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ENG 101 Bolton Essay Assignment: Research Paper Important Dates and Requirements Length Requirement: Sources Required:

: Draft Due in Class (2 copies!): Final Copy Due to Instructor: 1700-3400 words* Sixsee Part 2: Researching Your Topic below for details date TBA (we will work on this essay often in class!) in Portfolio #2date TBA

* Essays (including drafts) that do not meet the length or source requirements will receive half credit. * We will practice different strategies through small assignments building up to this essayyou are expected to use those to help you with your final draft. In your last essay, you analyzed and evaluated two arguments; now, it is your turn to make one. I expect you to read Chapters 10 and 33 in your Norton Field Guide thoroughly, as they discuss all the components of arguing. Here are the additional guidelines you must follow to get full credit:

Part 1: Choosing a Topic

1.) Select one of the technology horror stories from Steven Caseys Set Phasers on Stun or The Atomic Chef to be what provokes you. For example, Signal Detection might lead you to question the effectiveness of airport security and perhaps suggest improvements (see sample essay on D2L). (Signal Detection is the only story from the books you cannot use). You have flexibility in what you want to argueas long as its relevant to the story/event, it is acceptable. 2.) Submit your story request to me at No two students may request the same story, so requests will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis; for this reason, you should probably have a couple of back up stories in mind in case your first choice is already taken. Note that you cannot begin working on your essay until your story has been approved; if you do not receive instructor approval by the deadline, work you complete for this essay assignment may not receive credit.

Part 2: Researching Your Topic

1.) Locate the following to support your claimyou must include EACH of the following in your essay (and you must quote from each within the essay itself): One book (printed, published, physicalnot an e-book) One e-book (from library database) One article (from library database) One credible website One Film-on-Demand (from library database) o Note: If you cant find a Film-on-Demand, come see me and Ill give you an alternate optionbut you must let me know in advance! The story that prompted you to write this 2.) Print and annotate each source you will use in your essay (except the Film on Demand)you are required to submit these with your Portfolio #2 For books/e-books (or very long articles), you may print/copy a few relevant pagesthe entire document is not required.
Some additional notes/warnings about Research All sources (except book, provoking story, and website) MUST come from a library databaseif a source doesnt come from the library database, it doesnt count (meaning your essay may receive half credit for just ONE slip!) You may use more than these six sources, but all must be scholarly if you include ten sources and one isnt scholarly, you may receive half credit Unless they come from a database, newspaper articles are not scholarly Only one dictionary is scholarly (and acceptable): The Oxford English Dictionary. It will only count once (regardless of the number of words cited) and wont count as your book; any other dictionary does not count at all! On your Works Cited page, you must include the name of the database where you retrieved the articlethis is typical MLA format, but I warn you because if I cant tell where you got it, I cant check it, and if I cant verify it, it may not count

Your Rhetorical Situations

Purpose: Audience: Genre: Stance: Media: to persuade readers to agree with your argument college students enrolled in a class about technology mishaps and human error Argument (see Chs. 10, 33), though other genres may be appropriate as well up to youbut be sure you use language that is fair and objective printed academic essay in MLA format follow those requirements

Part 3: Constructing Your Essay

1.) In your introduction paragraph, summarize/explain the story and issue for readers, discussing the provoking story as well as the overall topic/controversy. (You may use whatever type of introduction you think is best except for Forecast Your Organizationsee Ch. 30). 2.) The last sentence of your introduction must be your thesis statement, which should clearly state your claim and some brief reasons for your claim. 3.) The body paragraphs of your essay should support the claim, offering solid reasoning through both your own ideas and the research, and you should use the rhetorical appeals of logos, ethos, and/or pathos to persuade your reader. (Dont forget to avoid logical fallacies as well!) 4.) In your essay, you must quote from each source at least onceyou may summarize and paraphrase additionally, but you will lose 15 points for each source you do not quote from. 5.) Include a counterargument (naysayer) somewhere in your essay. 6.) Follow MLA format (including a Works Cited page with all sources on it!)

Where to Go for Help

Relevant Textbook Chapters for Quoting They Say I Say (TSIS), Chapter 3; Norton Field Guide (NFG), Chapters 46 and 49 Summarizing TSIS, Chapter 2; NFG, Chapter 47 Arguing (general concept) NFG, Chapters 33 and 10 Supporting Your Claim depends on the type(s) of argumentative claim youre making: o Definition NFG, Ch. 36 o Causation NFG, Ch. 32 o Evaluation NFG, Ch. 13 o Recommendation NFG, Ch. 17 Writing an Introduction NFG, Chapter 30; TSIS, Chapters 1 and 7 Writing a Conclusion NFG, Chapter 30 Writing a Counterargument TSIS, Chapter 6 MLA Format NFG, Chapter 50 Structure/transitions NFG, Chapter 31; TSIS, Chapter 8 Language Use TSIS, Chapters 5, 9, 10 Additional Online Resources ENG 101 Guidebook - ENG 101 LibGuide (for Bolton) - D2L Portfolio #2 unit (various handouts available) Purdue OWL -