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SIOP Lesson Plan Template 2

STANDARDS: 3.3.2.B1:
Observe and record location of the Sun and the Moon in the sky over a day. changes in the appearance of the Moon over a onth. Observe! describe! and predict seasonal patterns of sunrise and sunset.

THEME: Space LESSON TOPIC: "hases of the Moon OBJECTIVES: #anguage:

Students $ill be able to discuss the phases of the oon using key vocabulary $ords.


Students $ill be able to create

odels of the phases of the odels! diagra s

oon using oreo cookies.


KEY VOCABULARY: &ull Moon! 'a(ing )ibbous Moon! &irst *uarter! 'a(ing %resent! +e$
Moon! 'anning %resent! ,hird *uarter! 'anning )ibbous

MATERIALS: Book! oreo cookies MOTIVATION:

(Building background) Because the oon and its phases is a non-cultural sub.ect atter! it is a great science lesson to introduce to /## students. ,he oon is so ething that is fa iliar to all children across the $orld! aking it less co plicated content for the student to understand. ,he teacher $ill begin by reading the book 0&aces of the oon0. 1fter reading the first page the teacher $ill give the student ti e to respond to the 2uestions in the book of $hy the oon does not al$ays appear the sa e.


(Language and content objectives, comprehensible input, strategies, interaction, feedback) ,eacher $ill then continue to read the book. 'hile reading! teacher $ill ake long pauses at the end of each page to allo$ for co prehension of the content. 3n addition! teacher $ill identify4point out vocabulary $ords $hile reading 5vocab $ords6phases of the oon7. 1fter the book is finished! teacher $ill revie$ the vocab $ords $ith the student 5 8 $ords for each phase of the oon7! sho$ing a picture to coincide. ,he teacher $ill also use a ryh e to help the student re e ber $hich phase in called $a(ing and $hich is $aning.

PRACTICE AND APPLICATION: (Meaningful activities, interaction, strategies, practice and application, feedback)

1fter the teacher has gone over the vocabulary $ords using an illustrated "o$er"oint e phasising the cyclical process of the phases! the student $ill be instructed to copy the $ords onto a piece of paper. Being that there are 8 $ords! student should $rite 9 $ords on the top ro$! and 9 $ords on the botto 5leaving space above the $orld7. Student $ill be given 8 oreo cookies 5half opened so icing is sho$n7 and $ill scrape off the icing to represent the phase of the oon4vocab $ord

: 2;;8 "earson /ducation! 3nc.

SIOP Lesson Plan Template 2

5e(: cresent7. Student $ill then place the cookie above the oon phase $ord that it represents.

REVIEW AND ASSESSMENT: (Review objectives and vocabulary, assess learning)

1fter student has co pleted this activity! teacher $ill revie$ $ith the student to ake sure that the phase representation is correct. 1fter his4her $ork is revie$ed! teacher $ill take the cookies off the paper! i( the up! and then ask the student to put the cookies above the correct $ord.


,his lesson could easily be e(tended into a $hole unit about space. ,he solar syste 4planets could be the ne(t phase to learn about! aking sure to tie in each planet<s oons 5relates back to this activity7. =ands-on activities $ould be crucial in allo$ing the ost acade ic gro$th for an /## student. ,hese can be altered as each planet is discussed.
5>eproduction of this aterial is restricted to use $ith /chevarria! ?ogt! and Short! 2;;8. Making omprehensible for !nglish Learners" #he $%&'( Model)7 ontent

: 2;;8 "earson /ducation! 3nc.