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Summer 2009
Vol. V, No. 2

Antracia Moorings

Dr. LaVerne Tolbert

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Kerri Webb

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wife and the next moment, the lungs in which the air-

Passing the Baton:

Editorial Offices she’s the first lady of a legacy. ways are reversibly nar-

Consecration and Installation

7901 South Vermont Avenue Angel Price reflects on being rowed. Asthma affects 7% of

of Pastor K. Price, Jr.

Los Angeles, CA 90044 CCC’s first lady. the population, or 20 million
(323) 758-3777
Americans, and 300 million
Drew Dimmel: The Voice of
By Kerri Webb
Website: On Sunday, March 15, Ever Increasing Faith 23 THE WORD OF FAITH
Ministries Living A Disciplined Life
www.faithdome.or g 2009, approximately 6,000
people attended the installa-
To order from or By Antracia Moorings By Dr. Frederick K.C. Price
tion and consecration cere-
to subscribe to this magazine:
Call 1-800-927-3436
mony of Pastor Frederick K. For years, Drew Dimmel was No one can be successful in
Price, Jr. as he became the the voice of Ever Increasing ministry who is undisciplined.
Ever Increasing Faith Magazine is published head of Crenshaw Christian Faith Ministries—that is until There are too many undisci-
by Crenshaw Christian Center, a recognized Center as its presiding Pastor. he had to step back from the plined pastors, too many
nonprofit corporation. 2009 Crenshaw job he loved. undisciplined evangelists, too
Christian Center. All rights reserved. UP CLOSE:
Angel Price:
many undisciplined ministers
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A Look At the New First Lady
of the gospel. In this teach-
A Look At Asthma
permission is prohibited. Ever Increasing
Faith and the logo on the back page are reg-
ing, Apostle Price shares that
istered trademarks of Crenshaw Christian to be successful, one must be
By Antracia Moorings By Pastor Robert Bolden
Center, Inc. in the United States and other disciplined!
countries where Ever Increasing Faith One minute she’s a pastor’s Asthma is a inflammation of
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a message from dr. price invitation to salvation

If you
are not a
Entering Into God’s Rest
Hebrews 4:10 says, For he who has entered His rest has himself also ceased

from his works as God did from His. In other words, stop laboring by your own
effort, and let God work on it through you.

like to
It is sometimes difficult for people to do that — cease from their own

become one,
works. Because they think they are so important that if they don’t do “it,” “it” will
not get done. But people end up killing themselves with that kind of thinking.

pray the
I do not fool myself into thinking I can do it all. I have my place, my call,
and my anointing, but I let the Greater One do the work. I am always at rest. I

could be stressed out right now because of all the things I have to do and all that

I am responsible for. But I refuse to be stressed out. I have delegated authority
to others, and they do the work that they
are assigned to do.
“For he who has There is no way in the world that I
could have grown Crenshaw Christian
entered His rest Center into the flourishing congregation
that it is now if I did it on my own without
has himself also God’s help. I’m smart enough to know that
I need God—in everything. Dear GOD in Heaven,
ceased from his I know some ministers — bless
their hearts — who are trying to carry their Thank you for sending Your
works as God did entire congregation. That is impossible, Son JESUS CHRIST to destroy
the power of Satan over my life. I
from His. ” and God did not tell you to do that.
Nobody’s shoulders are big enough to do accept Jesus now as my personal
—Hebrews 4:10 that. A minister’s job is to give you the SAVIOR and LORD, and I
Word, to pray for you, and then he has to let choose to turn away from the sins
of my past to a renewed Life in
you carry yourself.
This past March, my son Frederick K.C. Price was formally installed
as pastor of Crenshaw Christian Center on his 30th birthday. It was indeed a
You said that if I would confess
joyous occasion to watch what was prophesied years ago fully come into fruition. with my mouth the LORD
I pray that I have lived this out for my son so that, as he pastors the church, he JESUS and believe in my heart
will remember that God does the real work. that You raised Him from the
Over 25 years ago, I started resting. I labored to enter into the rest by faith. dead, that I would be saved. I
Hence, I have had more to do than I have ever dreamed of doing in seven life- believe JESUS died for my sins
times. My wife and I sit and wonder sometimes why we and that You raised Him from the
have so much to do. It is because God knows we can dead for my benefit.
handle it. God knows it is not going to hurt us or kill
us, because we learned how to rest. HEAVENLY FATHER, I
I absolutely love my job, and I would actually pay thank you for the gift of salvation
God to let me do what I do. That is because I have and for accepting me now as Your
learned to do my work in His strength. I have child.
learned how to rest — not to look at circumstances,
not to walk by sight. It is my hope that you learn In JESUS’ name, Amen.
how to rest in God as well.

If you have prayed this prayer,

please let us know by writing
to us at:
Crenshaw Christian Center
P.O.Box 90000
Los Angeles, CA 90009
Attn: Administration Office


on the itinerary

July 27-31
FICWFM Convention
Crenshaw Christian Center
August 20-21
Pastor Alonzo Ward
Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr.
September 4 & 6
St. Louis Christian Center
870 Pershall Road
Detroit, MI 48226
9/17-18 @ 7:00 p.m. nightly /
Apostle Frederick K.C. Price
September 20
CCC East
Apostle Frederick K.C. Price
Los Angeles, CA St. Louis, MO 63137 9/19 @ 10:00 a.m. / Dr. Betty R.
August 20-22 (314.867.1894) Price September 24-25
August 5-6 Harvest House Christian Center [Dr. Alfred D. Harvey, Jr.] Gospel Tabernacle
In His Presence Church 200 Rothrock Road Apostle Frederick K.C. Price September 18-19 277 Clifton Street
21300 Califa Street Copley, OH 44321 Living Word Bible Church Atlanta, GA
Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (330.576.6276) September 17-19 3520 E. Brown Road (404.370.3800)
(818.313.9393) [Dr. Jerome a. Parker] Daylight Christian Center Mesa, AZ 85213 [Bishop Wiley Jackson]
[Pastor Mel Ayres] Conference will be held at: 15831 W. 7 Mile Road (480.964.4463) Apostle Frederick K.C. Price
7:00 p.m. nightly John S. Knight Ccnter Detroit, MI 48235 [Dr. C. Thomas Anderson, Senior
Apostle Frederick K.C. Price 77 E Mill Street (313.270.4412) Pastor]
330) 374-8900 [Pastors Jerome & Theresa Fri, 9/18 @ 6:45 p.m.
August 5 Akron, OH Talley] Sat, 9/19 @ 12 noon
AUGUST 6, 2009 8/20-21 @ 7:00 p.m. / Apostle Meeting will be held at: Sat, 9/19 @ 6:45 p.m.
Advancing the Kingdom of God Frederick K.C. Price Cobo Conference Center Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr.
Ministries 8/22 @ 9:00 a.m. breakfast mtg 1 Washington Blvd
P.O. Box 357 / Dr. Betty R. Price
Torrance, CA 90508-0357
Conference held at: August 23
Doubletree Hotel CCC East
2 Civic Plaza Apostle Frederick K.C. Price
Carson, CA 90745
[Dr. Milton S. Herring, I] Setpember 2
7:00 p.m. Destiny Christian Church
Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr. 12119 16th Avenue South
Burnsville, MN 55337
August 9-16 (952.890.1477)
Alaska Cruise [Pastor Joe Braucht]
Apostle Frederick K.C. Price New York
Los Angeles
September 3
Dunamis World Outreach Church,
3212 Hartlage Ct.
Louisville, KY 40216
[Dr. Shannon C. Cook]
7:00 p.m.
Apostle Frederick K.C. Price

Minister Robert E. Bolden is a graduate of Kerri Webb, the former Senior Writer for
the Ministry Training Institute at Crenshaw Ever Increasing Faith Magazine, has been
Christian Center. Bolden accepted the a member of Crenshaw Christian Center
lordship of Jesus Christ in 1980. Bolden is for almost 30 years. A graduate of the
one of the Instructors for the Spiritual University of California, Santa Barbara,
Enrichment classes offered at CCC. she is currently the media spokeswoman
Bolden is also an Instructor at Abundant for the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department,
Harvest Christian Center School of and is a member of the Public Relations
Ministry in association with Trinity Society of America and the National
University, an accredited school of theolo- Association of Black Journalists.
gy where he teaches classes such as the
Principles of Faith, Pneumatology &


feature article

Passing the Baton:


Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr.



Apostle Frederick K. Price and his wife Dr. Betty
pray for Pastor Fred and new first lady Angel.

However, one particular person

celebrated his 30th birthday
unlike anyone else—
he took leadership of a
25,000-member megachurch! Apostle Price during the ceremony.
brilliant red tunic, similar to those worn by
the Pope or a Catholic Cardinal, made his
way down the aisle as the crowd erupted in
cheers and applause that reverberated
By Kerri Webb throughout the entire sanctuary, nearly
drowning out the choir.

With a 7-ft. shepherd’s staff in hand,
Apostle Price beamed as he took his place at
n Sunday, March 15, 2009, the platform, between CCC Senior Pastor
approximately 6,000 people attended Craig Hays, and Bishop Jackson. The three
the installation and consecration ceremony of men stand behind a long table draped with
Pastor Frederick K. Price, Jr. as he became beautifully brilliant white cloth and facing a
the head of Crenshaw Christian Center as its strong, poised, and composed Pastor Price.
presiding Pastor. On his son’s 30th birthday, As the choir finished their song, the
Dr. Frederick K.C. Price officially handed crowd applauds and cheers for approximate-
the torch to Frederick Kenneth Price, and ly 1 full minute before taking their seats and
stepped down as acting Pastor of CCC. prepare for the responsive reading, led by Dr.
they partake in a life-changing covenant, La Verne Tolbert, of CCC’s church Elders.
The transition, which was years in the
Pastor Frederick Price, Jr. also walked down The parishioners followed and participated
making, certainly made history for the mem-
the aisle towards his destiny as the future of in the reading that was found in an 18-page
bers, staff and First Family of CCC, but it is
CCC. Once at the platform, in the center of color commemorative program distributed at
also perhaps the first time a father handed
the sanctuary, Pastor Price, Jr. took his place. the beginning of the service.
over the operation and leadership of a pre-
Blinking back tears, he lifted his hands giving
dominantly Black “megachurch” to his son. “The time has come and is now that we,
praise to God and politely acknowledged the
The 2-hour ceremony began with the cheers of the crowd. who worship the Lord God, should do so in
CCC Sanctuary Voices’ moving rendering of Spirit and in Truth,” began Dr. Tolbert. “It is
With the choir still singing, next in the God who has made us and not we, ourselves.
“Order My Steps” as a formal processional of
processional was the Episcopal Cross bearer We are the sheep of God’s pasture. God has
CCC’s pastoral staff, dressed in the clergy
(similar to a wedding’s ring bearer). Cloaked called us out of darkness into God’s Glorious
white collar and black suits, marched in and
in a white gown, Pastor Price, Jr.’s nephew Light.”
took their places. It was a stunning visual
Tyler Buchanan carried a solid brass cross
representation of the depth and solidarity of After the responsive reading Minister
down the aisle and placed it on the platform
CCC’s church Elders, Ministers and Gail Riley gave the invocation.
for display.
“Today is a day of transition; a day of new
As the choir reached the crescendo of the Following the cross bearer in the proces- beginnings. It’s a day where the baton will be
song, everyone rose as Pastor Price, Jr. pro- sional was the Chaplain to the Apostle, passed from one anointing to another,”
ceeded down the aisle; bringing the Bishop Wiley Jackson, founder of Gospel prayed Minister Riley. “We also celebrate his
Faithdome alive with thunderous applause. Tabernacle Churches of Atlanta and Stone birthday, his birth from his mother’s womb
Mountain in Georgia. Bishop Jackson is and his entrance into destiny. For he was
Certainly not one who enjoys being at
best known to CCC members as a promi- born for such a day as this.”
the center of attention, Pastor Price, Jr. mod-
nent member of the Fellowship of Inner-City
estly acknowledged the well-wishes of his After the invocation, Dr. Delores Jones
Word of Faith Ministries (FICWFM), and
flock as he passed by hundreds of parish- read from Numbers 27:12-23; Jeremiah 3:15,
was also welcomed with applause and cheers
ioners who waved, cheered, took photos, and referencing the call to ministry leadership and
as he made his way down to the platform.
blew kisses at their new leader. service of the church. Minister Alice Gier
Similar to the way a bride walks down to And then came the moment of truth. read 1Timothy 4:12-16, encouraging Pastor
the wedding aisle to meet with her groom as Apostle Dr. Frederick K.C. Price, clad in a Price, Jr. to not allow his youth to be an
obstacle that impedes him from doing what
feature article

Pastor Creflo and Taffi Dollar.

the Lord has called him to do.

“I’m so glad that Ceremony so remarkable was its
formalities. After the special
duties of the head of the local church. The
congregation formally accepted the new pas-
Holding in their hands blue
hymnals, the CCC Sanctuary I lived to see this
remarks and a palpable musical tor and also declared their support and
rendition of “More Than prayers him and his wife. At the end of the
Voices led the congregation in a
Hymn of Praise, “All Hail the
day when we Wonderful” by CCC’s own rite, Apostle Price handed over his job to his
Gertrude Badley, the consecra- son.
Power of Jesus Name.” would install the tion process began with “The
“The office of Pastor of Crenshaw
“This is a day we’ve been
looking forward to for a long,
new Pastor of Call” when Pastor Hays formally
and publicly presented Pastor
Christian Center is now committed to you in
the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of
long time,” said Pastor Hays. Crenshaw Price, Jr. to Apostle Price to be
the Holy Spirit,” Apostle Price decreed. “The
“I’m so glad that I lived to see considered for the office of Head
this day when we would install Christian Center.” Pastor of CCC.
God of peace who brought again from the
dead our Lord Jesus, the great Shepherd of
the new Pastor of Crenshaw
— Pastor L. Craig Hays “Apostle and Council of the sheep, by the blood of the eternal
Christian Center.”
Pastors, by the will of God and covenant, equip you with everything good
One of Pastor Price Jr.’s professors, in His presence, we present this candidate to that you may do His will, working in you that
Pastor Larry Matteson of Cottonwood you and the church for public consecration to which is pleasing in His sigh, through Jesus
Christian School of Ministry, publicly con- the sacred office of Pastor to the Church Christ; to whom be the glory forever and
gratulated him and gave some words of Universal and the world,” presented Pastor ever.”
advice. Hays.
Apostle Price and his wife Betty, laid
Kenneth Copeland provided a video As the Founder of CCC, Apostle Price hands on Pastor Price, Jr. and his wife, Angel
message congratulating Pastor Price, Jr. on received Pastor Hays’ presentation of Pastor as they knelt before them for prayer. When
this special day. Fred Price, Jr. to be installed as the Pastor of they arose, they became the new Pastor and
“This was no surprise that you would one CCC. First Lady of Crenshaw Christian Center.
day be installed as pastor,” Brother Copeland “Will you be loyal to the doctrine, disci- “Thank you Crenshaw Christian Center
said, “and that you would come to that place pline, and worship of Christ, as this Church for receiving my baby,” Dr. Betty addressed
where your dad with a smile on his face could has received them,” Apostle Price asked the church. “I know that he’s going to be a
hand the baton off to you and the congrega- Pastor Price, Jr. “And will you, in accordance blessing to this ministry…I know that in my
tion would know that the church is not only with the canons of this church, obey your heart.”
in good hands but will continue to grow for Apostle and all others who may have authori-
The grand finale of the service was fea-
another generation. Gloria and I and our ty over you and your work?”
tured guest speaker Pastor Creflo Dollar,
family and all of our ministry family…we join
Pastor Price, Jr. boldly responded, “I am Founder of World Changers Ministries
our faith to his…we stand side by side with
willing and ready do so and I solemnly International. It was during a sermon that
him in the Name of the Lord Jesus to get this
declare that I do believe the Holy Scriptures Creflo Dollar ministered in the FaithDome
work done to preach the Word…”
of the Old and New Testaments to be the 13 years ago, when Pastor Price, Jr. received
A moving video message of support was Word of God and to contain all things neces- the call into ministry on his life. The rest was
also presented by Oral Roberts, Sr. sary to salvation; and I do solemnly engage to history.
“Freddie is anointed of God. I know that conform to the doctrine, discipline and wor-
“Apostle Frederick K.C. Price, thank
because I’ve placed my hands on him and I ship of the church.”
you sir, for all of the years of serving and min-
felt the anointing of the Holy Spirit flood After “The Call” to the service of Pastor istering the work and loving the people,”
through me into him,” Brother Roberts said. of CCC was completed, Apostle Price per- Brother Dollar said. “Pastor Fred K. Price,
“I know in my heart that he’s going to be a formed the “Rite of Installation,” officially Jr., you are absolutely anointed for this task.
good Pastor under the anointing of the Holy naming Frederick K. Price, Jr. the Pastor of And I pray that I can be a blessing to you.”
Spirit. I’m so happy to be a part of this.” CCC. The rite is a thorough declaration and —EIF
Perhaps what made the Installation promise to commit to and execute of the


Even with the historic Installation ceremony I did memorials with them, attended weddings please run them by me because it might be some-
just mere days away, it was an ordinary business that they [officiated], phone counseling—every- thing that I tried 20 years ago and went through
day at Crenshaw Christian Center’s corporate thing. Every duty, everything that [the pastoral finding out that it’s not going to work, so why
offices in Los Angeles. staff] did, Pastor Hays wanted me to see how it waste time. Just run them by me; I’m not going to
Despite the fact that an extraordinary event was run. It was hands-on training for several years.” run you, but I may I might be able to give you some
was being meticulously prepared, rehearsed and So as the rest of the world watches the epic advice because I’ve been here a little bit longer than
finalized in the FaithDome, Apostle Dr. Frederick changing of the guard between father and son— you have. And I might be able to point some things
K.C. Price and his wife, Dr. Betty Price, were in perhaps the first of its kind in the history of the out to you that you might not have thought about.”
their offices busily keeping a tight schedule of Black “megachurch”—it continues to be business Armed with his father’s blessing and support,
appointments, returning phone calls and tending as usual in the church office. the transition process was almost complete. All
to a myriad of ministry affairs. Just yards away in “I’m ready. I’ve been ready because I have been that was needed was a date and time.
his own office, Pastor Fred Price, Jr. was occupied prepared and trained in every detail for the past six “It was a magnanimous thought, when it was
with his own ever-growing list of church duties, years,” Pastor Price, Jr. expresses with the intensi- first brought to me,” remembers Pastor Price. “I’m
projects and assignments. ty of a boxer ready to get into the ring. “I was prob- talking, October 2008, which feels like yesterday, I
Just by walking down the hall of executive ably ready some time ago, but it was just a matter was sitting down with my sister, Angie, and she’s
offices, no one would have ever expected that a of time of when.” saying that it’s going to happen by the first of the
huge changing of the guard was in process. According to Apostle Price, the Installation year, you know, ASAP.”
And that’s exactly the way it was intended to and Consecration ceremony itself is a formal Once it was discovered that Fred Price, Jr.’s
be. demonstration of the transition of responsibilities 30th birthday would fall on a Sunday, it was deter-
mined that date would be the best time for the cel-
“It’s an exciting thing to know that I can relin-
Celebrating While Fulfilling Obligations quish the title of pastor to my son, but I’ll always be
the Pastor,” Apostle Price reiterates. “Just like the
President is always the President. All [former]
Presidents are referred to as Mr. President even
Everyone knows by now what happened in the from one figure head to another, after they are out of office. So I’ll still be Pastor,
FaithDome that glorious Sunday morning on “It’s a lot of pomp and circumstance and for our but [Fred, Jr.] will be acting Pastor.”
March 15, 2009 when Pastor Fred Price, Jr. took ministry; it’s historic. I would liken it to the inaugu- Just because Apostle Price isn’t the acting
over the reigns of Crenshaw Christian Center. ration of the President,” Apostle Price explains. Pastor of CCC, don’t think that he’ll just be resting
The pageantry of the installation ceremony was a “The old president goes out, the new president on his laurels. It is still business as usual, but now,
sight to behold as Pastor Price, Jr. official became comes in and we have an official ceremony inaugu- Apostle Price will be able to branch out into other
the Pastor of CCC. However what was even more rating the new president. That would be the com- projects that he previously didn’t have time to do,
remarkable about this transition is the fact that parable event [with the installation and consecra- such as participating in speaking engagements and
while some exciting changes are on the horizon, tion ceremony]. It’s an official, public declaration of host ministerial seminars and workshops.
very little of what makes CCC the successful glob- the transfer and installation of Freddie as the new “It’s exciting because it portends me being able
al ministry that it has become will actually change. pastor.” to do some other things that I was limited in doing
“I almost wish I had never used the word Excitement had been brewing about this while I was the pastor. I get invitations to speak at
retire,” chuckles Apostle Frederick K.C. Price inevitable changeover every since Pastor Price, Jr. churches all the time, but I wouldn’t go because I
about his new role at CCC. “When someone hears taught his first live sermon in June 2002. From just felt an obligation that I needed to be here,”
the word ‘retire’ they think about going fishing or that point on the world watched as the future of explains Apostle Price. “I’m very judicious about
sitting in a rocking chair. Not me. I’m still going to CCC began to evolve right in front of everyone’s fulfilling my obligations and I felt that as the Pastor
be here doing what I’ve been doing, but now, I eyes. I should be here. Now, I have more latitude to do
don’t have to be concerned with overseeing the “We picked Father’s Day 2002, as the initial more Sunday speaking engagements and I can
day-to-day administrative activities of the church. I step as far as being in front of the [congregation] consider visiting other churches as a guest speaker
still plan on teaching at least one or two Sundays a and ministering the Word,” reflects Pastor Price, during their Sunday services.
month. Betty and I will still have our regular Jr. “So once that started, I knew that it was just a According to Dr. Betty, this new freedom ben-
Tuesday night Bible Study classes. The only times matter of repetition for me to get comfortable min- efits FaithPartners and EIF viewers and readers
we won’t be here to teach is when we’re out of istering and get comfortable with the congrega- who live outside of California as now she and the
town.” tion.” Apostle will be able to travel to various churches
For Dr. Betty Price, the transition was an easy Over the course of six years, Pastor Price, Jr. around the country.
one to make and is excited about what the future continued to win the hearts and support of not only “We have viewers who write in and say that
has in store for she and her husband. the parishioners of CCC, but also the viewers of they’ve wanted to meet him for years,” says Dr.
“We’re excited that we have someone like our Ever-Increasing Faith television and Internet Betty. “So that’s the kinds of stuff that he’ll be able
son to step in to take the job and carry it on,” she broadcasts. It soon became apparent to the church to do now. So it will be even better for EIF view-
says with pride in her eyes. “Now we’ll be able to executive staff that he was ready to go to the next ers.”
work on other projects such as seminars and speak- level. For Pastor Fred Price, Jr., and the ministry at
ing engagements. There’s always work to do and “For my father, there was a level of comfort CCC, the future is truly bright. With the support
we really enjoy our work, so it’s not going to be too [about the transition] that he needed to have,” of the congregation as well as his family, CCC’s
much of a change for us.” explains Pastor Price. “So when he reached that newest Pastor and First Lady Angel Price, are well
Preparing the church for a new pastor is no comfort level, he said he that we were ready to go.” on their way to doing big things within the Body of
small feat. The new pastor must understand all With that approval from Apostle Price, it was Christ.
aspects of the church and comprehend the roles of on—with some conditions, of course. “This ministry will continue to be the pillar that
the pastoral staff. Under the specialized training “I told him that you will never learn how truly it is in the community of faith. Nothing will be
and mentorship of CCC’s Senior Pastor, L. Craig know how to drive a car until you take it out on the watered down. I’m going to be shooting for us to
Hays, Fred, Jr. had been groomed for this ultimate streets,” Apostle Price explains. “So now I have to be bolder and more powerful; if it’s even possible to
assignment as CCC Pastor since 2001. let you take this thing and go with it. However, the be more courageous than my father, then that’s
“I sat with every pastor on staff to see what they only thing that I ask is that any ideas, dreams or what I’m going to be shooting for.”—EIF
did and what they specialized in,” recalls Pastor visions for the ministry that you believe you’ve
Price Jr. “I went on hospital and home visitations, received from God, before you implement them,


(800) 927-3436

(800) 927-3436

up close

By Antracia Moorings

Angel Price:
A s Pastor Fred Price, Jr. stepped up to take the role as head of

A Look
Crenshaw Christian Center, his wife Angel Price realized
that she too was being thrust into the spotlight as first lady of
the church.
It was, she admits, a bit daunting to take in the news at first.

At the
“I was really shocked,” she says when her husband came home to tell
her he was going to be named pastor of the mega-church his father
Apostle Frederick K.C. Price founded. “I didn’t think it was going to hap-
pen this fast. I thought this was going to happen when we were in our
40s. Then I would be over some of my shyness with speaking in front of

First Lady
the congregation.
“The first thing I had to do was calm down and not be over-
whelmed,” she recalls. “Until it was official, I just had to act like it wasn’t
happening, just to keep myself calm. I was just having regular days like I’d
never heard anything. I just kept playing it cool.”
Yet once all the news became official and the day of the installation
service came, Angel says surprisingly she wasn’t nervous. Instead, she felt
like she was in the middle of God’s will for her life.
“I had perfect peace,” she says. “No butterflies in the stomach. No
lumps in the throat. I was like okay this is that peace that surpasses all
understanding because I was not nervous. I was really excited. I thought
I would be shaking in my boots. I feel like I can do everything now
because that was huge to overcome and not be tripping.”
Now that she has a few months of being first lady under her belt,
Angel admits that living in the spotlight does have its challenges. Chief
among them is having people always have an opinion about what she’s
doing and expecting her to fit into a certain role. But she’s already learned
the secret to combat that.
“I pray a lot,” she says. “I’m always asking the Holy Spirit to help me.
Certain parts can be overwhelming because I’m in the public eye so much.
I’m not used to having so many people watch me. I’m just taking it one day
at a time so that I don’t get overwhelmed and that I’m not scared. My
focus now is on being Freddie’s wife and little Freddie’s mom.”
That’s not to say that in the future she won’t take a bigger role in the
ministry. She says she’d rather move out when God calls her to move out,
instead of moving out on other’s people’s expectations. Right now she
says she has a heart for young mothers who may not have any one to reach
out to.
One thing is for sure, she has a great example in her mother-in-law
and former first lady Dr. Betty R. Price who she says told her that there
is no need for her to rush out and try to fill her shoes. That’s a sentiment
that her husband of seven years totally agrees with. She says he told her
she doesn’t have to do anything in ministry if God has not called her to it
or if she’s not 100% comfortable with it.
“I admire everything she does because I think she’s kinda perfect,”
says Angel smiling. “You know how people say, “what would Jesus do?” I
sometimes say, “what would Dr. Betty do?” I want to have her train of
thought because I want my first response to be the right one. I’ve also
learned to take that same attitude with marriage. You want to be the best
at everything you do. You want to support your husband who has so
much on his plate. In everything, the home, the kids, how you look. And
“I know I can’t please that represents your husband, it represents Christ. At the same time, I’m
representing their family and my family. I want to make sure that I can be
everybody, but I just want the type of first lady that she’s been. My thought is if it’s not broken don’t
fix. We just changed faces. I’d rather just follow and continue on with

to please God.”
what she’s done. There might be new things that come up. But I’m not
rushing anything. I don’t feel like anything needs to be changed because
what she’s laid out is already great. I know I can’t please everybody, but I
just want to please God.”—EIF


from the headlines

Drew Dimmel:
The Voice of
Ever Increasing Faith Ministries
By Antracia Moorings

or 13 years, next day he was the
D r e w announcer for the num-
Dimmel ber one station in the city.
was the “As things went on, I
unmistakable realized I didn’t know any-
voice of the thing abut the business,”
Ever Increasing Faith explains Dimmel. “So I
Ministries television broad- started sending my tapes to
cast. Listeners grew used to radio stations and talent
hearing him open the show say- agents. I was still doing on jin-
ing, “Welcome to Ever Increasing gling too and a gentleman from
Faith with pastor and teacher Dr. Oral Roberts Ministry Jeff Pittman
Frederick K.C. Price.” Earlier this year, heard my work, he came up to hear my
Dimmel decided to hang up the mic—a music. He was doing a show and wanted
hard decision for the 61-year-old father and hus- me to do the music for it. We met for lunch and
band who made a career of doing voice-over work for he asked me what else I did. At that moment, a com-
30 years. mercial I did came on. I pointed up and tried to look noncha-
It was a diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease in 2001 that lant and said, “yeah, that’s me.” He said, “you’re every-
led to the decision. where.” They had an announcer who lived in LA who
“I’ve done pretty well,” says Dimmel of living with didn’t want to travel so he said he’d fly me in to Tulsa
the disease. “I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of what once or twice a week.”
was my voice. I can still talk like that when I need to. Known as a nationally recognized “voice artist” in
The problem is I can’t do it consistently.” television, radio and commercials. Dimmel has done
Though his retirement decision was a hard one to work for more than 40 radio and television stations
make, Dimmel says he looks back over his career and and for dozens of Christian broadcast ministries,
marvels at how it all came about. including Dr. Billy Graham.
Dimmel started early as the leader of a local rock band Dimmel admits that, over the years, he’s met his share
in Kansas City, Missouri called the “Classmen.” It was one of of wonderful people. But he counts Apostle Price and Ever
the most popular bands in the 60’s in Kansas City and stayed Increasing Faith Ministries as one of the highlights of his career.
together for 18 years. The band’s biggest hit was the graduation song “One day in 1997 or 1998, I just happened to be in California speak-
“Graduation Goodbye” that was released in 1969. ing in Anaheim. Since I was in the area I decided to come to Crenshaw
Drew played piano, bass, trombone and sang with the group…and Christian Center for a church service.”
was generally considered the director in charge of the band’s musical “It started out in the parking lot,” says Dimmel of his warm wel-
arrangements and production. come. “Handshakes and smiles everywhere. I was already feeling pret-
A 1966 graduate of Van Horn High School, he went on to earn his ty blessed by the time I walked in the front door. I was escorted in by
music degree from the UMKC Conservatory of Music. He met his Angela Evans and they put me on the front row where the family sits.
future wife, Jane, in 1973 (they recently celebrated their 35th anniversary It was a blessing from the start to the finish. Angela got a note and then
and have two grown sons.) she said, “my dad wants you to say something.” So I was thinking what
He credits Paul Welsh, former partner with the ad agency am I going to say? Meanwhile the mic is coming my way and I thought
NKH&W(elsh) with suggesting he do voice work. I’ll just say what everyone hears on the opening of the show. So he intro-
“He said ‘you’ve got a good voice, have you ever thought about duced me, I stood up and said, “Welcome to Ever Increasing Faith
announcing?’ I’d thought about it from time to time. He told me that with pastor and teacher Dr. Frederick K.C. Price.” You would have
the Ad Awards were being changed to the Omni Awards and they thought I’d spiked a touchdown at the Rose Bowl. Everybody
were going to pre-tape all the announcements. He said, “Why don’t you screamed. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around and it was
do it for us.” I got them done and he said, “I bet you’ll get some jobs Ed McMahon and he said, “you have a remarkable voice young man.”
from this.” And he was right, I got three calls.” I’ll never forget that day, it was quite an experience.”—EIF
The last call Dimmel received was from ABC Television. And the


(800) 927-3436

(800) 927-3436

Dear Apostle Price, world. Because they were forced to go to
church by their parents who didn’t practice A few year later, I “fell in love” with an
what they preached, they viewed church as unsaved man and we decided to shack up for
I stumbled across your service one Sunday
punishment and never made me go. So I five years. I lived in what I thought was a
in 2004 as I lay bedridden for seven months
received no guidance on how to live as a monogamous relationship and got pregnant
with what my doctor called “the worst preg-
Christian, who Jesus was or anything. three times more—each time being told it was-
nancy ever.” As I listened I had vague flash-
n’t the right time and ending the pregnancy in
backs of seeing you on TV 23 years prior when Needless to say, when the tests of life abortion. I had two miscarriages after that.
I was about 6 years old and my parents would came, I was completely ignorant and unpre- Our relationship was a complete mess.
watch you from time to time on Sundays. pared for anything. I got pregnant for the first
time at age 14. My mother, who was heartbro- Finally, when I thought I had the courage
I was raised by two unmarried parents
ken, took me to the clinic to have an abortion. and strength to leave, I found out I was preg-
who were 20 and 21 when I came into this

my life. done. And that is exactly what I did. I’ve
been learning and following the Word for
I started reading the King James four years now—all thanks to you.
Version of the Bible because I’d already read
everything else in the house and still had 6 I study the Word daily and as I’ve heard We Want To
more months to kill. Because of the lan-
guage, I didn’t understand half of what I
read so many times I just put it down. Then
Pastor Fred, Jr. say, I made sure that the last
thing my daughter hears before she closes
her eyes at night is the Word. I’ve returned
one Sunday, I was channel surfing and heard
the intro music to your broadcast which
my low-self esteem to its rightful owner—the
devil—as a Christian, it has no place in me. From
reminded me of when I was little. I stopped
to watch for a few minutes. You were speak-
ing about “How Faith Works.” I listened for
These past four years have felt more like
20 simply because I have come so far. I just You!
10 minutes and was totally captivated. As I had to let you know how much you’ve influ-
listened to you, I felt a pull to get my Bible enced me and say thank you! Write to us at:
and follow along. I was amazed. I’d never Ever Increasing Faith
heard anyone teach like you. You were very —Michelle Simon and Mia
easy to understand, always had scripture to
(The ministry flew Michelle and her daughter Magazine,
out for the installation of service of Pastor Fred
back up what you said and the repetition is Price, Jr. in March) P.O. Box 44185,
exactly what us hard-headed folks need.
Los Angeles, CA
I was hooked. I could hard wait for each
Sunday to come so I could watch you and 9000 9-4871
learn more. I spend days struggling through
the King James Version of the Bible so I or e-mail your letters,
could review review all week long what you feedback or testimonies to
had taught. I had someone bring me a com-
puter so I could watch you online for Bible
study and the Sunday services. I bought the
New King James Version of the Bible and
started studying daily.

Thank You
Include your name,
But the most important thing was I did
as you said and accepted Jesus as my Lord address and phone
and Savior and obtained salvation. Is started I want to sincerely thank you once again
for blessing me with your teachings on faith. number. Letters chosen
praying daily. I asked God to let my baby be
born healthy, I asked Him for a normal, full- My life has changed so much for the better. for publication may be
term delivery and I asked Him for a baby That is why I wanted to become a Faith
edited for length and
girl. Partner. I want to be a blessing to the min-
istry. I am believing God for more so I can clarity.
On March 3, 2005, despite all the nega-
give more. Thanks again. I walk by faith and All submissions become
tive reports I got from doctors, that is exact-
not by sight.
ly what I received. Mia Jasmine was born the property of
healthy, full-term and happy!
—Ronald Gray (Newark, New Jersey) Ever Increasing Faith
During this same time, I promised God
that when I got out of that bed with my Magazine.
healthy baby, I would get out of shacking,
fornication and every immoral act that I’d


nant again. Being determined not to hop up on of things. She put me on complete, strict bed
some table for another abortion, I went to the rest. I had to go on disability and completely
OB/GYN. She explained to me that because I stop working. I had to give myself needles full
had so many abortions, followed by miscar- of medicine twice a day to prevent clotting. I
riages, my cervix was basically non-existent and had to have stitches to keep the baby in, take
it would be almost impossible for me to deliver sponge baths, use bed pans and most impor-
a health baby full term. I was crushed. It was tantly, not stress the baby. I also spent two
like all the years of pain, sorrow and stupid months of this time in a hospital on a bed that
choices finally caught up with me. I broke rotated me upside down to keep the baby from
down crying, scared that the one thing I want- falling out. I barely ate, never slept and was
ed—a baby girl—I would never have. She probably, slowly but surely, becoming
promised to help me but only if I changed a lot depressed. I’d never felt so stupid and alone in

what people had done to me. I did not real- ment in support of an agreement with your
ize I was destroying myself. affirmation to the ministry gift of apostle. I
just want to say from the bottom of my heart
One day lying in bed I came across your
program. It seems as though you were talk-
ing directly to me about how death and life
Words cannot explain what you mean to me.
are in the power of the tongue. My finances
I follow you as you follow Christ.
were a mess, but I became a FaithPartner

Sowing in Good Ground

and I started with $20 a month, then $40, If it weren’t for you allowing God
and then $100. My debt was greater than my Almighty to use you to teach the Word as
paycheck. After a while, I didn’t pay atten- you do, I would have been dead a long time
Dear Pastor Price, tion to it. Things started looking up. I even ago (and I am only 41 years young). I am a
I watch you all the time on TBN and visited your church here in New York. single parent (father) of a 13-year-old son
Daystar. I love watching you and your wife whom I have raised since he was 7 months
Then I had a setback. At first I was in
and son. I have learned a lot from you all. I old.
control then I got sick again. I fell behind
know that I am sowing in good ground.
but I pledged to continue to be a Keep up the good work in Christ Jesus
Every since I have been sowing, I have been
FaithPartner. and you have my prayers daily in the Spirit.
receiving. I know I am doing the right thing.
If more ministers really want to bring Sincerely Yours,
—Carrie Mae Hillard (Parkdale, Arkansas) the lost closer to God, they need to follow in
—Brother James L. Daniel (Carson, California)
your footsteps. For you definitely deserve to
be the Apostle of Faith. I never took interest
in the Word until I started following your
God Bless you and your family.
—Eileen Boykin (New York City, New York)

Changing My Life by A Faithful Viewer

Following The Word I receive such great and wonderful
Since I started watching Ever teaching from Apostle Price and the whole
Increasing Faith on TV, my life has changed ministry. I am a faithful viewer for a long

Grattitude and Blessings!

for the better. My faith is stronger than ever. period now.
I was diagnosed with breast cancer in God speed! Love Yall!
2001. Before then, my faith was weak. I was This is just a short note of encourage-
an angry, bitter person with the world about — Minnie L. Thomas


health & healing

All About
By Robert Bolden

Many parents wonder if their child will “outgrow” their asthma
over time. Children do experience complete remission more frequently
than adults; 30 to 70% of children with asthma are markedly improved
sthma is a chronic (long-term) lung disease that inflames and or have no signs of asthma as adults.
narrows the airways. Asthma causes recurring periods of wheezing (a
whistling sound when you breathe), chest tightness, shortness of In children with seasonal allergies, asthma symptoms may worsen
breath, and coughing. The coughing often occurs at night or early in during pollen season; trees pollinate in early spring, grasses in the late
the morning. spring and summer, and weeds in the summer and fall. Symptoms can
also flare as a result of mold growth during rainy seasons or in damp
The airways are tubes that carry air into and out of your lungs. areas). Asthma symptoms often develop in children before five years
People who have asthma have inflamed airways. This makes the air- age, although it is sometimes difficult to diagnose asthma in infants and
ways swollen and very sensitive. They tend to react strongly to certain toddlers.
substances that are breathed in.

When the airways react, the muscles around them tighten. This TREATMENT
causes the airways to narrow, and less air flows to your lungs. The
swelling also can worsen, making the airways even narrower. Cells in Treatment for asthma gener-
the airways may make more mucus than normal. Mucus is a sticky, ally involves avoiding the things
thick liquid that can further narrow your airways. This chain reaction that trigger your asthma attacks
can result in asthma symptoms. Symptoms can happen each time the and taking one or more asthma
airways are irritated. medications. Treatment varies
from person to person. Most
Many times symptoms are mild and go away on their own or after people with persistent asthma
minimal treatment with an asthma medicine. At other times, symptoms use a combination of long-term
continue to get worse. When symptoms get more intense and/or addi- control medication and quick- relief
tional symptoms appear, this is an asthma attack. Asthma attacks also medication, taken with a hand-held
are called flare-ups or exacerbations. inhaler.
Asthma affects people of all ages, In the U.S., Because asthma changes over time, you will need to work with
but it most often starts in childhood.
In the U.S., more than 22 million more than your doctor to monitor your symptoms and learn how to make needed
people are known to have asthma. 22 million adjustments. The right medication for you depends on your age and
symptoms and what seem to work best to keep your asthma under con-
Nearly 6 million of these people
are children. And every day, about people trol. In most cases, these medications need to be taken every day.
60,000 of them miss school or are known to On December 11, 2008, the joint Advisory Committees of the U.S.
work. In fact nearly 200,000 hospi-
talizations and 750,000 emergency have Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – including the Drug Safety &
room visits for children due to asthma
in 2006.
asthma. Risk Management Advisory committee, the Pediatric Advisory
Committee, and the Pulmonary-Allergy Drugs Advisory Committee –
completed a review of the benefits risks of asthma medication.
The FDA frequently convenes advisory committee meetings to
Unfortunately, asthma can act up whether you’re at home, or at obtain independent expert guidance and recommendation on clinical
play. And each person may have different reactions. It is import to treat matters. The committees concluded that the benefits of the FDA
symptoms when you first notice them. This will help prevent the symp- approved asthma medication outweigh the risk in adult and adolescent
toms from worsening and causing a severe asthma attack. Severe asth- asthma patients.
ma attacks may require emergency care, and they can cause death.


health & healing

NATURAL AND HERBAL As a believer we understand that healing belong to us as a

covenant right. We also must excise our rights by using God’s Word
From the natural standpoint the possible indications of asthma concerning healing. Isaiah 53:4-5, Matthew 8:17, 1st Peter 2:24, clearly
are, chest congestion, cough and cold asthmatic attacks, excessive nasal these scriptures tell us that healing belong to us. We see also in
discharge, irregular breath, dry cough, bronchitis, pleurisy, allergic Philippians 2:9 Therefore God also has highly exalted Him (JESUS)
rhinitis, sinusitis, Chronic cough. There are certain herbal products and given Him (JESUS) the name which is above every name. So, we
that help in reducing the inflammation of the bronchioles. Useful in have the right and privilege to use that name against asthma and every-
chronic coughs and have anti tubercular properties. thing that is associated with it. In Mark 11:23 the Word says that
whosoever says to this mountain, Be removed and be cast into the sea,
Herbalist and those in the natural field of health care agree that and does not doubt in his heart, but believe that those things he says
mucus is one of the major causes of asthma- the Greek word for Mucus will be done, he will have whatever he says. In this case the mountain is
is Catarrh which means to flow down, there are several herbal products asthma, and we say to asthma be removed and be cast into the sea, and
available to help remove mucus from the lungs; Mullein, ALJ, not doubt!—EIF
Fenugreea, & Marshmallow.

ALLERGENS • Animal exposure; cats and dogs are

Indoor and outdoor allergens are an especially provocative but other furry ani-
important trigger of childhood asthma, par- mals (gerbils, rabbits, hamsters, etc.
ticularly for children older than three years • Pollens
of age. These include: • Molds
• Indoor pollutants, paint, perfume,
• House dust (i.e., dust mites, cock- space heaters, gas stoves, room deodoriz-
roaches, mice dropping), particularly dur- ers).
ing vacuuming

National Heart Lung Blood Institute, National Lung Health Education Program, American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, and Immun, Herbalist Horace Evans, Body Knowledge

(800) 927-3436

parenting matters

This is pure and undefiled religion in

the sight of our God and Father, to visit
orphans and widows in their distress,
and to keep oneself unstained by the
(James 1:27 NASB)

Visiting the Orphan:

Where is the Black Church?
By La Verne Tolbert, Ph.D.
Fifty percent (50%) become homeless within 18 months of emancipation.

pon learning that he was to
be emancipated from foster Only 3% earn college degrees.
care, an 18 year-old boy In California, 70% of the prison population has been in foster care.
attempted suicide by stand-
ing in the middle of the railroad There’s little here that’s encouraging. Surprisingly, the research
tracks… I uncovered pointed to a long history of faith-based involvement in
ministering to the needs of the orphan—children who have been
I’ve just returned from the trienni- abandoned by a parent or primary caregiver, or who have been phys-
al Society for Children’s Spirituality: Christian Perspectives ically, sexually, or emotionally abused or neglected.
Conference held at Concordia University June 14-17th. At this gath-
ering, scholars and practitioners share research and best practices History
regarding the spiritual life and nurture of children. Our goal is to Prior to the Industrial Revolution, there were segregated
examine faith formation—the process of becoming a Christian, a dis- orphanages that were started by Protestant activists. Following the
ciple—in the light of God’s redeeming work through Jesus Christ. Civil War, these institutions—black and white alike—were consid-
ered failures because of the emphasis on discipline and regimenta-
Why? tion. Children were housed in overcrowded facilities and suffered
Children are often neglected in the church at large. Usually, the poor nutrition.
focus is adult ministry since these are the ones who tithe. But a By the late 19th Century, Settlement Houses spread from
church without children is a dying church! Since parents will decide London to the United States. These facilities housed families and
to leave a church they absolutely love to join one that effectively min- sported pools, gymnasiums, libraries, medical facilities and soup
isters to their children, churches with dwindling numbers are reeval- kitchens. By the 20th Century, orphanages began to disappear alto-
uating their priorities. gether. Following the Great Depression, public agencies assumed
The same is true with research in the area of Christian education responsibility for delivering child welfare services and churches
and spiritual formation. To make certain that children remain at the focused instead on residential treatment centers (drug/alcohol abuse,
top of everyone’s radar, this conference seeks to renew the vision of etc.).
students, professors, parents, and volunteers. This is good news! The Church has been involved. But where
This year, I was one of six plenary speakers. Because of the grow- is the Black church today?
ing number of children in our churches who are in foster care and in Researchers estimate that there may be as many as 8.7 million
need of adoption, I conducted research to examine the extent of the adults attending predominantly black churches. How well are we
problem. I was both encouraged by and appalled with the informa- ministering to the children in foster care—children who come from
tion I discovered. our own communities? Can you imagine what our nation would be

Nationwide, there are 500,000 children in foster care.

if these orphans were raised in Christian homes and became pastors

African-American children are 40% to 50% of all children needing foster

instead of prisoners?

care/adoption. (Blacks are only 12% to 13% of the total US population.)

Black children remain in the system for approximately 10 years, which
Something is wrong with the black family, and something is

means that too many of our children are institutionalized.

wrong with the church’s response to these crumbling households.
Why should we care?

In Los Angeles, there are 105,000 children in the foster care and Pure Faith
every day, 3,000 children are in need of an adoptive family. James, the brother of Jesus, tells us why. Penned in AD 46, his
was one of the first letters written to the church at Jerusalem. Here
When these children reach age 18, they are “emancipated”. were Jewish believers who, once converted, were cut off from all


financial support by their families. James writes to educate this new
body of believers of their responsibility to care for one another, espe-
Where is the Black Church?
Happily, there are some proactive efforts to address the needs of
cially the widows and orphans. these children which may spark ideas for interested churches and
Faith, according to James, is both orthodox belief (inner transfor- individuals. Outstanding among these is “One Church One Child”
mation) and orthodox life (outer demonstration). In other words, if a which began in Chicago in 1979 by Father George Clements, a black
person is truly saved, there ought to be some evidence in the way he Catholic priest. Thousands of children have been adopted through
or she lives. this partnership with the Department of Children’s and Family
Services (DCFS).
You have faith, and I have works;
Crenshaw Christian Center (CCC), where Pastor Frederick
Show me your faith without the works, Price, Jr. is pastor, is actively involved in meeting the needs of chil-
And I will show you my faith by my works. dren in foster care. In a collaborative effort with DCFS’ Edwina
(James 2:18) Lewis, Ph.D., Supervising Children’s Social Worker and Jeanette
Faith, James concluded, without works or corresponding evi- Hawes, Executive Director, Jahi A.N.T. Homes, Inc., a creative the-
dence, is dead…nonexistent. Earlier in this letter, James clarifies atrical team, CCC provides mentors and free facilities. Church
what pure or true religion looks like. This kind of religion or faith members were recruited to serve as mentors and have received
“visits” orphans in their distress. DCFS clearance and specialized training. On Saturday mornings,
they drive children to and from CCC for rehearsals for an upcoming
The word “visit” sounds as if it’s a cursory term, something one
“Let Me Tell You” theatrical production where children will tell their
does in passing. But this is not the case. The literal translation
stories through drama, dance, and music. Crenshaw also sponsors
means “to help”. Pure or true religion helps the orphan because this
Adoption Sundays to encourage members to become adoptive par-
child is distressed—suffering severe pressure of pain or sorrow and
anguished with severe bodily or mental pain.

Ministries and Organizations Helping Orphans

The following is an additional sampling of ministries and organizations in Los Angeles that proactively help the orphan:

1. Child S.H.A.R.E. challenges and equips congre- 5. The South County Faith-Based Council evaluates 7. The Kid Save Program explains Dr. Edwina
gations to provide foster and adoptive families for chil- needs, identify resources, provides family education, Lewis, DCFS Supervising Children's Social Worker,
dren holds forums, and serves as a resource for foster par- enlists volunteers who have DCFS clearance to “baby-
ents sit” on weekends to give foster parents a break (baby-
2. Kelly Parker, President/CEO, House of Mercy
sitters may bring the children to church on Sunday if
Ministries, is a knowledgeable, resourceful Community 6. KidTrek, Joseph Parker, President and CEO
the child would like to attend)
Partner who advocates for mom and dad in social serv- trains Associate Ministers who serve as family coaches
ice Team Decision Making Meetings; to help families remain intact through intentional, 8. Safe Families for Children sponsored by Olive
long-term relationships Crest Homes and Services for Abused Children, a
3. Project Accountability, Ron Cole, Executive
Christian foster/adoption agency, encourages church
Director, Los Angeles, is not a foster program per se,
members to temporarily open their homes to children—
but by providing educational resources such as parent-
newborn to 16—whose parents are experiencing a crisis
ing programs and by assisting increasing communica-
tion between parent and child, more families remain 9. Rites of Passage, Elder Irving Tolbert,
intact. Chairman, is a year-long mentoring program for boys
patterned after the African tradition where boys leave
4. PowerGirls, Helena Titus, Executive Director,
the village for a year and return as men. Housed at
provides mentoring with an emphasis on education
Faithful Central in Los Angeles, this program addresses
and social skills for girls and emancipated youth
the needs of the fatherless by providing male role mod-
through age 25
els and has graduated over 300 boys in the past 10

A Seat at the Table I thought about the orphan. She has no family. He doesn’t have
a seat at the dining room table. In fact, these children are not even
I arrived at the conference in Illinois in time to attend a Sunday
morning Lutheran church service. It was beautiful to see the chil- sure where they may be tomorrow or next week or next year. Family
dren participate as an integral part of the worship. At one point, the is key to spiritual development as this example demonstrates. And
teacher invited the children to sit on a picnic blanket in the front of the church is where family begins.
the church where they were taught a 10-minute lesson: Just as each We can do more! We must do more! Researchers acknowledge
child belongs to a family and has a seat at the dining room table, bap- that the African-American church has not fully recognized its poten-
tism makes a child a part of God’s family and there is also a seat at tial to provide homes and families for Black children. Isn’t it time for
God’s table. a change?—EIF

La Verne Tolbert, Ph.D. is Founder/President of Teaching Like Jesus Ministries, Pasadena, CA She is author of Teaching Like Jesus: A Practical
Guide to Christian Education in Your Church (Zondervan) and Keeping You & Your Kids Sexually Pure ( Following her presentation, Dr. Tolbert was elected as
Chair of the Society for Children’s Spirituality: Christian Perspectives, Inc. For the PowerPoint presentation visit This article was adapted from her paper,
“Orphans Among Us: Evaluating the Ministry Needs of Children in Foster Care in Los Angeles.”


life lessons

Warning to Ministers, Their

Wives and Mistresses:
An Excerpt From Dr. Betty’s New Book
Letters from Two Mistresses and can’t find a job at fifty years old.
These are the correspondences I received that compelled me to “I ask the Please pray for me, please!
Oftentimes I ask the bishop, Aren’t you
write this book. Lord to please afraid of the Lord, or do you and He have
I just recently turned half a century. I’m so thankful to God for this forgive me, just that tight understanding? He says that
every time he leaves my presence, he feels
blessing. So many women hide their age, but I’m thankful to see half a
century gone by. I am writing to tell you that I’m a partner. I am not
and I try to really bad, but not bad enough to just stop.
bragging about being a partner because I have not been faithful with move on with And get this, Dr. Betty, I had been without
an intimate relationship with anyone for
my tithes or offerings and the commitment I made with Crenshaw
Christian Center (CCC) in L.A.
my life. But I eight years and was trying to wait for the
I lost my job of ten years a couple of years ago…and I have not been keep going Lord to send me my husband, friend, and
able to find another one that has good benefits and one that’s interest- constant companion. I told the bishop this
ing while helping others…I was fired for wanting to be treated like the
back on that before we ever had a physical relationship.
“Heathers” and “Brookes” that worked at the clerk office. I went back to “Lord, please You would think that he would be thinking
school for a couple of semesters to bring myself up to date with modern with his big head…
computer technology.
forgive.” This is an extremely small amount of
Six months before my termination, the Lord allowed me to pur- money to send to say that I am so
chase a three-bedroom, two-bath condo that’s surrounded by lakes grateful…for your husband’s teaching that I watch each week on
with people water skiing, fishing, and sailing their big boats. I was Sundays. I used to send my tithes to CCC in Los Angeles…I’ve slacked
blessed to buy this condo while being faithful and obeying the Lord off big time because I don’t have a lot coming in, but I do have a little
with paying tithes and offerings to CCC in Los Angeles, California. I coming in.
sowed seeds into good, fertile soil with your ministry and was blessed Please keep me and others like me (’cause I’m not the only one in a
with this purchase after filing bankruptcy and a foreclosure on my pre- sick situation like this; some folks are way far worse than mine) in your
vious home. prayers. I also practice what Dr. Price Sr. says: “Learn to pray for your-
Dr. Betty, I know I’m blessed because to this date, I have not self.” I do and pray for others as well.
missed one payment on any of my bills, including credit card purchas- I mean not to bother you, for I know that folks write to you every
es. Mind you, now, I was making ten dollars an hour working on a gov- day about such petty things. As I mentioned earlier, I turned one-half
ernment job for ten years, with my starting salary of five dollars an hour. of a century this year, and I only celebrate the decades in my birthdays,
Granted, I don’t live in a high life of luxury spending, but the life that I like at thirty, forty, and now fifty. I thank God for [the numbers] one
live is a life of trusting God for all my needs and for what His Word through nine, but after the first thirty years, they started coming too
says—that if you have the faith of a mustard seed, you can move moun- fast. I decided to just celebrate the decades in those years of life. I try to
tains out of your way. I was not sure what a mustard seed was [when I do something really special on that decade year, and writing to Dr.
first heard that promise preached], so I went and purchased a box of Betty Price is my really special something this decade. If I get a
them. response that would be cool and the best of the best, but please let me
Anyway, I am writing because I can’t seem to find my space here assure you that I am so thankful for just being allowed to just write to
anymore at fifty. I’m going through my midlife feeling sorry for myself, her…
gaining mad weight, and sitting around being lazy. I have started hav- I know it sounds corny, but that’s what I like…Please pray that I
ing an affair with a married man who happens to be an ordained bish- find the right job that the Lord might have for me so that I may help
op. I tell myself that everyone does it; then I ask the Lord to please for- myself and others and not have such a low self-esteem…
give me, and I try to move on with my life. But I keep going back on Dr. Betty, I respect people’s union with God, because when the
that “Lord, please forgive,” and the forgiveness the Lord has extended Lord blesses me with such a union, I would want it also to be respect-
to me many times. I can’t seem to say no to the bishop’s attention to me. ed…
And mind you, it’s not a lot of attention that he is able to give to me. I
used to talk—not really badly (but not nicely either)—about other
women who engaged in adulterous relationships with other men. I have a very heavy heart as I write this e-mail, since I do not know
Dr. Betty, I always prayed to the Lord not to ever let myself become how to say what I am about to explain to you.
involved with someone else’s husband, especially a man of the Lord’s I have been a Christian for more than eight years…I was married for
cloth, because I feared the Lord and still fear Him. I pray and pray, but five years, and my marriage should not have happened in the first place.
my self-esteem has been somewhat stripped by what happened at We got counseling from the pastor of our church, and it did not work.
[work]. It’s been two years, and [yet] I have all of this work experience When I became separated from my husband, who was a leader of


the church and later left, my pastor and My answer to “Levelheaded” was that her spirit was totally against
prophet started an intimate relationship with
me. At first I was very hesitant, but what he
“…my pastor the immoral lifestyle that she was sharing with the prophet. She need-
ed to leave that ministry and repent, and God would forgive her.
said made sense. And so, I fell in love. I now and prophet If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our
realize that it was not love.
Due to this relationship, I blossomed in
started a rela- sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
—1 JOHN 1:9
the house of the Lord. I started many differ- tionship with For I will be merciful to their unrighteousness, and their sins
ent things and made lots of money for the
church. I started preaching and ministering
me. … I fell in and their lawless deeds I will remember no more.
in dance, so much so that I minister at other love. I now
I also told her the scripture that she was referring to, 2 Chronicles
churches. The power of the Lord is so over-
whelming that people receive break- realize that it
20:20, was talking about a righteous prophet, and if she did not get out
of that situation, her future would not be good because there are conse-
throughs. was not love.” quences to the choices that we make. I talked with her again later, and
It has now been four years since the rela-
at the time of that conversation she had not gotten out of the situation
tionship started, and I have become very
as yet because there are personal benefits that she is receiving from stay-
antagonistic toward him. I am disrespectful in major meetings and
ing in it. My prayer for her is that the Holy Spirit will bring conviction
angry all the time. During the four years we have been together inti-
to her to make the right decision before it is too late.
mately I have not been faithful. I have always felt like this is not right,
so I started other relationships to take away the pain of being with a This is a faithful saying: If a man desires the position of a bish-
married pastor, prophet, and motivational speaker with three kids. op, he desires a good work. [God is telling you that this is a
He, the pastor, has always supported me, and if I need anything at good work.] A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of
all I can have it. But I am bitter, and it is manifesting in the way I one wife [not women on the side], temperate, sober-minded, of
behave. good behavior, hospitable, able to teach; not given to wine, not
I don't know why, but it is getting worse. Sometimes I feel like just violent, not greedy for money, but gentle, not quarrelsome, not
dying. I have contemplated suicide more than once.
Recently—and this is why I need your advice and prayer—the pas-
covetous; one who rules his own house well, having his children
tor said that God told him I needed to change. I have always felt like in submission with all reverence (for if a man does not know
God did not want this relationship, but he says that God wants us, me how to rule his own house, how will he take care of the church
and him together in an intimate relationship, to grow his church. I sug- of God?); not a novice, lest being puffed up with pride he fall
gested we change our relationship to friendship, since I felt this was into the same condemnation as the devil. Moreover he must
probably what God wanted. He got angry, and I got scared. So, we are have a good testimony among those who are outside, lest he fall
in a relationship still. He ended up saying that God wanted me to be a into reproach and the snare of the devil.
good girl and to stop giving him trouble. If I do what God wants, then —1 TIMOTHY 3:1–7
all my ministries would come forth. Right now, he says I am hindering
the work of the Lord by being this way to him. Apparently a lot of ministers don’t read
I have also become quite unfired for the work that gave me so much this part of the Bible. They want to know
joy and energy. Although, I still spend every evening after work in about faith—how do I get a house, how do I
church, and I still show up to do whatever work I am asked to do. I still “If a man get a car, how do I get clothes, or how do I
have meetings with my volunteers, and things go as normal. But peo-
ple are starting to notice the difference in me and in the way I treat the desires the get shoes? How about how to take care of
your wife? Or wife, how about taking care of
pastor. position of a your husband? You need to learn how to use
I don't want to be this angry person, but
I need release. I know in the Bible it says, bishop, he your faith for these types of things.
It says in Titus 1:5–9, “For this reason I
“Sometimes I “Believe in the Lord and you shall be estab- desires a good left you in Crete, that you should set in order
lished, believe in his prophet and you shall
feel Like just prosper” [2 Chron. 20:20]. I know that I work. A bish- the things that are lacking, and appoint eld-
ers in every city as I commanded you—if a
dying. I have should never question God, and the pastor op then must man is blameless, the husband of one wife,
hears from God and relays the message. I
contemplated don't know what I am asking from you, but be blameless.” having pation
faithful children not accused of dissi-
or insubordination. For a bishop
—1 TIMOTHY 3:1–7
suicide more GodWhy will tell you how to answer me. I know.
am I coming to you? I had a vision of
must be blameless [blameless does not mean
“perfect,” but one against whom no evil can
than once.” being in your church a long time ago. I be proved; we are not perfect and might make mistakes], as a steward
believe what you and your husband preach of God, not self-willed, not quick-tempered, not given to wine, not vio-
with all my heart, and I know God will help lent, not greedy for money, but hospitable, a lover of what is good,
me through you. sober-minded, just, holy, self-controlled, holding fast the faithful word
Please do not delay in a response. My life is at present hanging in a as he has been taught, that he may be able, by sound doctrine, both to
balance. exhort and convict those who contradict.”
I thank you very much for your support. So I believe these are some things laid out for our leaders—pastors,
YOURS IN CHRIST, men, and women in ministry.—EIF


word of faith

If you cannot discipline your body, you will not discipline your spirit.
You cannot! It is impossible! You cannot see your spirit, yet you are
looking at your body every day, and it will get out of control if you let it.
How are you going to control something you cannot even see?
You have a body that you are looking at all the time, you haul it
around, you push it in and out of cars, you feed it, you are stuffing it,
undershirt it, you shave it, you spray cologne on it, you deodorize it, you
bathe it; and sometimes it gets out of control—while you are looking at

it every five minutes! How are you going to control your spirit that you
have not even seen?

By Apostle Frederick K.C. Price Paul said, but I keep under my body and bring it screaming and hol-
lering into subject, because screaming and hollering is what it will do.
It does not want to conform to God’s Word. It is not subject to the
o one can be successful in ministry who is undisciplined. laws of God. You have to bring it into submission and keep it there.
There are too many undisciplined pastors, too many undis-
ciplined evangelists, too many undisciplined ministers of the If you want to be successful, you have to
gospel. To be successful, one must be disciplined! “A minister of discipline yourself. And it starts with your
God has to be body. If God cannot trust you with the house
In I Corinthians 9:27, Paul says: you live in, why would He give you 5,000
But I discipline my body and bring it into subjection, lest, when I disciplined, church members?
have preached to others, I myself should become disqualified.
and it starts It costs something to be disciplined. It will
Notice what Paul tells us here: But I discipline my body and bring it make you scream sometimes. It will make you
into subjection…. The “I” that Paul is talking about is the spirit man on
with the flesh. ” holler sometimes, because your body does not
the inside. “I” is the real you. “I” is the you that has been born again. want to conform, but you have to make it con-
Your body is not you. You are not flesh and blood. form and bring it into subjection. Subjection to what? To the Word
Have you ever heard someone say, “Well, what do you expect? I am of God and to your own recreated spirit. It does not work automatical-
only flesh and blood. What do you want me to do, be an angel or some- ly; you have to stay with it all the time.
thing? I’m just flesh and blood.” I like to eat. I love good food. I particularly enjoy ice cream.
You are not flesh and blood. You are a spirit! You have a flesh and Sometimes I will get a craving for it just as they say some women who
blood body, but you are not flesh and blood. Flesh and blood is where are pregnant have a craving for some particular food item. Sometimes
you live. You are a spirit made in the image of God. when I get that craving, just to let the devil know that I am in control,
I will deny myself, and I will refuse to eat it. I tell my body, “I am in con-
The great Apostle Paul said that he kept his body under and brought trol—me, the spirit man. The man on the inside is in control. Body,
it into subjection. That tells me that the body is out of subjection, and you do not control me!” No ice cream is going to have me crawling the
if I do not bring my body in line, it will stay out of subjection. walls at midnight trying to find a fix, like some preachers do with ciga-
Notice what Paul did not say: He did not say, “I put my body
under.” If he had said that, he would only have to do it one time. But I will say it again, because it bears repetition: A disciplined life is
he said, “I keep my body under.” The reason he had to keep it under was what you have to have in order to be successful in your Christian life, as
because it wanted to get out from under—the same way your body well as in the ministry!—EIF
does. And if you do not keep that sucker under, it will get out from
under and do something it is not supposed to do. Unfortunately, we This devotional was excerpted from Dr. Price’s book, “Practical
hear about it getting out from under all the time in the ministry frater- Suggestions for Successful Ministry.” Please call us at (800) 927-3436 or
nity. visit our website: for a complete list of his products.
A minister of God has to be disciplined, and it starts with the flesh.


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straight talk

Q&A with Drs. Fred and Betty Price

It seems that I keep making decisions that are leading nowhere fast. How can I learn to make better choices in my life?
The word choose or choice means using your We have the awesome privilege to use our will to when the Holy Spirit has come upon you; and
free will to make decisions concerning your life. make choices that influence our lives for good or you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in
for bad. The dictionary says the word choice also all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.
means the ability to recognize alternative and pos- After you have received Christ, then you need to
sible consequences, thereby enabling the selec- receive the Holy Spirit, because He is the One
tion of that which is most desirable, admirable who gives us the power to live the overcoming
and honorable. There are several choices that we life. So many of us as Christians lived without the
make in life that are essential to our well being. Helper for so long because we didn’t understand
the importance of receiving Him. Yes, we were
First, the most awesome choice anyone can
born of the Spirit when we received Jesus, but
ever make is to choose Jesus Christ as their per-
that does not mean we were filled with the Spirit,
sonal Savior and Lord. If you have never done
because if you are not speaking with tongues
this, the Bible says you are living in death more
according to Acts 2:4, you are not filled with the
than in life.
The second choice that is essential to your life
Each of us needs to choose to continue in
is to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit. John 14:26
God’s Word. There are too many Christians who
says: But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the
don’t continue in the Word or continue in prayer.
Father will send in My name, He will teach you
You should always take time to talk to God every
all things, and bring to your remembrance all
single day. When you do, you are being obedient
things that I have said to you.
to the Word, and you will reap the benefits.
Acts 1:8 says: But you shall receive power

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