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Expert Focus Areas Project Partners

Community Renewal International

Social Technology
Morgan Hill Sutton & Mitchell

Core Team Planning & Design Consortium for Education Research & Technology
Mack McCarter, CRI, Visionary Leader Southern University
Mike Leonard, CRI, Visionary Leader University of Texas
Harold Ledford, CRI, Project Manager
Diane Loridans, CRI, Project Manager
Higher Education Louisiana Tech
University of Oklahoma
John Madison, Chairman Purdue
John Wasson, Construction Management Specialist
David Oliver, Financial Advisor Economic Development UC Davis

Kim Mitchell, Planner/Designer Ed Morrison

Murray Lloyd, Delta Team
John Dalton, CRI Advisory Board, National Fundraising Green Building Industry Trane/Storer
Knoll Furniture
Core Purpose Finance
Cisco Systems
Center for Community Renewal
Johnson Controls
Model for Environmental Sustainaability
Education/Curriculum Development for Marriott
Social Technology Foundation Support Gary Jones
Bruce Hoffman
Government David Oliver
Clinton Global Initiative

Dept. of Energy
Dept. of Labor
Caddo/Bossier Parish
City of Shreveport
Contributes to Core Purpose

Network Generated Assets

Link & Leverage
Intelligent Lighting
Strategic Doing Session

CRI, Social Technology

MHSM, Planning & Design
CERT, Higher Education Smart Grid
UT, Higher Education
Louisiana Tech, Higher Education
Trane/Storer, Green Building Industry
Hubbell, Green Building Industry
Gary Jones, Green Building Industry
Bruce Hoffman, Financial Expert
USGBC, Government
Systems Integration

Building Operation Certification

Contributes to Other Partner Interests