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Tour of Food Service Establishments Assignment Form Report Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Team Letter - circle one A B C D E F G H I J K L Date of Tour__9/30/13_________Store#39 (Corporate)___

Name of Student Tour of facility provided? yes Megan Finn (circle yes or no) Name of FS Insomnia Cookies Establishment Type of Commercial Nonfoodservice (Restaurant) commercial (circle one) (School, hospital) Number of Breakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner meals served Aprox. 4,000 per day cookies sold each day


SnackMost sales are in the evening

Estimate of weekly food cost? (not allowed to disclose) waiting on response from the director of corporate marketing Average check amount customer spends for meal ( if applicable) $5.00- 6.00 depending Amount allotted to spend per customer if in school, hospital, long term car facility. ( $2.00/ meal ) or ($7.00/ day) if applicable for this establishment, not available for dining halls Total Number of How many hours a day are How many full time How many Part-time employees? considered full time? employees on staff? staff? 20 35 or more 4 16 Prime Vendor? Yes no Who is the prime vendor? Circle yes or no Trends in business? Just opened- information not available yet. What is unique about this operation? The cater sweets/cookies/ice-cream late into the nights offering deliveries of these sweets as well. Mostly located on college campuses. Favorite part of job? Going home smelling like cookies Simplified jobs Least favorite part of job? Cleaning How often is establishment inspected and by what agency? 6 months by the Butler County Department of Health S.W.O.T. analysis to include: Internal Strengths/ Weaknesses Weaknesses- Are the lack of items on the menu. I suggest they add more items of sweets. They could make adventurous flavors of cookies, and possibly add several more flavors of ice-cream (sugar- free). Internal Strengths- When the students are present and late night bars are open they are supplied with ample business and regulars. Their decision to have a delivery service especially late into the night is also a strength for the business. A lot of students live on campus and would rather not walk all the way

uptown for a cookie, and having a delivery service also encourages large orders to be purchased (bigger bills). External Opportunities/Threats Threats- Summer business/ J- term. Most students will not be on campus for summer/ winter quarter (jterm). This companys business depends on the student body because the locals arent enough to keep the establishment in business. External opportunitiesThis establishment also provides catering opportunities to the public. This could potentially increase their business because they are opening a new avenue of business for themselves. This avenue may be popular for on campus events/ Greek life/ or various clubs on campus encouraging large quantity orders, and in turn a bigger profit for the restaurant.

What do you (as the student) recommend to improve the operation? I suggest they add more items of sweets. They could make adventurous flavors of cookies, and possibly add several more flavors of ice-cream (sugar- free).