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Polished Piece 2

Dear fried foods, I'm sorry. That's how I need to start off this letter. I know that nothing I can do or say will make this hurt any less and I'm truly sorry. First of all, I'll miss you, I really will. Your delicious, greasy taste will forever haunt my taste buds with a phantom flavor of your unhealthy goodness. Your memories will linger in my mind and although it's for the best, I hate to say goodbye. I'm sorry to end this but our relationship ust wasn't healthy. You were there for me at every fast food restaurant I've eaten at since I was a child. Do you remember all the great times we shared! I'm sorry for taking you on a walk down our memory lane but I ust wanted to reminisce for a moment to think about the good times. I can't even begin to count the number of chicken nuggets I've eaten in my lifetime. "r, what about french fries! The number is probably too high to even try to count to. #lthough I thought I was a healthy eater, there you were. It was okay that we were together, wasn't it! This is the $outh after all. Fried foods are a part of our food pyramid% Fried chicken is often a staple at every meal% You were at every potluck dinner at my church and saw me annually at every homecoming meal. &aking my way down the line of tables, I couldn't avoid you. It seemed that every other item on the tables was fried. #s if I wasn't already having a hard enough time trying to stay away from you, you even showed up at my breakfast table in the form of hash browns, bacon, or french toast sticks. 'veryone thought that we were meant to be, but I was afraid of a long term relationship. #fter all, too much of you can cause a stroke and obesity and diabetes, oh my ()ruso*% You were ust too dangerous to my health. For e+ample, a recent study revealed that deep frying can lead to obesity and shallow frying, or only partially submerging food in oil to cook it, is closely linked to diabetes (,upta and $heth*. You also affected my energy levels

and I was afraid that you might later lead to heart disease or cancer (Dueik and )ouchon*. I'm scared of those effects, I'll admit that, and I don't want to lose you but I'm suggesting that we take a break... for the rest of our lives. It's scary to think about, but the breading on you soaks up nearly every drop of the oil it's fried in. That's why I always had to add more and more oil to the pan as I was cooking% That oil went straight into my arteries and over time, it could have clogged them up to a dangerous point. From there, it could have led to a heart attack or stroke and I ust couldn't risk that ()ruso*. In fact, the -ew York Daily -ews referred to you as a .$outhern fried stroke/ when it reported on a study done that stated that people who ate around si+ meals a week consisting of a typical $outhern diet of fried foods and sugary drinks had a 012 higher stroke risk than those who only ate this way about once a month (.$outhern Fried $troke/*. I had to end our relationship before it got worse. Things could have escalated too 3uickly. I never want to see you with anyone else. I know that sounds selfish, but I promise I'm not being ealous. I ust don't want you to hurt them like you hurt me. You were not good for me, and you won't be good for them. I know some other girls may think you're a suave hunk, but they ust don't reali4e what they're getting themselves into. #fter all, have they thought about a future with you! "ne where they have put on weight, feel sluggish, and may be at risk for other scary health risks! I'm ust glad I ended things now before they went too far. You didn't really care about me anyways. In fact, you were perfectly fine with damaging my health. -ow that I think about it, I'm not actually sorry at all.

Farewell fast foods,

Megan Wray

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