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Pro Air Intro 3

Pro Air Intro 3

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Published by Peter Rundle

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Published by: Peter Rundle on Aug 22, 2009
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ProAir –Patented process that removes formaldehyde from indoor air

Good to know that the harmful substances are not juststored somewhere but they are truly eliminated
Parador Laminate, Engineered Wood Flooring and Click Board with their ProAirsystem make a good contribution to the permanent elimination of harmful substances like for example aldehydes from indoor air. This is the first system (patented) that markedly reduce harmful substances like formaldehyde and tobacco smoke that are in the ambient air around us. Lowers the concentration of harmful formaldehyde – Fast! ProAir – Test Results The absorption capacity of proAir is almost unlimited To turn away damage of people, become from the responsible places, e.g. from the World Health Organization approximate value concentrations for interiors defines. WHO states for formaldehyde 0,05ppm ProAir draws itself by the huge one admission capacities! The long time effect from ProAir is immanent.

Example Absorption capacity of Protectin: The absorption capacity of Protectin was tested 5 times consecutively with the same piece of material at exttremely high formaldehyde concentration of 323 ppm. Even the fith test in a row displays an impressive absoption curve. Theoretically this would translate at concentration levels of 0.1ppm within the room- to an effective period of 44 years, and without a noticeable performance loss!

Proair product details and manufacturer’s contacts details can be found at www.greenerflooring.com - a search engine used by architects, LEED AP’s and builders to identify certified green building products. About Greener Flooring LLC Greener Flooring is an entrepreneurial company dedicated to providing tools that will enable the AEC community and "green" flooring manufacturers the ability to promote and increase the use of sustainable and healthy flooring materials in commercial and residential construction. The founders have in excess of thirty years proven success in the worldwide flooring industry dealing with Fortune 500 companies in the development of environmentally friendly flooring products.

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