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ln addlLlon Lo our comprehenslve SLandard WarranLy, Canadlan Solar has purchased producL
warranLy lnsurance Lo ºback-sLop" our producL warranLy. 1hls lnsurance applles Lo our
warranLy agalnsL workmanshlp and maLerlal defecLs and our performance warranLy. Cur
sLandard warranLy ls as follows: 10-year warranLy for maLerlal and workmanshlp, and a llnear
power performance warranLy LhaL guaranLees Lhe acLual power ouLpuL of lLs modules wlll be
no less Lhan 97° of Lhe labeled power ouLpuL durlng Lhe flrsL year, and wlll decllne by no more
Lhan 0.7° annually so LhaL by Lhe end of year 23 Lhe acLual power ouLpuL wlll be no less Lhan
80° of Lhe module's labeled power ouLpuL.
1hls lnsurance pollcy, purchased Lhrough ÞowerCuard SpeclalLy lnsurance Servlces, ls
underwrlLLen by Lhe followlng Lhree repuLable lnvesLmenL grade lnsurance carrlers:

Companlon ÞroperLy CasualLy lnsurance Company (A.M. 8esL CredlL 8aLlng: A vlll)

lnLernaLlonal lnsurance Company of Pannover LlmlLed (A.M. 8esL CredlL 8aLlng: A xv)

8Sul lndemnlLy Company (A.M. 8esL CredlL 8aLlng: A xll)

Canadlan Solar's cusLomers, whose panels have been reglsLered by Canadlan Solar, wlll en[oy a
global, lrrevocable, lmmedlaLe coverage based warranLy whlch provldes Lhlrd-parLy rlghLs Lo
Lhe pollcy ln case of lnsolvency or bankrupLcy.
lmmedlaLe coverage (no walLlng perlod)
23-year non-cancellable Lerm (even lf Canadlan Solar becomes lnsolvenL or bankrupL)
A.M. 8esL raLed ºA" vlll or beLLer lnvesLmenL grade lnsurance underwrlLers (enhanced
lnsurance Þrogram fully lnsures Lhe Comprehenslve Canadlan Solar WarranLy lncludlng
deslgn defecL, workmanshlp and power ouLpuL coverage
Allowlng 1hlrd-ÞarLy pollcy rlghLs (saLlsfles lnvesLors/bankers requlremenLs)

Þlease conLacL Canadlan Solar's CusLomer Servlce should you have any quesLlons. ln Lhe unllkely evenL LhaL
Canadlan Solar ls lnsolvenL, please call
e-mall Lo