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George Washington LESSON PLAN FORMAT


I. Objectives State what students will be able to do as a result of this experience. Students will be able to act out and/or draw significant aspects of George Washingtons life. List national !"SS# !"$%# or !S$&'# state SOL' objectives. !"SS the(es i. "ivic ideals and practices) ii. *ower authorit+ and governance) iii. $i(e. "ontinuit+# and change ,& SOL -istor+ ../0$he student will recogni1e that histor+ describes events and people of other ti(es and places b+ a' identif+ing exa(ples of past events in legends# stories# and historical accounts of# George Washington !ational Standards for &rts 2ducation3 Grade .04 $heater Standard 5 6 &cting b+ assu(ing roles and interacting in i(provisations

II. %aterials for Learning &ctivities List the texts# e7uip(ent# and other (aterials including teacher (ade (aterials' to be used b+ the students. George Washington and &braha( ,ideo http3// v9s:;<=>b$?5& S%&@$ board *aper "ra+ons %ap/Globe George Washington for kids: His Life and Times b+ <randon %arie %iller List the (aterials# including e7uip(ent or technolog+ used b+ the teacher in presenting the experiences. George Washington and &braha( ,ideo http3// v9s:;<=>b$?5& S%&@$ board %ap/Globe George Washington for kids: His Life and Times b+ <randon %arie %iller

III. *rocedures for Learning &ctivities Introduction 6 outline procedures for activating prior Anowledge and student interest. o $ell students3 Bou have learned about one of our great presidents &braha( Lincoln. !ow +ou are going to learn about another great president# George Washington.
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o Infor( students of connections to %ahat(a Gandhi3 Gandhi helped India gain independence fro( Great <ritain just liAe George Washington helped the Cnited States gain independence fro( Great <ritain. Show (ap/globe of Great <ritain# India# and the Cnited States' o Show Bou$ube (usic video on George Washington and &braha( Lincoln. &fter video call on students to share their favorite facts about the video. "an be on either president.' o @ead selected chapter fro( booA George Washington for Kids. Docus on section E& booA of Good %annersF. $his section revolves when George Washington was /4 he copied //= rules of civilit+ and good (anners. Show students the pri(ar+ source in the booA' o @ead other sections in the booA that students can act out. o "onnect George Washingtons actions to being a good citi1en Instructional strategies 6 outline what the teachers and students will do. o $ell students that toda+ the+ are going to be acting out so(e things about George Washingtons life. -ave students act out the following students (a+ need help'3 -e was the first president -e is called the EDather of our nationF Stor+ of George Washington chopping down a cherr+ EI cannot tell a lie.F Gaining independence fro( Great <ritain &sA students if there are an+ other facts about George Washington that the+ want to act out. Su((ar+ 6 outline how +ou will close. o $ell students3 $oda+ we learned so(e interesting things about George Washington. o "all on students to share what the+ learned3 -e was the first president -e did not tell a lie when he chopped down a cherr+ tree -e is Anow at the EDather of our countr+F -e helped fight for our independence fro( Great <ritain o $ell students3 !ow that +ou acted how so(e parts of George Washingtons life +ou will draw a picture. Give esti(ated ti(e for each phase of the experience introduction# instruction# su((ar+'. o Introduction3 /= (inutes o Instruction3 /=0/G (inutes o Su((ar+3 /=0/G %inutes :escribe extensions or connections to other lessons. o :iscuss with students the si(ilarities and differences of George Washington and %ahat(a Gandhi. <oth help to liberate their countries fro( Great <ritain Gandhi used no violence and Washington used force o $here are 5/ hands on activities in the booA George Washington for Kids that can be used. o $he booA is rich with pri(ar+ sources fro( George Washington writings. Students will be able to see how things looAed in the past and co(pare the( to the present.

Falconer, EDCI 544 fall 2010

o Introduce bilingual booAs 2nglish/Spanish' for 2LL students o 2xtension lesson can be created on voting for president. -ave students vote class activities. 2xplain to the( about the (ajorit+ vote. o Students can be introduced to non0fiction text features using the booA Geroge Washington for Kids I,. &ssess(ent Outline the procedures and criteria that will be used to assess each of the stated objectives including for(ative and su((ative. o :rawings will be used for assess(ents. "onference with each student and have the( explain their drawing o $aAe note of an+ students that participated in sAits. &lso taAe notes of students that are having a hard ti(e co(prehending the (aterial. ,. :ifferentiation Csing theater to help students learn b+ acting <odil+0.inesthetic learners' %usic video caters to (usical learners. -aving students draw and explain their pictures for assess(ent 2LLs can participate' $ranslate activit+ for students when possible. *rovide one0on0one support for students that did not co(prehend the (aterial.

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