Racecar Creation

Computer Applications 1 25 points

Directions – Follow the procedures below to create a racecar for the Garfield Speedway. This racecar will be used to track your keyboarding progress in Computer Applications 1. Procedures Step 1 – Download the file racecar.jpg (right) Step 2 – Save the file as racecar.jpg in your computer apps / other folder Step 3 – Open Paint by clicking on Start  Programs  Accessories  Paint Step 4 – Use the paint toolbar to paint the inside of your car Step 5 – Click edit  select all Step 6 – Click edit  copy to copy your racecar from paint Step 7 – Open Microsoft Word Step 8 – Click edit  paste Step 9 – Right click on your car, format picture  layout  In front of text to make your car a free object in Word Step 10 – Using WordArt place your Last Name on the trunk of the racecar Step 11 – Using WordArt place your favorite 2 digit number on the roof of the racecar Step 12 – Fill the hood and sides of the racecar with company logos you copy and paste from the internet (school appropriate) Step 13 – On the Drawing Toolbar, select the Select Objects button Step 14 – Draw a rectangle around your entire racecar to select all the objects on your screen Step 15 – Right click on your racecar and select Grouping  Group Step 16 – Click File  Save As… and save your racecar as racecar.doc in your computer apps / other folder

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