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Writing is the communication of ideas. Writing is the thing that allows people to manifest their thoughts or opinions to others.

All writing is personal. Writing is the base of human awareness. Fantasy writers are inspired by other fantasy writers. Film criticism is from the audience members point of view and blah blah blah blah. Technical writing is personal too. The translation of technical terms to everyday terms is from their own perspective. If it comes from a person, then it is personal. No matter how crazy the story or unbelievable the adventure, it comes from human beings. Who are the death adders This is from my head so it is personal. What proves my point !ahhhhhhh.

In order for writing to be "ualified as #good$, it must connect with the reader in a positive way. I thin% that writing must connect to the reader. I&m not tal%ing about li%e titles or fast food options. I&m tal%ing about prose. Those long paragraphs of writing you see on tumblr. That is an e'ample of writing. I thin% that writing (ust li%e other forms of art is sub(ective. What is a #great boo%$ to others may not be a great boo% to that one guy. A boo% isn&t wrong if not everyone agrees with it. An author isn&t to blame if one person doesn&t li%e their writing. The essence of writing is understanding. The core of writing is connection. In some way, shape, or form for writing to be writing it must connect. If it does not connect to the reader then it has failed its (ob...for that specific person. )is friend however may love the writing that is because it has connected with him. When I thin% about it, my serious friends read the things that cause them to escape from their lives. A* and +i%e are the e'amples that come to mind. ,oth ta%e themselves seriously and both have a strong sense of who they are... and what they aren&t. -o time to time they read fiction boo%s with vast worlds and multifaceted characters so that for a while they can be concerned about other things. They want to get away from all of themselves. I find that I do the same thing. Which is why I li%e to read the occasional novel whether it be from Nesbo, .ain, +oorcoc%, !aiman, or /in%. -pea%ing of /in%, From what I&ve read in her boo% -tranger Things )appen, there are some stories I li%e and other stories I disli%e. The story that comes to mind right now is the first section of the chapter

-hoe and +arriage. The story is 0from what I can gather1 about the prince from .inderella when he is trying to find .inderella. )e tal%s about trying to find the right pair of feet and how he is in love with the maiden&s feet. In the end, his wife, or slave girl had the perfect pair of feet all along. This to me is good writing because it reminded me of my childhood. In my childhood, I watched .inderella. )im searching for the right foot also connected with me because sometimes I have searched for some things that were right in front of me the whole time. IF the reader is not connected with your writing, then truly all is lost for that particular person. No matter what the genre2 Technical 0must connect with the builders sense of a good purchase or desire to accomplish a goal1, Non3Fiction 0 must connect with the readers interest of the sub(ect, or lac% thereof1 Fiction 0must connect with the readers desire to escape reality1 .riticism 0must connect with the readers point of view on the sub(ect1 4ublic *ournal 5ntries0must connect with the readers emotions or e'periences1 /yrics 0must connect with the listeners emotions or actions or situation1 Academic0must connect with the readers interests or opinion1 /ove /etters 0must connect with the receivers sense of feelings for the perosn1 If the writing fails to do so, then that is when the reader says that the writing is bad but only for that particular person. The writing must also be presented in a clear way. This depends on the writers sense of prose. Writing truly is the form of communicating to a persons innermost being. This is what I believe writing is. If you ta%e away the connection to a person, then what purpose does writing serve They turn into (ust words...pointless words slowly drifting into eternity and falling into a sea of forgetfulness. )ec%, I do this all the time with the film reviews I read. 6nly !od Forgives reviews are perfect e'ample of this7 +any peeps pan the film for not being entertaining. That its characters are flat, its plot is lame and the movie in of itself is a failure and should be forgotten. In reading this, I disagree with what they write. +y opinion of the movie was the e'act opposite. Although reading a persons criticism didn&t ma%e me mad or anything, I (ust disregarded it. It didn&t connect with me or what I felt about the film. 8oes that critics opinion still count 95-7 Is his writing worthless because I or a group of people

disagree with it N67 ,ecause there is someone out there whose opinions match the critics. To them however, the critic is a li%e minded individual who sees their point of view. 5veryone else can (ump in a pit. -o to me, that critics writing is still valuable.....but it (ust didn&t connect with my own opinion about the film. )is writing does wor%....(ust not with me. If his writing is also good 0proper grammar, spelling, structure of paragraphs and all the other pretentious cheese1 and his points are clear and concise, then the connection will follow. There&s no such thing as good or bad. )owever, there is such thing as good or bad writing.