...And this is what i became... Sadness all around me A life of pain and sorrow,a life of grey.

Darkness all in me... Lonliness in my room,and silence above all A sharp pain suffocates my thoughts A giant stone is my shelter A neverending chaos is my soul, I cannot find peace, The past and present haunts me and crushes my bones The blood that runs through my veins in neverrested In a continuous rush my heart trumbles The sky hates me....it’s dark and grey. The clouds covered me with their weight and left me breathless I dare to walk,to scream... A crushed plain is my voice A silent scream is my pain My face is pale,my skin is cold Dark are my eyes,my lips are red. Will i survive?or am i dead.... No feelings,no pain,no warmness,no nothing. Just indiference and silence. Just grey and nothing No rest,no confort,no peace. No nothing.