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by Jonas Clark

Unless otherwise noted, Scripture quot tions re t !en "ro# the $in% & #es 'ersion( SEEING WHAT OTHERS CAN)T IS*N+,-.,+//0//1+22+/ IS*N+,2.34/+,+//0//1+22+5 Cop6ri%ht 7 5--3 86 &on s Cl r! 9u8lished 86 Spirit o" :i"e 9u8lishin% 54 West H ll nd le *e ch *l;d( H ll nd le, <lorid , 22--3+1=24, U( S( A( >31=? =10+==5www(&on sCl r!(co# No p rt o" this pu8lic tion # 6 8e reproduced, stored in retrie; l s6ste#, or tr ns#itted in n6 "or# or 86 n6 #e ns, electronic, #ech nic l, photocop6in%, sc nnin%, or otherwise, e@cept s per#itted under Section ,-4 or ,-/ o" the ,340 United St tes Cop6ri%ht Act, without the prior written per#ission o" the 9u8lisher( Requests to the 9u8lisher "or per#ission should 8e ddressed to the 9er#issions Aep rt#ent, &on s Cl r! Binistries, 54 West H ll nd le *e ch *l;d(, H ll nd le *e ch, <l ( 22--3, C ll 31=+=10+==5-, e+ # il. o""iceCDon scl r!( co#( &on s Cl r!s products re ; il 8le throu%h #ost 8oo!stores( To cont ct &on s Cl r! Binistries directl6 c ll our Custo#er C re Aep rt#ent 31=+ =10+==5-( <or e s6 online Internet orders ;isit www(Don scl r!(co#(


our ene#6 is cr "t6 "oe( He uses %ossip to tr in 6ou in rele sin% nd entert inin% o""ense( Eni%# tic i# %in tions c n le d to sh dowed thin!in% nd unsure li;in%( Scripture s 6s,
I pr 6 th t the e6es o" 6our underst ndin% 8e enli%htened th t 6ou # 6 !now wh t is the hope o" his c llin% nd wh t the riches o" the %lor6 o" his inherit nce in the s ints( >Ephesi ns ,.,/?

The e6es re"erred to in this scripture re 6our spiritu l e6es( With spiritu l e6es 6ou

recei;e underst ndin% 8ec use God enli%htens 6ou 86 His Spirit( God desires th t 6ou #i%ht !now the truth nd not wonder wh t the truth is( ' in i# %in tions, howe;er, c n d pple the truth o" Christ 8ut the Hol6 Spirit w nts 6ou to !now Fthe hope o" His c llin%G nd Fthe riches o" His %lor6 in the inherit nce o" the s ints(G ' in i# %in tions tr6 to D il 6ou in insecurit6, "e r nd wonderin%( :e rn how to 8 ttle % inst the# 86 s!in% the Hol6 Spirit to le d nd %uide 6ou into truth( I went to doctor with "riend once nd the ph6sici n told hi# in no uncert in ter#s, HEou)re %oin% to die(G A report li!e th t c n rele se # n6 "e r"ul thou%hts t 6ou( I encour %ed, HNo, 6ou)re not %oin% to dieG 8ec use God's Word s 6s,

With lon% li"e will I s tis"6 hi# nd show hi# #6 s l; tion( >9s l# 3,.,0?

See, 6ou h ;e to hit "e r"ul i# %in tions with o;erwhel#in% scriptur l "orce( This doctor w s well tr ined in his pro"ession, terri8le in 8ed+side # nner, nd, li!e 8lind people, could not see(

< ct 'ersus Truth

We #ust tt c! " cts with truth( So#eti#es " cts nd truth con"lict with e ch other( The " ct #i%ht 8e th t 6ou re sic!, 8ut the truth is th t H86 His stripes 6ou were he ledG >, 9eter 5.5=?( The " ct #i%ht 8e th t 6ou c n't p 6 6our rent, 8ut the truth is,
B6 God sh ll pro;ide ll o" #6 needs ccordin% to His riches in %lor6 86 Christ &esus( >9hilippi ns =.,3?(

I" 6ou don't li!e so#ethin% so#eone's s id or h s done, then pr 6 "or the#, 8ut don't t l! spite"ull6 8out the#( We c n't ""ord to h r# God's children with our ton%ues(

:e rn to use the spiritu l we pons o" the Word o" God in 6our li"e nd "i%ht i# %in tions with the Word o" God th t wor!eth #i%htil6 within 6ou( I" the de;il s 6s th t, HEou)ll ne;er # !e it,G use the Word % inst hi# nd decl re,
I c n do ll thin%s throu%h Christ who stren%thens #e( >9hilippi ns =.,2?

Eour ene#6 is cr "t6 "oe( He uses %ossip to tr in 6ou in rele sin% nd entert inin% o""ense( Gossip nd de#e nin% i# %in tions Dourne6 to%ether( Where 6ou "ind one 6ou o"ten "ind the other( 'e@in% i# %in tions c n c use 6ou to

tt c! others 86 e#powerin% 6ou to %ossip( I h ;e e@perienced people entert inin% i# %in tions th t use the telephone to p ss the# on( Gossip is sin( It is destructi;e nd should not 8e en% %ed( :i!e witchcr "t it is wor! o" the "lesh( I" 6ou don)t li!e so#ethin% so#eone)s s id or h s done, then pr 6 "or the#, 8ut don)t t l! spite"ull6 8out the#( We c n)t ""ord to h r# God)s children with our ton%ues(

The Gi"t o" I# %in tion

A% in, i# %in tion is %i"t( Eou should spend it wisel6( So i" 6ou "ind 6oursel" %ossipin% stop( When others re % 88in% to 6ou re#e#8er th t #ost %ossip is not true n6w 6 nd there is lw 6s two di""erent sides to e;er6 stor6( I" the6 re ch tterin% 8out so#eone tod 6, 6ou re ne@t on the list to#orrow( Aon)t let 6our ton%ue

contri8ute to the de;il)s others(

tt c!

% inst

Gossip tr ns"ers thou%hts nd i# %in tions to others( *e c re"ul wh t words 6ou t !e into 6our he rt( Solo#on)s wisdo# is 8ene"ici l,
$eep th6 he rt with ll dili%enceI "or out o" it re the issues o" li"e( 9ut w 6 "ro# thee "orw rd #outh nd per;erse lips put " r "ro# thee( >9ro;er8s =.52+5=? A;oid the %ossip#on%ers within 6our church th t tt c! le dership nd dis# ntle the unit6 o" the con%re% tion nd ;ision o" the house(

I #ention %ossipin% 8ec use the ene#6 uses it to tr in 6ou to conte#pl te corrupted thou%hts nd p ss the# on to others( A#eric n hu#orist &osh *illin%s %i;es so#e

s %e d;ice,
The 8est ti#e "or 6ou to hold 6our ton%ue is the ti#e 6our "eel 6ou #ust s 6 so#ethin% or 8ust(

E;en white p inted churches with t ll steeples e@perience the spiritu l w r" re o" ; in i# %in tions( Scripture s 6s,
Now I 8eseech 6ou, 8rethren, # r! the# which c use di;isions nd o""enses contr r6 to the doctrine which 6ou h ;e le rned nd ;oid the#( >Ro# ns ,0.,4?

I# %in tions spo!en % inst church c n !eep le dership de lin% with squ 88les, di;isions nd contentions ll the ti#e( The6 !eep the# occupied with thin%s th t re not true( When i# %in tions tt c! it # !es people w nt to %i;e up nd quit( Those th t

d; nce these i# %in tions ser;e their own desires, %end s nd,
86 %ood words nd " ir speeches decei;e the he rt o" si#ple people( >Ro# ns ,0.,/?

A;oid the %ossip#on%ers church th t tt c! le dership the unit6 o" the con%re% tion the house( Ele nor Roose;elt s

within 6our nd dis# ntle nd ;ision o" id,

Gre t #inds discuss ide sI ;er %e #inds discuss e;entsI s# ll #inds discuss people(

Con"usion, desp ir nd %ossipin% re co##on we pons o" the ene#6( The6 c n co#e when others t l! spite"ull6 % inst 6ou or durin% ti#es o" discour %e#ent nd reDection( How the6 co#e is not s i#port nt s !nowin% how to 8 ttle % inst the#( Christ is not the uthor o" con"usion

8ut the "inisher o" 6our " ith( He ne;er t u%ht his disciples to 8 ttle with "leshl6 we pons 8ut spiritu l ones( &esus s id,
I %i;e unto 6ou power to tre d on serpents nd scorpions nd o;er ll the power o" the ene#6 nd nothin% sh ll 86 n6 #e ns hurt 6ou( >:u!e ,-.,3?

Use th t uthorit6 tod 6 nd tt c! e;er6 power o" d r!ness, con"usion, desp ir nd o""ense th t 8 ttles 6our soul(

Thou%hts Th t Count
An e;il i# %in tion is de th wound "or#ed in the soul th t h s its roots in the " llen corrupted n ture o" # n( God cre ted 6our #ind "or thin!in%( Eour #ind is li!e critic ll6 thin!in% super co#puter desi%ned to dr w on in"or# tion "or the purpose o" co#in% to ri%ht"ul deter#in tion( It will continu ll6 se rch out 8its o" d t "ro# li"e

e@perience, prior !nowled%e, e;en ssu#ptions to e@tr pol te conclusion( To e@tr pol te #e ns to use in"or# tion s the st rtin% point to % in !nowled%e, dr w in"erences nd # !e decisions 8out so#ethin% un!nown( There re thou%hts th t suppose so#ethin% nd re nothin% #ore th n r ndo# 8its o" in"or# tion without #erit, proo", witness, or su8st nce( Thou%hts li!e th t h ;e no re l ; lue nd re uns6ste# tic( The #ost d n%erous thou%hts, howe;er, re those th t le d to p rticul r 8elie"( The source o" thou%hts, 6our thou%hts, needs to 8e discerned( Are the6 re l or i# %inedJ Good or 8 d, ri%ht or wron%J W s H #let on to so#ethin% when he echoed Bont i%ne who s id,


There is nothin% either %ood or 8 d 8ut thin!in% # !es it soJ

An e;il i# %in tion is de th wound "or#ed in the soul th t h s its roots in the " llen corrupted n ture o" # n(

C n 6our thou%hts # !e thin%s soJ Ao the6 deser;e 6our ttentionJ Should the6 8e re"lected on nd cted outJ Onl6 the # ture underst nd the wisdo# o" p rsed Dud%#ent until the6 c n sse#8le ll the necess r6 " cts nd co#e to ri%ht"ul conclusion( These ch #pions o" the !in%do# !now how to thin!( :i!e precision ti#e pieces th t c rr6 the un" lterin% sounds o" tic!+toc! the6 e@ #ine e ch s6ste# tic #o;e#ent o" the 8i% h nd until "in ll6 cl rit6 "or#s within their #inds( Then nd onl6 then do the6 #o;e the s# ll h nd "orw rd nd enter the ne@t hour(

Aon)t Thin! :i!e Th t

How 6ou thin! ""ects 6our li"e( The Apostle 9 ul t u%ht his students not to thin! li!e "l wed %entiles( The %entiles were outside the co;en nt 8lessin%s o" God until s l; tion( 9 ul used the# s n e@ #ple( He s id th t Christ) disciples should not w l! li!e the6 do in the H; nit6 o" their #inds,G in di""erent words, 8 nned i# %in tions( FHow does one w l! in the ; nit6 o" their #inds,G 6ou s!J *6 tr6in% to li;e out ; in i# %in tions( 9 ul s id,
This I s 6 there"ore, nd testi"6 in the :ord, th t 6e hence"orth w l! not s other %entiles w l!, in the ; nit6 o" their #indI H ;in% the underst ndin% d r!ened, 8ein% lien ted "ro# the li"e o" God throu%h the i%nor nce th t is in

the# 8ec use o" the 8lindness o" their he rt( >Ephesi ns =.,4+,/?

Re#e#8er the #eetin% 8etween the " ll cious serpent in the G rden o" Eden nd E;eJ As lre d6 s id, she loo!ed, she too!, she te, nd she % ;e to her hus8 nd nd he lso p rtoo!( This Scripture te ches the power o" to6in% with decepti;e words nd i# %in tions( < llen # n!ind, w l!in% out the ; nit6 within their #inds, se rches "or w 6s to "ul"ill sensu l, "leshl6, lust"ul p ssions( And when the6 "ind the#, those p ssions pull on their c rn l n ture(

Wh t)s In EouJ
S t n's cti;ities re still the s #e tod 6, thous nds o" 6e rs l ter( He loo!s throu%h ncient e6es "or so#ethin% in 6ou to wor! with( So#ethin% s# ll, perh ps seed, so#ethin% hidden "ro# the sunli%ht, or

so#ethin% 8uried deep within( It could 8e pride, reDection or lust( It could 8e 8itterness, un"or%i;eness, e;en the lo;e o" #one6( A% in, he h s nothin% to we8 e@cept wh t's lre d6 in 6ou( &esus s id,
<or the prince o" this world co#eth nd h th nothin% in #e( >&ohn ,=.2-?

Wh t 8out 6ouJ When th t old dr %on dr ws ne r c n he "ind n6thin% in 6ou to n;ilJ To win the w r % inst 6our #ind 6ou #ust,
$eep 6our he rt with ll dili%ence "or out o" it re the issues o" li"e( >9ro;er8s =.52?

C rn l thou%hts nd pondered ; in i# %in tions %i;e the ene#6 opportunit6 to tt c! 6ou( 9eter lso wrote 8out the d n%ers o" ; in words, thou%hts nd i# %in tions(

<or when the6 spe ! %re t swellin% words o" ; nit6, the6 llure throu%h the lusts o" the "lesh, throu%h #uch w ntonness, those th t were cle n esc ped "ro# the# who li;e in error( While the6 pro#ise the# li8ert6, the6 the#sel;es re the ser; nts o" corruption. "or o" who# # n is o;erco#e o" the s #e is he 8rou%ht into 8ond %e( >5 9eter 5.,/+,3? Eour underst ndin% c n onl6 8e d r!ened when 6ou re c rried w 6 86 c rn l thou%hts nd hollow i# %in tions(

Aid 6ou %et th tJ C rn l p ssion, stirred 86 the lusts o" the "lesh nd ; nit6 within the #ind is desi%ned to o;ert !e 6ou nd 8rin% 6ou to the ti#8ered stoc!s( Th t's wh6 9 ul s id to ;oid the ; nit6 within the #ind( ' in thou%hts re entice#ents tow rd

"urther c rn lit6 nd concei;in% sin( :i!e w l!in% in cold sunli%ht the6 pull on the old # n, th t c rn l n ture th t needs d il6 cruci"i@ion( Is he de d in 6our li"eJ An e;il i# %in tion is de th wound "or#ed in the soul th t h s its roots in the " llen corrupted n ture o" # n( It is di""erent w 6 o" w l!in%, outside 6our desi%n( :i!e n ddiction, ; in i# %in tions c n %r 8 6ou nd pull t 6our soul 8ec!onin% the re pers to co#e( Spo!en %reed, "or e@ #ple, dr ws on the 8l c!ened sin"ul n ture o" # n( So, too, lust th t p nts "or the "or8idden( :ust is " 8ric ted "irst within the i# %in tion then onto the "lesh loo!in% "or its h r;est( When pondered it)s li!e n rcotic to the #ost ddicted o" Dun!ies( Wh t did 9eter #e n Hthe6 re ser; nts o" corruptionJG *ond %eK Th t)s ri%ht,

sl ;er6 trenched deep within their souls( Those t !en c pti;e throu%h culti; ted sin"ul i# %in tions 8eco#e sl ;es "ettered to their own c rn lit6( 9 ul)s w rnin% Hdon)t thin! li!e th tG is si%ni"ic nt( FHow c n one 8e o;erco#e 86 n i# %in tion,G 6ou quer6J As #entioned 8e"ore, 86 8roodin% e;il thou%hts within the #ind, i# %in% the# nd ctin% the# out( Th t)s wh t h ppened to E;e( She considered wh t the serpent s id, she pondered the outco#e, nd she p rtoo! o" the "or8idden there86 %i;in% 8irth to sin( <utile i# %in tions o8scure ;ision nd corrupt Dud%#ent( Scripture s 6s,
H ;in% the underst ndin% d r!ened, 8ein% lien ted "ro# the li"e o" God throu%h the i%nor nce th t is in the#, 8ec use o" the 8lindness o" their he rt( >Ephesi ns =.,/?

Bedit te on the Word d il6( It will i#p rt li"e, truth nd %r ce "or li;in% into 6our soul(

Eour underst ndin% c n onl6 8e d r!ened when 6ou re c rried w 6 86 c rn l thou%hts nd hollow i# %in tions( Eou #ust ;oid the# t ll cost 8ec use the6 sep r te 6ou "ro# the %ood li"e o" Christ nd 8lind spiritu l underst ndin%( All o" us #ust ;oid c rn l thou%hts nd ; in i# %in tions nd c st the# down s the6 occur, e;en those th t co#e "ro# others( As 6ou 8eco#e s!ill"ul t Hc stin% down e;er6 i# %in tion nd hi%h thin% th t e@ lts itsel" % inst the Word o" GodG 6ou will e@perience #ore pe ce nd %re ter "ocus tow rd purpose within 6our li"e( It see#s we h ;e co#e "ull circle once % in in our pursuit o" winnin% the 8 ttles

% inst the #ind( The 8otto# line is the #ind #ust 8e renewed( So#e tr6 to %et the Hol6 Spirit to %r pple with their #inds( The pro8le# with th t is 6ou #ust 8e in;ol;ed in the process 86 # !in% e;er6 e""ort to renew 6our #ind 6oursel"( Gi;e the Hol6 Spirit so#ethin% to wor! with( B !e the e""ort 86 stud6in% to Fshow 6oursel" ppro;ed(F Epictetus s id, HNo %re t thin% is cre ted suddenl6(G So #edit te on the Word d il6( It will i#p rt li"e, truth nd %r ce "or li;in% into 6our soul(

Bedit tion nd Re"lection

I" the ene#6 c n destro6 6our hope he c n dis r# 6our " ith( Witchcr "t is spiritu l "orce th t 8 ttles % inst the spirit o" 6our #ind( Witchcr "t wor!s 8est inside one)s i# %in tion(

Witchcr "t is wor! o" the "lesh 8ec use people h ;e the power to c st down orphic i# %in tions or to entert in the# nd w l! the# out( Eour ene#6 is cr "t6 "oe( He uses %ossip to tr in 6ou in rele sin% nd entert inin% o""ense(

:et)s 9r 6
< ther God, I co#e 8e"ore 6ou now "or stren%th to o;erco#e corrupt i# %in tions nd thou%hts( I repent "or llowin% the# to occup6 #6 #ind( :ord "or%i;e #e((( let the 8lood o" &esus w sh #e s I turn w 6 "ro# e;il thou%hts, %ossip nd the wor!s o" the "lesh( And now :ord, in &esus) N #e, I t !e #6 uthorit6 in 6ou nd c st down ; in i# %in tions( :ord &esus, "ro# this d 6 "orw rd I t !e responsi8ilit6 to #edit te on 6our Word nd to renew #6 #ind e;er6d 6

((( th n! 6ou :ord &esus "or the truth th t sets #e "ree( A#en(


Read Imaginations: Dare to Win the Battle Against Your Mind
Are people t l!in% 8out 6ou 8ehind 6our 8 c!J Ao 6ou h ;e con"ront tion l con;ers tions with the# in 6our #indJ Aoes 6our hus8 nd re ll6 w nt to le ;e 6ouJ Or is it Dust 6our i# %in tionJ Get equipped to discern the de;il)s tt c!s % inst 6our #ind( In this 8oo!, &on s te ches 6ou to c st down e;il i# %in tions nd t p into prophetic i# %in tions( Eou)ll disco;er. L How to reco%niMe the su8tle su%%estions o" the whisperer( L How to stop in;isi8le opponents( L How to o;erco#e the ene#ies in 6our #ind(

IS*N ,+//0//1+50+1


L How to t p into 6our God+%i;en prophetic i# %in tion( L How to w l! where dre #s li;e( L And #uch #ore(((

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I# %in tions c n ch n%e the world, 6our world, in " ct, the world nd histor6 h ;e lre d6 e@perienced ch n%e throu%h so#eone's i# %in tion(

IS*N ,+//0//1+2=+0

<ro# the c r 6ou dri;e to the ho#e 6ou li;e in to the clothes 6ou we r, ll h ;e e@perienced the "ruit o" the cre ti;e power o" i# %in tion( In this 8oo! disco;er. L How to see prophetic possi8ilities( L How to unloc! dre #s, i# %in tions nd ll thin%s possi8le( L :e rn to tr nscend li#it tions nd ch n%e 6our re lities( L And #uch #ore(((

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IS*N ,+//0//1'25'N
spiritu l w r(

There re spiritu l "orces o" witchcr "t wor!in% to destro6 6our li"e, #inistr6 nd "uture( Scripture te ches th t 6ou re in

Aisco;er 6our uthorit6. L How to reco%niMe n tt c!( L How to stop the powers o" control( L How to o;erco#e we riness nd " ti%ue( L How to 8re ! de#onic soul ties( L Wh t to do when tt c!ed 86 con"usion( L And #uch #ore(((

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9rophets c rr6 %re t sense o" spiritu l uthorit6( The6 enDo6 rootin% out, pullin% down nd destro6in% ll spiritu l opposition th t %ets in the w 6 o" the pl ns nd purpose o" God(

IS*N ,+//0//1+53+N

In this 8oo! disco;er. L How prophets see wh t others c nnot( L Wh6 prophets c rr6 %re t sense o" spiritu l uthorit6( L Wh6 prophets re the #ost spiritu ll6 sensiti;e o" ll the "i;e+"old #inistr6 %i"ts( L How prophets stew rd the #6steries o" God( L How prophets ch llen%e de d tr ditions o" #en nd d n%erous spirits o" reli%ion( L How to enter prophetic #inistr6( L Recei;in% prophetic per#ission(

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Equippin% Resources 86 &on s Cl r!

9oc!et+SiMed *oo!s

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E@tre#e 9rophetic Studies Ad; nced Apostolic Studies $in%do# :i;in%. How to Acti; te Eour Spiritu l Authorit6 I# %in tions. A re to Win the * ttle A% inst Eour Bind &eMe8el, Seducin% Goddess o" W r >Also A; il 8le in Sp nish? E@posin% Spiritu l Witchcr "t 2- 9ieces o" Sil;er >O;erco#in% Reli%ious Spirits? The Apostolic Equippin% Ai#ension E""ecti;e Binistries O *elie;ers :i"e A"ter ReDection. God)s 9 th to E#otion l He lin% Co#e OutK A H nd8oo! "or the Serious Aeli;er nce Binister


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