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Instant Capture Page

Instant Capture Page

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Published by Changa Gorham
Instant Capture Page is revolutionizing the internet marketing game. Anyone can turn ANY webpage into a capture page, whether you own the site or not!!
Instant Capture Page is revolutionizing the internet marketing game. Anyone can turn ANY webpage into a capture page, whether you own the site or not!!

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Published by: Changa Gorham on Aug 21, 2009
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It has been known for some time now that affiliate marketing and network marketing are two

common ways for beginner's online to start to earn money. A common problem that many marketers run into is the ability to collect data to build a list. The best way to gather leads is through capture pages. The problem with most affiliate programs they give all affiliates the same replicated website and tell them to go make sales while they collect the leads. Instant Capture Page is the best way to build lists to follow up with customers. Most people are leaving tons of money on the table everyday by selling products and not gathering information. Instant Capture Page can turn ANY webpage into a capture page whether you own the website or not. Those people using sites like Clickbank or Commission Junction can sell products for money while collecting data that can be monetized for later use. Before this technology became available, if you didn't have an autoresponder or a website collecting information, you had no way to contact people that visited the site through your link. So instantly by using this technology you save time and money on web design. The ability to monetize social sites such as Facebook can mean enormous profits since their membership is well over 250 million users!! The opportunity for you to brand yourself and let your visitors get to know you. This allows you to build your downline quicker and make money faster. Can you now see the importance of the use of capture pages and how they can help build your business. Doesn't having the ability to build unlimited capture pages for any product sound too good to be true?? Well now you don't have to stress or wonder anymore because anyone wanting to build unlimited capture pages can now do so. Earlier I mentioned Facebook as a social site, but there is another social site that is growing and making waves worldwide. This site is Twitter and the microblogging phenomenon has the whole world 'tweeting' the happennings around them. The RT(re-tweet) function is how people follow other people based on quality tweets and quotes by favorable persons. The RT is the viral aspect of Twitter because when quality quotes or links are RT'd they spread fast and far. Instant Capture Pages has the ability to Retweet capture pages and using the link tracker Bit.ly you can actually see where and how many people visited your link. Changa Gorham Instant Capture Page http://bit.ly/y8zwg

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