parts of the IPA Full Logo MUST be used together. The logo may never be redrawn, or modified in any way. The logo must always be in the same proportion to the symbol. IPA Full Logo 1. The full logo is comprised of: 2. The tagline is: Both parts of the IPA Full Logo MUST be used together. The logo may never be redrawn, or modified in any way. The logo must always be in the same proportion to the symbol. The IPA Logo Configurations

The IPA Logo Colors The IPA Logo colors have been carefully chosen to reproduce consistently whether using solid PMS, CMYK process, or RGB/web-ready colors.
  

PMS o Black CMYK o Black RGB/web-ready colors o Black

IPA Logo Typeface and Official IPA Font – Times Roman Bold? The use of the Times Roman Bold family of typefaces throughout all applications is a fundamental aspect of the IPA Logo style. Times Roman Bold has been chosen not only for its classic characteristics, but for its flexibility. IPA Logo Placement and Size Minimums A minimum airspace of one-third the width of the symbol must be allowed on all sides. If space is limited, reduce the size of the IPA Logo. In print, a minimum size for the IPA Full Logo is 5/16" in height, the minimum size of the IPA Base Logo is 3/16. For the Web, we prefer that you use the IPA Logo as an identity and the size should reflect that. Use of the IPA Logo with Other Logos When placing the IPA Logo near another logo, be sure to use a version close in size and aspect to that of the other logo. The IPA Logos should be placed side by side and not one above the other. Incorrect Use of the IPA Logo The IPA Logo may not be used as part of a design or be the subject of a wallpaper pattern. When using the IPA Logo on a Web site, it may not flash, blink, or change colors in any way; it may not be used as an icon or button, and it may not be animated. The Tagline

IPA logo use guidelines and stationary production. There are two images. A) The classic bust and platform. B) The platform only.

There is to appear a ‘tm’ next to the platform as shown here:

The full image is appropriate for formal use and for use when directed only at legacy members. When they have an understanding of who Daniel Webster was, and it is stated in the adjoining text his name as is done on the formal stationary. The full bust may not be used on business cards. The smaller platform logo is for use in informal situations, to new people. It may be used on business cards. I think the guideline for collateral materials like brochures the fold up, The Freedom of Speech piece for example is: The simply logo is used in medium size on the front. The Legacy logo is used small on the back next to the address, and the “formed by” is part of the ending footprint. The ending foot print being the legacy small with the name and address to the right and the tag line about “Webster and hollbrock under it

We will create three types of stationary. 1) For IPA business. The ivory 25% cotton for standard formal use. Basically we can make this a needed. a. #10 Windows. (#10 windows can be printed by Rachid) b. Standard sheets with the Silver bowl back. c. A business card for more formal use.

2) For IPA Marketing. A red, white and blue airmail standard to be used in general direct mail. This will have an old style but no too “retro” typeface. Just direct, not exceeding, like the old Universal Coupon typeface. There will be three sizes:

a. b. c. d.

A 6” X 9” dual window for messages – This has been ordered from Double Envelope. A #10 window – needs to done by EU services on stock blanks. A letter sized sheet with the red and blue borders. A business card.

3) For the IPA Foundation -- A Cranes crest engraved item for the exacting personal nature correspondence by Jan with Board of Governors. This will have the short logo, and very simple text. This type of work can take several weeks. I’ll go see the man at Copenhaver who has done my personal cards and stationary for decades. Once we know more, about styles and options I’ll work with Jan for she is the only one who will need this exacting tool. a. Probably and A-10 b. A full size 8.5” sheet c. A business card. See envelope sizes here: http://www.leaderpaper.com/info/size_chart.php

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