PostScript Quick Reference v2.

Numercal operators
num1 num1 num1 num1 num2 num2 num2 num2 add sub mul div sum difference product quotient num1 num1 num1 num1 + * / num2 num2 num2 num2

Stack operators
any any1 any2 any pop exch any2 any1 dup any any discard top element exchange top two elements duplicate top element

Graphics state operators
num num num num gsave grestore setlinewidth setlinecap setlinejoin setgray save graphics state restore graphics state set current line width set shape of line ends (0=butt, 1=round, 2=square) set type of corners (0=miter, 1=round, 2=bevel) set color to gray value (0=black to 1=white)

Coordinate system operators
tx ty sx sy angle translate scale rotate translate user space scale user space rotate user space

Path construction operators
x y dx dy x y dx dy x y r ang1 ang2 string bool moveto rmoveto lineto rlineto arc newpath closepath charpath currentpoint x y set current point relative moveto append straight line relative lineto counterclockwise arc initialize path to empty connect subpath to starting point append character outline to path return current point coordinate


Painting operators
stroke fill erasepage draw line along current path fill path with current color paint current page white

Device setup and output operators
showpage copypage output and reset current page output current page

Character and font operators
key font scale font string findfont font scalefont font' setfont show return font dict scale font to produce new font' set font dictionary print characters of string

Control operators
init incr lim proc for int proc repeat execute proc with values from init by steps of incr to lim repeat proc int times


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