The synopsis of The Pencil

Zahid is the main character in this story.He owns a special pencil.He feels proud of owning the pencil and shows it around.His friends share his happiness while some of them are envious of him.After a few days,he finds the pencil missing.His classmate Dolah has a similar pencil like his.However,the paint on the pencil has been scrapped.Out of suspicion he ask Dolah a few questions to find out if the pencil really belongs to Dolah.Dolah becomes evasive and refuses to answer Zahid’s questions.Zahid accuses Dolah of stealing his pencil and grabs the pencil.Dolah and Zahid fights.The teacher on duty,Mr.Jamal punishes Zahid for fighting.Dolah gets the teachers sympathy.Zahid rushes back when the school bell rings.He hides in the bush and waits for Dolah.He ambushes him They fight and Zahid wins.He takes the pencil,breaks it and throws them into the river.Zahid changes from his normal self to more aggressive and irresponsible.He buys a pocket knife and brings it to school.He cuts Dolah with the knife and is taken to see the principal,Mr Berahim.Mr.Berahim realises that something is wrong.He gets Zahid to tell him the things that have happened.He discusses with Mr.Jamal and advises him on what to do.Mr.Berahim gives Zahid two pencils like the one he owned before.Zahid is pleased and feels grateful.He give one of the pencils to Dolah.

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