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Dear Potential Sponsor,

Dear Potential Sponsor, At Fletcher Place Community Center, we strive to make everyday life easier for

At Fletcher Place Community Center, we strive to make everyday life easier for those in our community. Our facilities include a free thrift shop, a food pantry, a preschool and a GED program. These amenities allow us to reach out to the community and do our part in helping to make lives easier.

Our motto is, “Breaking the cycle of poverty through the compassion of Jesus Christ.” One of the ways that we strive to implement our motto is through our preschool. Fletcher Place Preschool gives children the ability to create a foundation for the rest of their lives. Early childhood education in the form of preschool is crucial for child development. Our program also prepares parents to become parents of students by getting their child up early and on time for school as well as arranging for the child to be brought home.

Fletcher Place Preschool does not have a mandatory price for children to attend. However, we do ask that parents contribute $125 towards their child’s education. If the family is not able to do so, we ask that they attend our GED program or some other program we offer to help them get back on their feet while their child is attending school.

We rely on donors and sponsors to help us fund the preschool. Our preschool costs $55,000 a year to run the 32-week program that hosts 34 students ages 3 and 4. Our program provides breakfast and a healthy snack as well as a highly educational environment. Our program is not a daycare and is not a source of afterschool care.

We are asking you to help us help the children. A simple donation can help change the life of a child. Donations are at your discretion and can be given as a one-time gift, monthly, or yearly. Help sponsor a child today and make a difference not only in your

community, but in a child’s future.

Thank you for your time and consideration,

Jessie Langlie Fletcher Place Preschool