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Los Angeles Principal Residency Network Appendix: Protocols and Forms

Name: Jacqueline Palacios School: Civitas School of Leadership Date: 2/26/1 Overarching project q estion: !h" are a lar#e ma$orit" of Civitas students ha%ituall" truant& 'o( can (e create a #ro(th oriented culture on campus& ! rrent dilemma: )ime mana#ement: *" %i##est dilemma at the moment is %ein# a%le to mana#e m" time to include time to focus on this issue and #o deeper into the (or+, )he responsi%ilities of %ein# a special education teacher- other duties as assi#ned- and (ritin# !.SC has slo(ed do(n pro#ress, Leadership presentation critical q estion: 'o( do (e #et parents and students not onl" in to school to discuss issues or concerns- %ut into school &

Desired outcomes: /ather school (ide attendance data to find patterns and trends in student a%sences, 0dentif" and tar#et those students la%led as ha%ituall" truant, Contact parents to arran#e parent meetin#s (ith student or arran#e home visits if necessar", 0ndentif" the reasons for student a%sences, Decrease the amount of students that are ha%ituall" truant and increase school1(ide attendance rate, *" role is to #ather and anal"2e school1(ide attendance data to identif" the patterns and trends in student attendance, 0 (ill monitor (ee+l" attendance and provide information to staff on a (ee+l" %asis, .s of no(- school1(ide attendance data has %een #athered, Ne3t steps include identif"in# those students that are ha%ituall" truant and conductin# student intervie(s, Parents also need to %e contacted to discuss issues and concerns a%out attendance, Parent meetin#s (ill %e scheduled for those students considered 4at1ris+,5 'ome visits (ith the school counselor (ill %e conducted if necessar", District resources such as 0S0S and *"Data have %een helpful resources in #atherin# data, )he ma$or complication that has arisen so far is findin# the appropriate amount time to address this issue in depth and learnin# ho( to use the resources stated a%ove to acquire needed attendance data/information, 0 have counseled (ith our 6th #rade drop out prevention counselor to

discuss pro#rams and data, Strands addressed:

Communit"- 7amil" and 8outh Development 0nstructional Leadership School /overnance 9esearch and 0nquir"
Standards addressed: Standard 11: Student Learning and Professional Growth Standard 12: Organizational Management for Student Learning Standard 13: Working with Di erse !amilies and "ommunities Standard 1#: Personal $thi%s and Leadershi& "a&a%it' Standard 1(: Politi%al) So%ial) $%onomi%) Legal and