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The Ugly Old Hag

In the big crowd there stood a hag just knighting away. The hag was quiet and also not socializing. This wasnt an ordinary hag waiting to see the next aristo to get his head chopped off. This hag was not dressed nicely in anyway. The hag was also waiting for the blood to come splattering in her face. You could imagine how gross that was. That ugly old hag had a clothes that were brownish white, and it was not properly made. It might have been yarn, but Im not sure. This old hag also had gloves, but not ordinary gloves. They werent even covering her fingers. The hag also had a white bonnet and, it was probably the most properly made thing she had. The bonnet was curly. The old hag had many things on her that were not clean. The only clean thing that the hag had was the white bonnet. The face of the old hag was hideous and, I couldnt bear to look at it. The hag had a chin sticking out. She also had bulgy eyes, and the hag had grayish brown hair. The hair was snarly to the worst extent. The hag always had one eye closed, and also had a bent mouth. In conclusion the hag the stopped knighting in the crowd and left for that