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Sheet 1
Mass Transfer Fourth Year Sheet 1: Diffusion

1- Calculate the mass diffusivity of a mixture of CO and O2 at 25°C 1 atm. using Gilliland correlation, VO2 =25.6, VCO =34 cm3 /gmole

2- Calculate the diffusion coefficient of Methanol in Water at 30°C knowing that: VM = 14.9 cm3 /gmole and VW = 8 cm3 /gmole 3- Determine the diffusivity of CO2 (1), O2 (2) and N2 (3) in a gas mixture having the next composition (Mole Basis): 28.5% CO2, 15% O2 and 56.5% N2. The gas mixture is at 273K and 1 atm., the binary diffusivities are given as follows: D12 = 0.1874 cm2/sec, D13 = 0.1945 cm2/sec, D23 = 0.1834 cm2/sec

4- Consider the case in which liquid (A) evaporates and diffuses through stagnant gas (B) as shown in the figure. Assuming the process is carried out isothermally at 25 °C and the total pressure is 1 atm. Calculate the molar flux when the level of liquid (A) is 0.05 m below the top of the container. Assume that DAB = 1.0E-5 m2 /sec. The mole fraction of A in the gas phase at the gasliquid interface is 0.2 and at the top of the container is 0.001 B


5- A simple rectifying tower consists of a tube arranged vertically and supplied at the bottom with a vapour mixture of Benzene and Toluene. At the top of the column a condenser returns some of the product as a liquid reflux flowing in a thin film down the inner wall of the tube. At one point in the column the Benzene concentration in the vapour is 70 mol% and the adjacent liquid contains 60% by mol Benzene. The temperature at this point is 365 K. Assuming the diffusional resistance in the vapour phase is to be equivalent to a stagnant vapour layer of 0.2 mm thick. Calculate the rate of exchange of Benzene between vapours and liquid if the diffusivity of the vapour is 0.051 cm2/sec.

87E-9 m2 /sec.67 6.4 and tortusity of 3. Calculate the diffusion flux of KCl at steady state given that the diffusivity of KCl in water at 25°C is 1. B=3096. The pores of the Silica are filled with water at 25°C. At one face of the solid Silica the concentration of KCl is held at 0.MASS TRANSFER Sheet 1 Constants of Antoine equation for toluene are: A=16.1 gmole/lit and pure water flows rapidly by the other face.0137. .A sintered solid of Silica 4 mm thick is porous with a porosity of 0.52 & C=-53.

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