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Autumn Lullabye

below my new black blanket of heavenly star sinew,

i wrap my back in venue textured cocoon vine.

true is my colorless bar, hovering tethered, dim,

my fellow gust, continues in communication.

draped lust, motherless parent: his kin be all.

far views of tall skeletons, slowly unfeathered

just as girls must in the transparent school world

virtueless tack pink & reflective, collective swine.

convoys of ground demons, dead in their tracks

laugh like the boys in dust subordination.

fall free asleep with the humming of hard drives

and white noise talkers, all dream drumming.

within this loneley low tar, alarm dormant in zap

eternity, tapping feet only appearent, numbing.

nothing sounds fuller than clean / effective street.

summing up the car drone: hello rust, red & round.

quite, following a fleeting, timeless, infinite flow,

modernity subsides as nocturnity prevails,

and the fancy fantasy is meeting rhymeless

spirals dancing, greeting other colors—slowly,
the night unveils, harrowing nightmare of world,
dark daylight stings and keeps the singing cloak

of fall to itself. strings follow under flutes, and

all is okay anyway today, borrowing smile loot.