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Whitney Mae Brown 1 Teacher Work Sample

Communication and Collaboration Teacher and Parent communication and collaboration is very important in my future classroom. During my student teaching experience, I communicated with my cooperating teacher, colleagues, students and parents. I found this to be a vital part to have a successful student teaching experience. I have spent many hours working along side my students. I have learned many things about their behaviors and characteristics in an academic aspect. I communicated these factors to their guardians and parents during conferences. This semester I sent home an introduction letter telling the parents and guardians things about me including my academic life and personal (attached). This is important to begin the semester off because it helps the parents know more about who is going to be influencing their children. The second way of communication I have been apart of is participating in Open House. I attended this event on August 16th (Open House photo attached). I met many of the parents in person and was able to communicate with them in a more personal way by talking face to face. This was the first time the students and parents met me in person. I was able to talk to parents about the content we have been discussing in class and what we have planned in the near future. The third way of communication was during parent/teacher conferences on October 24th. I had the opportunity to meet with some of my parents to discuss their childs academic progress and behavior characteristics (journal entre attached). I was able to also show the students MAP scores and how we will approach and teach the new content to progress on MAP at the end of the semester.

Communication between my cooperating teacher and me is essential for learning how to teach successfully and effectively. Everyday, I am included in conversations that involve planning the next activity and lesson. I have also attended a grade level meeting that involved discussion of the next weeks lesson plans. Each third grade teacher is assigned to one particular subject. On Sunday, the teachers put into OnCourse their lesson plans. Each third grade classroom is on the same standard and learning the same lessons everyday (lesson plan attached). Another opportunity for me to communication with my colleagues is when I attended a grade level meeting involving the administration staff and outside resources including psychologist, special resource teachers, ESOL teacher and speech pathologist. The meeting was called PLC (paper attached). During these meetings we talked about how the students were preforming and what adjustments needed to take place. The most important factor in the meetings was if to place a student in resource or not. I was able to respond to questions pertaining to my own opinion and observations of student behaviors. This was a great way for me to learn the requirements for student placement and the process to have a child tested. The last way I was able to communicate with teachers all over the district was participating in the Piedmont Reading Council (flyer attached). This communication involved talking with teachers about how to promote literacy in and around the classroom. This was a great opportunity for me to grow professionally with other educators. It is important for students to have community leaders involved in their lives. On Veterans Day this year we had a guest speaker come to our room to answer

Whitney Mae Brown 3 Teacher Work Sample

questions and explain what Veterans Day was about. State Representative Lewis E. Gene Pinson came on Monday November 11 (photo attached). The students were able to learn what a state representative was, what a state representative does and also what Veterans Day was about. The students loved having Gene come speak and enjoyed his humorous stories. Extra-curricular involvement has a positive effect on student teachers and also helps with communication with parents, faculty, community leaders and students. There are three different activities that I participated in this year. The first activity was the Community Night Open House for PTO (photo attached). It was also a requirement because Pinecrest is a Title 1 school. During this event I helped coordinate parents to their childs classroom, help community volunteers set up booths and also help my cooperating teacher with paper work for enrollment. The second event I helped Pinecrest with was the PTO Carnival (Photo attached). This was on October 11. The event was after school and involved the PTO members, parents, faculty and students. I was in charge of face painting for an hour and the cakewalk for an hour. This was a fun event and I got to get to know my students and parents in a difference environment. My third event was the PBIS celebration Zumba party (photo attached). I helped chaperone and participate with the third grade students who had shown good behavior the first nine weeks. We had a community leader come in and teach Zumba. The students had fun watching me work out and I enjoyed getting to know the students in a different setting.

Introduction Letter

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Parent/ Teacher Conference Journal Entre Journal Entree 10/24 Description: Today marks the last day of full time teaching. I have had a fun week but am ready to hand down this responsibility. I have decided 3rd grade is hard! The content is a lot even extreme for a 9 year old in my opinion. Reflection: Parent/ teacher conferences have been fun to sit in on. I havent really gone over anything except confirm opinions of my teachers and also provide examples. We were supposed to be done with conferences at 7 pm but we had a parent show up right at 7. Also we needed an interrupter. I had to run around the whole school to find an interrupter, which was the fun part! Most of the parents were satisfied with Map test scores and their childs grades. I have to say this was a great first time parent/ teacher conference. Conclusion: This was a four-day week. It was a fun experience-teaching full time but I will enjoy handing it backs over. Ive decided 3rd grade might be a little to old for me but if I hadnt student taught 3rd grade then I wouldnt know now this. Also if there was only a 3rd grade job opening, I could say I have had experience in 3rd grade.

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