(Bela Kun, Lessons of the Proletarian Revolution in Hungary, Russian ed., Moscow, 1960, p. 46.) The Hungarian o!!

unis" #ar"$ wor%ed ac"i&el$ in all 'ields 'or an ar!ed uprising. (" ar!ed "he wor%ers, s"ro&e "o win o&er "he go&ern!en" "roops and organi)e "he de!o*ili)ed soldiers, s"aged ar!ed de!ons"ra"ions, led "he wor%ers in e+pelling "heir *osses and occup$ing "he 'ac"ories, led "he agricul"ural wor%ers in sei)ing large es"a"es, disar!ed "he reac"ionar$ ar!$ o''icers, "roops and police, co!*ined s"ri%es wi"h ar!ed uprisings, and so 'or"h.

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