You don’t need to have brain to listen to music. Music is the most powerful form of magic. Music…I’m not imagine life without it. Sounds play what you feel, always find answers in lyrics. So I think that e plains the !finding! in certain songs. " good friend told me# $Music sounds better when you!re sad %. Sounds good if you know its always a !pairing! with your mood…It happens to associate songs with periods of life ... "nd relistening reveal memories .. assume either pleasant or painful. Some lyrics manage to fetch you, or your favorite song to smile. %&ithout music, life would be a mistake, $said 'erman philosopher (riedrich )iet*sche. It is the invisible force that charm us, we moved to tears, we approach each other and we tame.$ Music is good for health# it influences body functions, heart rate, blood pressure and breathing, reduce stress and an iety, combat insomnia. Music reaches the heart of the play, helping to solve communication problems with the world around them +if any,. -e discovered that music stimulates the brain and learning, so parents should not forbid the children to listen to music while doing homework, and#,, . Music restores the body!s energy balance and restore universal harmony/ Start your day with a song and life will see more beautiful0 1nergy music is essential to treat traumati*ed psyche, the music is the only drug with ma imum efficiency for the soul. Music has healing powers of our soul and the body and is vital for our e istence

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