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God and the Living Universe Theory

God and the Living Universe Theory

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Published by: John Paily on Aug 21, 2009
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God and the Living Universe Theory

Universe is a Conscious and Intelligent System – says most spiritual scriptures - can we defend it scientifically

Yes We Can
Let Us Explore

Characteristic of Life
• • • • It is a system that pulsates It is a system that breaths It is a system that constantly creates – Mitotic Division It is a system that constantly dissolves and reproduces - meiotic process All these processes facilitate the system to exists and perpetuate in Time and Energy

Let us explore what it means and how it Helps Life

Exploring Life Processes
• Life exist in a medium that is changing its energy state and information – There is random changes as well as determined changes Random changes comes from human and life's activity Determined changes occurs in day and night cycle where energy peaks and drops – Every day is a New Day This 12 hour cycle, is embedded in 12 month climatic cycle, 12 year cycle and so on Thus we have concept of time that has beginning and End - the beginning is birth the end is death. Life is a struggle against death. It not only has to sustain against local time/energy changes but also grow against directed time/energy changes
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Exploring Life
• There is a “Entity” in life that struggles, develops information, body and constantly renews it. We call it Life or the Living Entity. The ancient people called it Soul • What survives in nature is this Soul. The information and body is created in time and is destroyed in time. What survives is the Soul • This reality expresses in Life Cycle that has four phases – early child hood, first part of adult hood, second part of adult hood and old age leading to death

Soul and Life Cycle
• The “Entity” called Soul is the platform of Life. But what gives life to it is the entity called “Spirit”. The Spirit controls the Soul and is the Creator and sustainer of the body and its life. The Soul has two parts together they form one – thus we have Male and Female and the Spirit binds them The Spirit/Soul Creates and destroys the body and recreates The Spirit/Soul has no independent existence separate from the body. The cause for the continuous process of creation and dissolution exist in the spirit/matter. The force of spirit matter is directed to the center and death. In contrast the Spirit/Soul is directed to life.
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Soul and Life Cycle
• • • • Spirit/Soul is anti-gravitational by instinct, but spirit/matter is gravitational by instinct The force of directed time in matter is towards the center - gravitational collapse – Death The force of directed time in Soul is towards periphery - anti-gravitational collapse – Birth The Soul, perceives the change in time/energy with the help of Spirit and resist death all the time. This manifest as, breath, mitotic division, and meiotic division and reproduction. Time direction is inevitable – anything that takes birth should die. This means the Spirit/Soul should recreate and restore every thing. This means what causes expansion, what causes the contraction is the Spirit and its movement. Spirit decides the Life Cycle
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• Creation involves two worlds separated in space and time – male and female or dominant and recessive It begins when the “Essence” of the dominant or male [Spirit] collapses into the recessive. During this phase the inferior mind and intelligence rules However, a New World and New Time is being created out of the old that is collapsing and leading to death Before death strikes, the Spirit gives birth and ensure everything sustains. This could be compared to Light Cycle. The absence of light does not mean non existence of light, it is a phase where New Order is being created. •

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From where Death comes
• Death coexist with birth. • Death is defeated at the conception. It involves two Spirits contained in two worlds [bodies] that are one. • The following figure tells the Spirit body relationship
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From where Death comes
• • • • The previous figure tells that behind the apparent symmetry of the body there exist asymmetry of Spirit This is a simple vision of Quantum Particle system. It is capable of winding and unwinding by a unit. There is a limit to the system beyond which it collapses and goes into reorganization The system wishes to exist between the two limits and a Law is placed. This means there is a second force or spirit that causes the death – This is spirit/matter. Humanity has gone subservient to this force and is inching to self destruction. The Law was resistive to death force. Journey to death is inevitable but death does not win, for the Spirit dissolves and re-creates or reorganizes before death strikes

Creation and Dissolution or Quantum Dance
• • Imagine a ball of clay and think of creating two worlds out of it as we saw in the previous figure The only way you can do it is to apply two opposing spiral force and twitch the ball. The force applied cannot be equal. It should be in a ratio 4:3. Now in two quantum steps, we can reach a state visualized in the previous figure. Now the force that created, which was external becomes internal and resist any further winding – a law is placed Now those who are scholars of Bible – bring into mind Creation spoken in Bible. Now look at the figure below to understand recreation. Note the figure – the twist has changed and thus the direction of the flow is changed. Did Christ not tell - who are in front will find themselves at the back!
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The Reality of Existence
• In the previous figure we noted that Quantum Dance occurs because of the Spirit and its movement. This dance results in spinning and displacement motion of the whole system because of the non-equilibrium design – this means the Spirit drives the Whole System But the question remains, how to comprehend the whole world in which we live, out of this Quantum Dance. In order to understand this question, we the seekers of Knowledge of nature should put ourselves into the parts of the whole that dances you and I can only take one side, right or left of the Quantum World that dances. We then become Adams and Eves We need to understand the law – Not to eat the fruit from the tree at the center.

The Law and its Importance
• In the manifested state where one is divided into two and law is placed, the Spirit exist in the center and covers the whole. There can be no point where its forces does not exist – imagine the strain distributed in the creation. The Spirit allows all the enclosed system to expand within limit, without looking to the opposite and seeking form it. But the moment we look to the opposite, we cross the barriers. The law thus means many things. It means not to seek self, not to live mind centered life, not to conquer the opposite, not to hoard, not to corrupt and so on It means to Love the opposite, free the opposite and give to the opposite. Now look at the modern world and its tendency - Bible tells us breaking the law brings disorder and death. Humankind takes a pivotal role in the existence of the whole. We need to think about our life style and what we are doing to nature • • • • • •

Human Role in Existence of Nature
• . • • • • • • • • • Just imagine plants and the day and night cycle or energy in which everything lives Imagine now earth with plants and animals Now imagine earth with plant animals and adult humans Note that earth is two dimensional with plants, three dimensional with plant and animals, and four dimensional with plant, animals and humans When light emerges in west and the material earth goes in to disorder, the plants absorb, energy and matter and acts as a sink, thus opposing disorder. When the darkness emerges and the order is emerging in the material world, the plant assimilate the energy and matter and grows against gravity. The animals who depend on the primary producer cause a horizontal movement to vertical energy flow. But , plants and animals never cause anything to disturb the day and night cycle. Now imagine, adult humans in the above reality. Humans live a mind centered life and he seeks self. Thus the Creator puts the law – Human mind creates a time direction to nature that breaks the time cycle

Life Cycle or Quantum Cycle
• • • The Life Cycle or Quantum Cycle is the product of two forces the Spirit or energy of Soul and the spirit or the energy of matter. The spirit of the Soul is anti-gravitational and directs to the periphery. All life supports the Soul the only exception is adult humans who come to depend on their mind and its extension for life – the one who becomes self centered and aligns with matter and its force This means there is period in the creation when Creator and creation existed in full harmony – This can only be the child hood phase Time and its force is inevitable so the Child moves into early adulthood. Here there is vibrancy in the interaction between the Creator and the created. But when the humans reach the adulthood and seeks self, he dissociates from the Creator Soul and thus gets lost in to darkness – this is the point when Adam and Eve are thrown out of Eden. See next slide for Life cycle and the force of interaction of the Soul and the Created

• •

Force interaction between the Soul and the created
The Quantum Qualitative dance of the Soul and the created

Force interaction between the Soul and the created
• • The previous figure clearly speaks everything There was a period called Golden period, when humanity was one with God and its force and where justice and truth ruled. However in time, the Quality of humans began to deteriorate Beyond a point [Second Critical Point] humans shifts from the Light of Life, Grace and Protection of the Father/Mother and began to move to the darkness and death. The Creator and His Kingdom is now in danger and needs to be recreated and restored.

• •

The Qualitative Evolution of Time from Quantum Reality
• • • Recall the figure – 4, the Quantum Particle and the law. The qualitative deterioration of the system and death comes when the law is broken. The One Universal System in which every thing is enclosed cannot die. The next best thing the Soul Spirit can do is to divide the system further. The two world now becomes four world system. The process thus repeats it self forming billions of worlds. Yet the Spirit remains the controller. The process actually is the expansion of Conscious field of the Soul, But shrinking of the Spirit. This process cannot go indefinitely and at some critical point, the Spirit has to leave the body - this is death. Life we know anticipates it and thus creates. The “Essence” of the male enters the female to recreate and perpetuate – It conquers time. But for the Universal System there is no second body. This means the Soul should leave its place and get embedded to create New Body out of the old. It should dissolve every world it created, to recreate and give it New Life and then restore it to the original state.

• •

The Time Directions in Nature
• • • Time has two possible direction one directed from the periphery to the center. The second is directed away form the center - together they form one cycle We noted the cause for time direction is adult human mind, which acts against the Soul and begins to seek self or the one that gets aligned with material force. This means to understand nature, we can exclude all other things and concentrate on human mind and Creators Mind. This calls us to stand back and observe ourselves. The truth is that our mind always seeks self and breaks justice and truth. It aligns with material force. The Creators mind works to maintain Justice and Truth

• •

Truth of Universal Existence
• The following figure brings the truth of Universal Existence in space that has 8 components. To know space take an apple cut it twice vertically at right angles through the center and once horizontally at right angle to the vertical through the center The universe is full of Souls and matter. The space between matter and Soul contains a medium where the Spirit of Soul and spirit of matter exist. They work in opposite direction

Truth of Universal Existence
• • • • • • The Fig -3E, tell us that the Whole is a Soul and it contains millions of Souls in 4 pairs and there is a Central Soul or First Soul The Central Soul [Son] is unique, so too is the Father. Father and Son are connected instantaneously by the Spirit. Communication in al the enclosed Souls takes place in time. Both Father and Son can perceive even a small change in the system. Those of you who are scholars of spiritual science recall what it fundamentally says The scholars of Bible recall the “words” of Jesus Christ

Truth of Time and its Creation Secret
• • • Time in the above reality directs from the Father to Son It directs back to the Father through His Son to form a cycle The Son manifest and speaks the “Words” of life and wisdom as the universe enters the critical state of collapse. The cause is that every created beings falls into the vortex of material force and directs to the center and collapse. Bible tells us Christ manifested when there was not one Soul left on earth who could be justified before God. Therefore Christ manifested and sacrificed himself in order to conquer time and death and restore us into Kingdom of God. This sacrifice was conducted by His own people [ The Priest and Clergies] This Truth is upheld and written in Vedas. Yajur Veda Vs 30-31, clearly writes, creation occurred through self-sacrifice of the Creator Soul and that this sacrifice was done by His own people or demigods. Upanishad writes that Gods are intelligent faculties of Supreme God head – The Spirit or Brahman. Bible calls it Holy Spirit

Truth of Time and its Creation Secret
• Vedas , Upanishad, Bible writes that truth is beyond human. Human cannot seek truth. But truth reveals to humans through the Spirit and it comes for Divine Purpose. This truth manifested in Calvary and is up lifting humanity to the feet of the Father Upanishad says truth can only be revealed by the Divine Feminine aspect of God, Mahashakti or Adishakti, the Great, Primal Power that is the dynamic aspect of Brahman. God the Father is Unmoving Consciousness, whereas God the Mother is Moving Consciousness. Jesus fits this description of Upanishad too. This means, since Christ died in Calvary the world is in Creation state and the world is struggling to give birth to Light or Knowledge that gives Life and thus bring order to the world

• •

• •

Biblical Creation
• In the beginning, when God created the Universe, the earth was desolate. The raging ocean, that covered everything was engulfed in total darkness , and power of God was moving over the water. Then God commanded “Let there be Light’ – and Light appeared. God was pleased with what he saw. Then he separated Light form darkness and he named the light “Day”, and the darkness “Night’. Stand back and observe. Are we not in the darkest period. Vedas, Bible call it dark age. Common sense tells it is the dark-age, where the inferior knowledge is peaking and exploding. This is fuelled with the advent of media technologies. Knowledge out of have brought order, peace, happiness, security, health, Love and so on. One look at the modern world tells us that the disorder, unhappiness, fear, insecurity is peaking as never before. It clearly tells we are based on unreal knowledge and need to evolve into real knowledge, the knowledge of Life.

This is the only way for the world to Survive from the impending disaster

God and Judgment
• • • Gods does not judge. We fall and grow in His field. God is Love He manifest to lift us from death to life. Jesus spoke of the pathway and went through it clearing the pathway for others and the whole world to come. Every Soul will be picked from the jaws of death to be placed in the New World and New Time. Where one finds himself in relation to Him is his Choice and it depends probably on the intent by which we seek Him and When we seek Him Most scriptures speak of end time. The Mayans have predicted 2012 December 21 Christina may not accept, for it is written only the Father knows the exact time. It should be noted Mayan prediction come from some alignment in the cosmos. But it should be noted that, this alignment happens because of a spiritual action that precedes. This means, Bible is true so is the Mayan. If this is true we are heading for the most intense struggle for Birth

• •

The means the Good News needs to break the barriers of religion and should reach the whole world as a Science that brings enlightenment

For More Information
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