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OVERVIEW GainSpan is a leader in low power consumption Wi-Fi semiconductor and software solutions that enables the development of battery powered or energy harvesting sensors and embedded applications. As a spin-off of Intel, GainSpan is the first company to develop an integrated Wi-Fi system-on-a-chip that includes dual ARM processors, SRAM, flash and power amplifier and runs reliably for up to 10 years on a single AA battery. GainSpan and its ecosystem partners’ solutions take advantage of the large installed base of Wi-Fi access points in residential, commercial and industrial applications, to enable the low cost implementation of building automation, smart energy home and asset tracking, and reduce the operation and installation costs, the energy bill and the carbon footprint in these applications. EXECUTIVE TEAM Vijay Parmar, President & CEO Lewis Adams, CTO Pankaj Vyas, VP, Software & Systems John Roeser, VP, Worldwide Sales Bernard Aboussouan, VP, Marketing Haike Dong, VP, Operations PRODUCTS GainSpan provides an integrated low power Wi-Fi system-on-a-chip, software and development platforms to enable deployment of Wi-Fi based wireless sensors and embedded applications. The GS1010, with its embedded software stack, is a highly integrated ultra low power chip which contains a standard IEEE 802.11 b radio, media access controller (MAC), baseband processor, on-chip flash memory and SRAM, and a second processor to support a hosted customer application all in a single package. The GS1010 could be used also in a thin client architecture where it is connected to an external application processor. CUSTOMERS AND PARTNERS Several devices and module vendors offer solutions based on GainSpan’s technology in each of the target market. GainSpan is partnering with key industry participants and building a strong ecosystem. For more information, visit

• Headquarters in Los Gatos, California, with R&D in Bangalore, India • Secured $20 million series B funding in December 2007 • Investors: Intel Capital, New Venture Partners, Opus Capital, OVP Venture Partners, Sigma Partners, and Camp Ventures.

MARKET The market for wireless sensors is expected to grow from 19 million units in 2008 to well over 180 million in 2012, according to West Technology Research Solutions. GainSpan’s products are used in four major applications: 1. Asset Tracking: provide real time location based data for tracking people or assets conditions in the supply chain. 2. Cold Storage Monitoring: monitor temperature of goods through their supply chain. 3. Building Automation: monitor and control temperature, lighting, air quality and reduce energy consumption. 4. Smart Energy Home: monitor and control temperature, lighting, air quality and appliances and reduce energy consumption. Until recently Wi-Fi was not considered in most of these applications due its high power consumption which was unsuitable for long lasting battery operated devices. However Wi-Fi offers significant advantages over other wireless technologies: the widespread and expanding adoption of Wi-Fi in residential, commercial and industrial applications, a huge Wi-Fi ecosystem and a native IP protocol, easier to connect to web applications and familiar to all IT managers.

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