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Infologix Sap Console Itsmobile

Infologix Sap Console Itsmobile

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Published by: Adnan Babu on Dec 06, 2013
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HelpiNg YOu mObiliZe YOur WOrKfOrce

SAP® Console and ITSMobile can help optimize your entire value chain with realtime, accurate transfer of data across the enterprise through the use of wireless handheld data collection devices. About SAP Console
Included within the standard SAP application suite, SAP Console is a native radio frequency (RF) data collection application. With the advent of SAP Console, middleware solutions for real-time data collection have become a thing of the past. SAP Console is designed to translate by converting SAP’s graphical-based (GUI) screens into character-based screens used on a wide variety of handheld devices. Connectivity to the wireless device is achieved using a Telnet-based application. The SAP Console software does not contain any business logic – it is simply a translator. Transactions performed with the wireless (RF) devices are posted directly into the SAP system, empowering you and your workforce to make critical business decisions in real time.

SAP Console Overview


AP Console communicates with the wireless S device via the Telnet server.  hrough terminal emulation software the T devices have a real-time connection to the SAP system with proper Telnet software, loss of coverage/signal and battery loss, and can be accommodated with minimal to no disruption to the business process.  ccess points serve as an Ethernet bridge, A allowing the RF devices to connect to the wired network via TCP/IP. Security and data encryption can be handled via the access points and the handheld devices. The SAP system will still manage security roles, authority and user IDs.


ny transaction through SAP Console can A be accessed on the RF device as well as through the SAP GUI. SAP delivers around 40 warehouse management transactions for SAP Console, while InfoLogix adds almost 100 additional transaction templates based on our extensive library that we have built over the years.


debugging tools) Lock management Update task management Touch screen capabilities for Windows Mobile and CE-based devices User management and authorization concept Workflow Change and Transport System Database buffering Multi-language capabilities ó ó ó ó ó ó ó ó .Windows-PC communicates with the SAP System. SAP is replacing WebSAP Console (a graphical mobile version of character-based SAP Console that allows touch screen use) with SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITSMobile). SAP SYSTEM Application Presentation Server SAP Console Custom Transactions GUI Library Data Web Server TELNET Server RF devices connected though Telnet or WAS to WebSapConsole or Web Dynpro Access Point: Routes connection through network Harness the Power of the Web with SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITSMobile) The power of the Internet and its ability to deliver business solutions throughout – and beyond – the enterprise has been acknowledged by most companies. The Web browser starts an SAP Session via remote connection on the NT/2000 PC. ITSMobile converts SAP Dynpro screens into HTML format making it possible to access SAP systems with user-friendly web technologies. Key Benefits for Customers Adopting ITSMobile ó ó ó Scalability  Platform and database independence  BAP Workbench (ABAP language. A ABAP dictionary.

The transactions are uploaded easily to the SAP system and then the RF transaction menus are assigned. .  ransactions can also be executed from T a desktop. providing the user with a simplified user interface. reducing the need for in-depth training for casual desktop users of the SAP system. Take Advantage of Our Extensive SAP Console and ITSMobile Transaction Library Our extensive transaction library can be leveraged across multiple industries with little to no modifications.  asily customizable transactions for unique E processes enable InfoLogix to offer tailored transactions to suit each customer’s specific processes and unique business requirements.Front End Web Server Process Internet Transaction Server R/3 Output HTML Page HTML Page Web Browser Web Server Load Service File SAP System WGate User Request Send Prepared Request Load HTML Template Language Resources AGate R/3 Input Web Pages Templates Taking SAP Console and ITSMobile Beyond the Warehouse InfoLogix has taken SAP’s mobile data entry transactions a step further by developing enhanced mobile data entry transactions for use throughout the entire enterprise. including: ó ó ó ó ó ó ó Inventory Management Plant Maintenance Production Confirmations/Shop Floor Control Warehouse Management Asset Management Quality Management ó ó  obile data entry transaction templates M extend SAP’s core set of transactions to mobilize worker productivity throughout the enterprise supply chain using our templates. They provide standard bar code label management and printing capabilities and work with RF devices without requiring any extra networking investments or third-party middleware. These transaction templates serve as accelerators in delivering a final mobile data collection solution much quicker.

process knowledge and mobile infrastructure services to help you achieve new levels of customer care. We provide the industry expertise. significantly reducing your costs and accelerating your ROI. super use training and end user training requirements About InfoLogix Imagine having the information from your back-end systems. Inc.infologix. ó ó Effective Training and Documentation ó Includes training manuals and quick reference cards that can be used to quickly train end users Training includes train-the-trainer. PA 19040 www. We help you implement the basic product and extend its functionality with our extensive library of transactions and templates. Our SAP Console and ITSMobile capabilities include: A Single Source Solution ó ó ó ó ó ó Mobile Managed Services ó ó ó ó ó ó ó Mobile consultation and assessment Installation and configuration Mobile asset management Business intelligence and data visibility Remote management technology Supply enablement and help desk End-user education Project management Best practice business process review RF requirements definition Transaction design and implementation Telnet and label printing software Hardware configuration and installation (working with industry leaders such as Intermec. All rights reserved. Teklogix and Cisco) Testing – complete testing of the system inclusive of transactions infrastructure and hardware/printing Training and go-live Contact Us Today InfoLogix is one of the leading enterprise mobility solution providers for SAP applications and can provide full support to help you implement and expand mobile data collection capabilities beyond the four walls of the warehouse.SAP Console and ITSMobile Made Easy with InfoLogix With more options. faster implementations and less risk. by working with you to mobilize your business. InfoLogix’s knowledge. Motorola. instantly available at the precise location where it has maximum impact on your business. increase profits and optimize performance across multiple functions. County Line Road Hatboro. LXE. . InfoLogix provides everything you need to make your mobile data collection investment a success.com | 215.604.0691 SS-EMS-014-04/21 © 2010 InfoLogix. ó Wireless Security Services ó Assistance in implementing a wireless solution that meets your needs and adheres to your particular industry standards and protocols Training made available to ensure your team is equipped to maintain your solution ó LeaRN MORe: 101 E. experience and expertise empowers you to maximize the value of your supply chain throughout your entire SAP ecosystem.com info@infologix. InfoLogix helps break your most difficult productivity barriers. productivity and profitability.

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