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Name of documentary, author/producer, and year.

Helvetica, directed by Gary Hustwit, released in 2007 Is it "informational" or "promotional"? support your argument. Informational, because it shows both praise and criticism of the typeface Helvetica. Who is the primary audience it aimed at? People who are interested in graphic design and typography. Users of Helvetica What is the relevance of it to specic areas/topics of our course? Topography According to the lm, how does type affects our lives? It influences the way we perceive certain things (affects standard of beauty in each time period). Each typographic design has an underlying social value (as in this case, either promotes modernism or postmodernism). Will you use Helvetica for your future graphic projects? (optional) Depends on what I am working on, if I am working on something in a neutral tone, I will probably use Helvetica