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}onah Bauei, 2u, takes a photo of his meal foi his social meuia page at the histoiic S-

Points iestauiant The Cozy Tea in }acksonville, Fl. This unique cafe offeis oiganic
homemaue foous as well as an aiea of teas.

Nauison Bavell, 2u, photogiaphs the Nain Stieet Biiuge anu the south bank of the
St. }ohns Rivei in }acksonville, Fla. Bavell captuieu the image fiom the peispective
of the }acksonville Lanuing, one of the city's venues foi nightlife, shopping anu sight-

The Cummei 0ak ieaches its bianches uown into the Italian gaiuen locateu at the
Cummei Nuseum of Ait anu uaiuens in }acksonville, Fl. The 2uu-yeai-olu shaues a
woin set of tables anu chaiis, which stuuents can use as a quiet anu ielaxeu place to

Angelica uiab, 21, ielaxes on one of the many fallen tiees locateu on what locals call
"boneyaiu beach" on Noith Talbot Islanu. Photogiapheis anu natuie loveis aie
welcome at this oasis just 2u minutes away fiom Bowntown }acksonville.

}esse 0luham, 22, poses foi a social meuia photo, "sanu melt," at Buguenot Nemoiial
Paik in }acksonville, Fl. As the tiue ieceues, the sanu shows many shaues of giay
cieating a wateicoloi-like appeaiance.

Riley Ncuiath, 2S, ciouches take a photo of a small fountain in the centei of the
Cummei Nuseum anu uaiuen's English gaiuen to shaie with hei fiienus. The
fountain featuies two small chiluien holuing a watei-spitting snake.

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