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ClvlLas School of Leadershlp locus on Learnlng



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School of Leadershi p
ClvlLas School of Leadershlp locus on Learnlng

Civitas School of Leadership
WASC Accreditation Self-Study Report 2012-2013
!"#$%&' )* +',-'&.. /&$,'%

I. In this progress report or in the student/community profile, describe any significant
developments that have had a major impact on the school or specific curricular
programs since the last full visit.
ClvlLas SCL underwenL an lnlLlal WASC vlslL Lhree years ago ln !une, 2010. AL Lhe concluslon of
our lnlLlal vlslL Lhe WASC commlLLee made seven recommendaLlons ln our crlLlcal areas for
follow-up. 1hese recommendaLlons lncluded: 1) lmplemenLlng measures of college preparaLlon,
2) uevelop deparLmenLal benchmark assessmenLs, 3) Lxpand Lhe 9-12 currlculum, 4) rovlde
professlonal developmenL programs, 3) rovlde counsellng servlces, 6) ConLlnue Lo address
Advlsory program needs, and 7) uevelop a school-wlde AcLlon lan Lo govern fuLure school
lmprovemenL. Cur sLaff revlewed Lhe WASC lnlLlal vlslL CommlLLee 8eporL durlng Lhe summer
of 2010 aL our annual summer professlonal developmenL semlnar. Slnce Lhen, our school has
Laken measures Lo address all sLaLed areas of concern and has lncluded Lhese areas wlLhln our
slngle school-wlde AcLlon lan. Cur progress ln each area ls deLalled below.

"# $%&'(%()* %(+,-.(%()*, /0 1/''(2( &.(&+.+*3/) ,-14 +, *4( 56789 6789 +):;/. 7<8 */
0-.*4(. :(*(.%3)( 4/= =('' *4( ,14//' 3, %((*3)2 3*, %3,,3/)#

Cur lnlLlal WASC vlslL was compleLed a year before ClvlLas lmplemenLed a 12
currlculum. arL of Lhe mlsslon of ClvlLas SCL ls Lo see all of our sLudenLs pursue hlgher
educaLlon. ln an efforL Lo accompllsh Lhls mlsslon, all sLudenLs aLLendlng ClvlLas SCL Lake A-C
coursework LhaL ls requlred for admlLLance lnLo Lhe unlverslLy of Callfornla sysLem. Cfferlng our
sLudenLs A-C currlculum provldes Lhem wlLh opporLunlLles for college preparaLlon Lhrough
academlc coursework.
Lvery fall all 10
and 11
grade sLudenLs Lake Lhe SA1 Lhrough Lhe acqulslLlon of fee walvers
provlded by Lhe LesLlng agency. ln an efforL Lo more fully prepare our sLudenLs for college
admlLLance and accepLance SA1/AC1 preparaLlon books were purchased and an SA1/AC1
preparaLlon course was lmplemenLed durlng Lhe 2010-2011 school year. 1hls course was made
avallable Lo all sLudenLs and LaughL by one of our Leachers afLer school. uurlng LhaL year we had
a LoLal of 37 sLudenLs who Look Lhe SA1. SA1 daLa from ChapLer Cne shows a slgnlflcanL
decrease ln Lhe mean for all LesL areas (CrlLlcal 8eadlng, MaLh, and WrlLlng Skllls). 1here was a
drop of 94 polnLs ln Lhe wrlLlng area alone. 1hese resulLs are surprlslng slnce CS1 daLa suggesLs
LhaL Lhe class of 2012 was Lhe sLrongesL performlng class we have had Lhus far. 1o address Lhls
ClvlLas School of Leadershlp locus on Learnlng

concern durlng Lhe pasL school year senlors recelved supporL ln preparlng for Lhe SA1 Lhrough
1hls year we esLabllshed a communlLy parLnershlp wlLh Lhe Aslan aclflc Amerlcan Legal CenLer
(AALC). uurlng Lhe fall, Lhls organlzaLlon offered our school Lhelr servlces ln provldlng an
SA1/AC1 preparaLlon course durlng our Advlsory perlod. SLudenLs selecLed Lo parLlclpaLe ln Lhe
program represenLed all four [unlor advlsorles and were chosen based on Lhelr cumulaLlve
grade polnL average and CS1 scores. upon compleLlon of Lhe course Lhese sLudenLs wlll become
peer menLors wlLhln Lhelr Advlsory class, Leachlng Lhelr classmaLes abouL Lhe slgnlflcance of Lhe
SA1/AC1 and explalnlng LesL-Laklng sLraLegles Lhey learned durlng Lhe prep course.
># ?(@('/& :(&+.*%()*+' A()14%+.B +,,(,,%()*, */ +3: 3) 1/),3,*()1C /0 3),*.-1*3/)
+%/)2 ,*+00 +): %(+,-.( &./0313()1C 3) %((*3)2 ,*+*( ,*+):+.:,#
As a plloL hlgh school, we have auLonomy over assessmenLs. ueparLmenLs meL durlng Lhe 2010
summer professlonal developmenL Lo dlscuss Lhe creaLlon and lmplemenLaLlon of perlodlc
assessmenLs. AL LhaL Llme all deparLmenLs (Lngllsh, MaLh, Sclence, and Soclal Sclence) declded
Lo creaLe self-made perlodlc assessmenLs based on Lhe CS1 power sLandards. 1he reasonlng
behlnd Lhe use of self-made assessmenLs ls LhaL Lhe unlLs creaLed by each deparLmenL dld noL
necessarlly maLch Lhe dlsLrlcL's Llmellne, whlch made Lhe use of Lhelr assessmenL lneffecLlve.
1hroughouL Lhe 2010-2011 school year, professlonal developmenL days were made avallable Lo
creaLe assessmenLs and examlne assessmenL daLa. Cur school also lmproved flve polnLs ln our
Al score LhaL year.
1he MaLh deparLmenL began Lo uLlllze perlodlc assessmenLs creaLed by Los Angeles unlfled
School ulsLrlcL ln Lhe 2011-2012 school year. uurlng Lhe conLenL meeLlngs Lhe maLh Leachers
work collaboraLlvely Lo analyze daLa and compare besL pracLlces. 1he maLh deparLmenL has
observed maLh classes aL anoLher school wlLh slmllar demographlcs LhaL ylelded poslLlve
resulLs. Also durlng deparLmenL meeLlngs, all Leachers creaLed lndlvldual Llmellnes LhaL sLaLe
Lhe unlL daLes and duraLlon of each power sLandard. 1eachers are able Lo documenL
assessmenLs, scorlng rubrlcs, and Lrack sLudenL achlevemenL daLa for Lhelr classes. 1hls allows
for Leachers Lo deLermlne whlch sLudenLs are meeLlng Lhe sLandards and whlch sLudenLs need
!" DE&+): *4( FG"> 1-..31-'-% 1/%%(),-.+*( =3*4 *4( 1/''(2( &.(&+.+*/.C %3,,3/) /0 *4(
,14//'9 3)1'-:3)2 H/)/.,;7:@+)1(: 5'+1(%()* 1/-.,(,9 +): =3:()3)29 */ *4( :(2.((
&/,,3A'(9 *4( )-%A(. /0 ('(1*3@(, ,*-:()*, 1+) ,('(1*#
ClvlLas SCL lmplemenLed a 12
grade currlculum ln SepLember 2010 wlLh our flrsL senlor class.
We expanded our currlculum Lo lnclude Calculus, 1rlgonomeLry, hyslcs, Spanlsh 3,
CovernmenL, Lconomlcs, and Amerlcan LlLeraLure. lour new Leachers were hlred Lo
ClvlLas School of Leadershlp locus on Learnlng

accommodaLe Lhe new 12
grade currlculum. All of Lhe courses lmplemenLed saLlsfy A-C
requlremenLs for admlLLance lnLo Lhe unlverslLy of Callfornla sysLem.
8y expandlng our currlculum Lo lnclude Calculus, 1rlgonomeLry, Spanlsh 3, and hyslcs we also
lncreased Lhe number of elecLlves avallable for sLudenLs. 1he masLer schedule was modlfled
durlng Lhe fall semesLer of Lhe 2011-2012 school year ln order Lo provlde sLudenLs wlLh more
elecLlves LhaL fosLered sLudenL lnLeresL. 1o accommodaLe Lhls change our lnLerdlsclpllnary unlL
pro[ecLs perlod was reduced from Lwo semesLers Lo one semesLer ln Lhe sprlng of 2012. 1he
elecLlves offered durlng Lhe fall semesLer lncluded 8oboLlcs, ulglLal hoLography, CrafflLl ArL,
CulLar, uance, ALx onllne learnlng for credlL recovery, PlsLory of 8ock and 8oll, LnvlronmenLal
!usLlce, Women ln PlsLory, 8eadlng lnLervenLlon, and Llfe Skllls. We lnvlLed parenLs and
communlLy members Lo an exhlblLlon lasL fall LhaL dlsplayed culmlnaLlng pro[ecLs from each of
Lhese elecLlves.
1hls year, we lmplemenLed a new masLer schedule Lo lnclude elghL blocks wlLhln Lhe regular
school day. 1hls declslon was made ln an efforL Lo lnclude lnLervenLlon wlLhln Lhe regular
school day. uue Lo Lhe double block of MaLh and Lngllsh for 9
and 10
grade sLudenLs Lhere
are a llmlLed number of elecLlves belng offered Lhls school year. CurrenL elecLlves ln place
lnclude: 8oboLlcs, AgrlculLure, ulglLal Medla, CompuLer 8epalr, Leadershlp, and ALx onllne
learnlng for credlL recovery.
A Calculus and A Spanlsh 3 were added Lo our currlculum durlng Lhe 2010-2011 school year.
An Ponors program was fully lmplemenLed on campus Lhls school year. Ponors coursework ls
avallable for sLudenLs ln Lngllsh 10 Lhrough 12, World PlsLory, unlLed SLaLes PlsLory,
CovernmenL, Lconomlcs, and Algebra 2. nexL school year we hope Lo expand our Ponors
opLlon ln Lhe 9
grade currlculum and A courses ln Lngllsh, Soclal Sclence, and Sclence.
#" 5./@3:( &./0(,,3/)+' :(@('/&%()* &./2.+%, *4+* +3: +'' ,*+00 3) /A*+3)3)2 <I7?
1(.*3031+*3/)9 *.+3)3)2 3) *(+143)2 '3*(.+1C9 +): 3%&'(%()*3)2 (00(1*3@( 3),*.-1*3/)+'
,*.+*(23(, +): :300(.()*3+*(: 3),*.-1*3/)#
Cver Lhe pasL Lhree years Lhere have been many opporLunlLles for professlonal developmenL
LhaL alded sLaff ln obLalnlng CLAu cerLlflcaLlon, Leachlng llLeracy, lmplemenLlng effecLlve
lnsLrucLlonal sLraLegles, and dlfferenLlaLed lnsLrucLlon. ln 2011 Lhe enLlre sLaff aLLended Lhe
CA8L (Callfornla AssoclaLlon for 8lllngual LducaLlon) conference held ln Long 8each, CA.
1eachers aLLended semlnars LhaL lncluded research-based besL pracLlces for bl-llLeracy,
effecLlvely uslng Lngllsh language developmenL sLandards, and SuAlL. 1eachers learned key
sLraLegles for aLLalnlng hlgher achlevemenL ln language arLs, maLh, and oLher core currlculum
1he year followlng our lnlLlal WASC vlslL Lhe AcceleraLed 8eader program was lmplemenLed on
campus. 1he enLlre sLaff aLLended Lralnlng for Lhe A8 program and commlLLed Lo supporLlng Lhe
ClvlLas School of Leadershlp locus on Learnlng

program ln an efforL Lo lmprove llLeracy for all. Lach sLudenL has an A8 readlng goal every
semesLer whlch accounLs for 10 of Lhelr Lngllsh grade. SLudenLs who meeL or exceed Lhelr
lndlvldual readlng goal are celebraLed ln Lhelr Lngllsh class.
1hls fall Lwo Leachers aLLended a four-day Lralnlng on Lhe 8LAu 180 program and have slnce
lmplemenLed 3 classes (Lwo LradlLlonal classes and 1 LSL) of readlng lnLervenLlon LhaL uLlllze Lhe
program's currlculum ln an efforL Lo lmprove sLudenL llLeracy.
ln Lhe fall of 2010 ClvlLas sLaff began parLlclpaLlng ln LqulLy and Access Lralnlng Lo supporL Lhe
use of dlfferenLlaLlon ln Lhe classroom. 1haL year Lhe 9
and 10
grade Leams aLLended Lhe
Lralnlng followed by Lhe 11
grade Leam Lhe followlng year. Cur 12
grade Leam ls currenLly
aLLendlng Lhls Lralnlng. 1he purpose of Lhls lnsLlLuLe ls Lo sLrengLhen Leachers' professlonal
knowledge and ablllLy Lo Leach conLenL, concepLs and prlnclples allgned wlLh sLaLe sLandards.
1hrough Lhelr Lralnlng Leachers have learned how Lo do Lhe followlng:
! apply effecLlve Leachlng sLraLegles LhaL develop crlLlcal Lhlnkers
! conslsLenLly hold sLudenLs accounLable for masLerlng conLenL and adherlng Lo
classroom norms
! acqulre lnsLrucLlonal skllls and sLraLegles LhaL yleld slgnlflcanL galns ln Lhe
! lncorporaLe mulLlple ablllLy currlculum, acLlvlLles and resources
! reflecL on common classroom slLuaLlons
! use sklll-bullders LhaL lncorporaLe roles and norms LhaL sLudenLs wlll use
LhroughouL Lhe academlc year
! collaboraLe wlLh a menLor ln developlng an acLlon plan for Lhe upcomlng school

$" 5./@3:( 1/-),('3)2 ,(.@31(, 0/. ,*-:()*, */ 3)1'-:( 1/''(2( ,(+.14 +): .(23,*.+*3/)
+,,3,*+)1(9 ,14/'+.,43& 1/-),('3)29 1+.((. &'+))3)29 @/1+*3/)+' &./2.+% 2-3:+)1( +):
%()*+' 4(+'*4;0+%3'C ,(.@31(,#
1he acqulslLlon of CLlA funds ln 2010 allowed us Lo hlre a full-Llme school counselor durlng Lhe
2010-2011 school year. Pavlng a full-Llme counselor on campus has glven sLudenLs supporL ln
monlLorlng Lhelr lndlvldual graduaLlon plan, college preparaLlon, and personal guldance for
boLh sLudenLs and Lhelr famllles.
LasL school year our counselor creaLed a parLnershlp wlLh AzLec 8lslng. 1hls organlzaLlon
provldes supporL ln gang prevenLlon for sLudenLs LhaL are aL-rlsk of becomlng lnvolved or are
already lnvolved ln gang-relaLed acLlvlLles. AzLec 8lslng counselors vlslL our campus monLhly Lo
hold menLorlng conferences wlLh lndlvldual sLudenLs. 1hey also provlde LransporLaLlon for our
sLudenLs afLer school from our campus Lo Lhelr faclllLles where sLudenLs parLlclpaLe ln varlous
acLlvlLles LhaL promoLe safe and healLhy llvlng.
ClvlLas School of Leadershlp locus on Learnlng

ln 2012 we parLnered wlLh Lhe Clrcle of PealLh loundaLlon Lo supporL our sLudenLs wlLh maklng
poslLlve llfe cholces. 1he Clrcle of PealLh loundaLlon ls a subsLance abuse rehablllLaLlon agency.
1hey are provldlng servlces ln Lhe form of a healLh class. 1hey provlde counselors and LheraplsLs
who can provlde lndlvldual or famlly referrals dependlng on Lhe need of Lhe chlld. 1hey work
wlLh Lhe sLudenLs Lo dlscuss maklng poslLlve llfe cholces, sex educaLlon, peer pressure, and
confllcL resoluLlon.
LasL school year (2011-2012) we were glven access Lo a college counselor LhaL was provlded
and funded by a granL recelved by our afLer school program, 8ock Cn LducaLlon (8CL). 1he
presence of a college counselor on campus provlded sLudenLs wlLh Lhe supporL Lhey needed Lo
navlgaLe Lhe college appllcaLlon process. More speclflcally, she alded our sLudenLs ln searchlng
for colleges, compleLlng appllcaLlons, searchlng and applylng for scholarshlps, flllng for Lhe lree
AppllcaLlon for lederal SLudenL Ald (lAlSA), and provlded guldance for our undocumenLed
sLudenLs flllng for A8340 Lo make college more affordable. Cur access Lo Lhe supporL of a
college counselor was only avallable for a year as Lhe program's fundlng was cuL by Lhe sLaLe.
We were forLunaLe Lhls pasL fall when our college counselor reLurned Lo volunLeer some Llme
for a SaLurday College AppllcaLlon Workshop for our senlors.
uCLA's xlnachLll group conLlnues Lo provlde college supporL for our sLudenLs every 1uesday and
1hursday afLer school. 1he group ls comprlsed of a group of currenL uCLA sLudenLs and
program organlzers who provlde varlous servlces Lo communlLy schools. Cur xlnachLll group,
whlch lncludes a ClvlLas alumnus, provldes our sLudenLs and famllles wlLh guldance ln college
preparaLlon servlces (research, appllcaLlon requlremenLs), flnanclal ald, scholarshlp asslsLance,
menLorlng, LuLorlng, parenL workshops, and college fleld Lrlps.
1hese servlces have had a poslLlve lnfluence on Lhe amounL of ClvlLas graduaLes pursulng hlgher
educaLlon. As sLaLed earller ln our chapLer one school and communlLy proflle we have had 38
of our sLudenLs conLlnulng on Lo hlgher educaLlonal lnsLlLuLlons.
J# </)*3)-( */ +::.(,, *4( &./2.+% )((:, /0 7:@3,/.C ,/ *4+* 3* &.(&+.(, *(+14(.,
+&&./&.3+*('C */ +,,3,* ,*-:()*, &.(&+.3)2 0/. 1/''(2( +:%3,,3/)#
Cur Advlsory commlLLee provldes consLanL supporL Lo our sLaff ln order Lo address Lhe needs of
our Advlsory program. uurlng Lhe summer of 2011, members of Lhe Advlsory commlLLee meL Lo
develop a paclng gulde and complled a blnder of Advlsory resources and maLerlals. 1he
commlLLee has supporLed all Leachers by provldlng Lralnlng ln school culLure, CaLeway, Senlor
ro[ecL, and lu unlL. 1he Advlsory commlLLee also develops school-wlde and grade-level
lessons, whlch are avallable ln each Leacher's Advlsory blnder. 1he Advlsory commlLLee also
holds grade level meeLlngs before, durlng, and afLer school Lo address progress and Leacher
ClvlLas School of Leadershlp locus on Learnlng

1he Loplc of college admlsslons beglns freshman year. uurlng Lhelr freshman year, sLudenLs
work wlLh Lhe school counselor and aLLendance lmprovemenL counselor Lo dlscuss Lhe
lmporLance of aLLendance, obLalnlng credlLs, and graduaLlon. uurlng sophomore year sLudenLs
Lake Lhe SA1, and begln wlLh college acLlvlLles Lhrough Lhe Advlsory program. 1hls ls ln
addlLlon Lo Lhe conLlnued conversaLlon abouL Lhe lmporLance of aLLendance, passlng classes,
and maklng up unlLs sLudenLs have falled. uurlng Lhelr [unlor year, sLudenLs are asked Lo
compleLe a college research pro[ecL where Lhey learn abouL Lhe servlces offered and admlsslon
requlremenLs of schools of lnLeresL. 8esearch ls conducLed on all levels of hlgher educaLlon
such as [unlor college, vocaLlonal schools, publlc schools, and prlvaLe unlverslLles. SLudenLs are
aware of and undersLand Lhe opLlons avallable Lo Lhem. SLudenLs are also expecLed Lo compleLe
a flrsL drafL of a personal sLaLemenL essay LhaL could be submlLLed as parL of Lhelr college
appllcaLlon Lhe followlng year. 1he fall semesLer of advlsory durlng senlor year ls devoLed Lo
asslsLlng sLudenLs ln compleLlng Lhelr college appllcaLlons.
K# ?(@('/& + ,14//'G=3:( 71*3/) 5'+) */ 2/@(.) 0-*-.( ,14//' 3%&./@(%()* 3) *4( +.(+,
/0 +)+'C,3, /0 '(+.)3)2 :+*+ +): *4( :(@('/&%()* /0 +,,(,,%()* A(C/): *4( ():G/0G
C(+. &./L(1*,#
ln AugusL 2010, afLer revlewlng Lhe lnlLlal WASC CommlLLees recommendaLlons, Lhe focus of
Lhe school shlfLed. 1he orlglnal focus for evaluaLlon was mosL heavlly connecLed Lo Lhe PablLs
of Mlnd. ClvlLas modlfled all rubrlcs and assessmenLs Lo also lnclude conLenL sLandards when
noL already presenL.
ClvlLas SCL enLered l ?ear 1 sLaLus durlng Lhe 2010-2011 school year. 1haL year, all
shareholders revlewed Lhe currenL Slngle lan for SLudenL AchlevemenL and updaLed lL Lo
lnclude Lhe seven areas of crlLlcal need recommended by Lhe lnlLlal WASC CommlLLee. Slnce
Lhen Lhere has been a greaLer emphasls on daLa analysls and currlculum allgnmenL Lo Lhe
conLenL sLandards.
ClvlLas sLaff meL LhroughouL Lhe year (2010-2011) as a whole group and by deparLmenLs Lo
analyze daLa and currlculum. 1hey focused on Lhe CS1 power sLandards uslng Lhe CS1 8lueprlnLs
and ad[usLed Lhe currlculum Lo emphaslze Lhose sLandards. AlLhough lL was ofLen a challenge
for many of Lhe Leachers Lo redeslgn currlcular pro[ecLs Lo keep Lhe conLenL sLandards aL Lhe
forefronL, Lhe value ln dolng so was evldenL.
1he followlng school year (2011-2012), professlonal developmenL had an emphasls on
developlng sLandards-based benchmark assessmenL and daLa analysls. SLaff broke up Lhe
sLandards and creaLed 'l Can SLaLemenLs,' Lhe purpose of whlch ls Lo help sLudenLs undersLand
Lhe sLandards. 1hey creaLed new quarLerly sLandards-based assessmenLs for each conLenL area
and began looklng aL daLa Lo gulde lnsLrucLlon.
ClvlLas School of Leadershlp locus on Learnlng

ln AugusL 2012, under Lhe guldance of our new rlnclpal, Leachers began looklng aL daLa more
frequenLly. SLandards-based benchmarks are now reporLed monLhly, and for some, bl-weekly
for Lhe purpose of assurlng LhaL progress ls belng made on lndlvldual sLandards. We have
creaLed lnLervenLlon durlng Lhe regular school day by double blocklng 9
and 10
grade Lngllsh
classes and Algebra and CeomeLry classes. 1hls exLra Llme allows Lhe Leacher Lo provlde ln-class
lnLervenLlon Lo sLudenLs performlng below proflclency.

7::3*3/)+' ,32)3031+)* :(@('/&%()*, *4+* 4+@( 4+: + %+L/. 3%&+1* /) 1-..31-'+. &./2.+%,
01 M-:2(* <-*,
ClvlLas SCL's budgeL ls based on a per-pupll allocaLlon. 1hls means LhaL every poslLlon our
school needs and monles needed for classroom maLerlals are dependenL on acLlve sLudenL
enrollmenL and aLLendance. Cver Lhe pasL Lhree years an excesslve amounL of funds have been
losL due Lo low enrollmenL and poor sLudenL aLLendance. As a small school, Lhe amounL of
money LhaL has been losL could have been deLrlmenLal. lorLunaLely, ClvlLas ls currenLly
recelvlng CLlA funds Lo meeL Lhe needs of our sLudenLs. 1hese funds have allowed us Lo
malnLaln small class slzes and a full-Llme counsellng poslLlon. 1he lnsLrucLlonal Lralnlng offered
by Lhls program has been helpful ln allowlng our faculLy Lo lmplemenL dlfferenLlaLed and
cooperaLlve learnlng Leachlng sLraLegles ln Lhe classroom.
As a plloL school our budgeL auLonomy has allowed us Lo keep our money close Lo Lhe
classroom. Whlle we have been forLunaLe enough Lo malnLaln our sLafflng, we have noL been
able Lo lnvesL ln currlculum developmenL and Lechnology. AL lLs lncepLlon, ClvlLas almed Lo be a
one Lo one school ln Lerms of Lechnology (every sLudenL has Lhelr own lapLop). 1he loss of granL
monles has made Lhls goal unaccompllshed and Lhe wear and Lear of our currenL supply of
lapLops conLlnues Lo dlmlnlsh our avallablllLy of sLudenL Lechnology. 1hls can be somewhaL
dlfflculL durlng lnLerdlsclpllnary exhlblLlon pro[ecL research and developmenL.
M# N+1-'*C +): 6*+00 O(*()*3/)
Cur school has sLruggled wlLh malnLalnlng a sLaff of hlghly quallfled educaLors for numerous
reasons. 1he ma[orlLy of Lhe Leachlng sLaff aL ClvlLas SCL has less Lhan 3 years of Leachlng
experlence. 1he reason our sLaff ls new ls because of whaL our budgeL can afford as well as Lhe
wllllngness of Leachers Lo agree Lo Lhe LlecL Lo Work AgreemenL, whlch deLalls Lhe
responslblllLles and expecLaLlons for a plloL school Leacher. Lvery year our school ls faced wlLh
Lhe confllcL of 30 of our sLaff recelvlng plnk sllps. 1he auLonomy we have over our hlrlng has
been llmlLed Lo plcklng Leachers LhaL have been placed on Lhe dlsLrlcL-wlde dlsplaced llsL.
ConLacLlng poLenLlal Leachers has been dlfflculL, as some do noL respond Lo requesLs, are noL
ClvlLas School of Leadershlp locus on Learnlng

lnLeresLed ln Lhe school, or have been hlred elsewhere. Movlng forward wlLh our lnsLrucLlonal
program has been greaLly hlndered by our lnablllLy Lo hlre a permanenL sLaff every school year.
LsLabllshlng conLlnulLy ln school operaLlons, lnsLrucLlon, and school culLure has been dlfflculL
due Lo consLanL reLralnlng and acculLuraLlng new sLaff.
Cf Lhe orlglnal four faculLy members LhaL developed and opened ClvlLas School of Leadershlp ln
2007 aL 8elmonL Plgh School, Lwo remaln. lL ls also lmporLanL Lo noLe LhaL Lhls ls a year of
LranslLlon ln leadershlp for ClvlLas wlLh Lhe hlrlng of a new school prlnclpal, Mr. Cregory

II. Describe the schools procedures for the implementation and the monitoring of the
school-wide action plan. Address how the school has included state accountability
requirements, e.g., integration with the Single Plan for Student Achievement or SAIT
plan. Include how annual progress reports, including the third year report, have been

1he Slngle lan for SLudenL AchlevemenL (SSA) guldes ClvlLas School of Leadershlp. 1hls plan
was creaLed by our Covernlng 8oard and was revlewed and voLed upon by all shareholders. All
of Lhe lnlLlal WASC CommlLLee's and Lhe School CuallLy 8evlew Leam's recommendaLlons were
lmbedded lnLo Lhls plan. 1he SSA ls modlfled every year Lo lnclude any changes or
modlflcaLlons LhaL need Lo be made so LhaL our goals are meL.
1he SSA ls revlewed and dlscussed aL Lhe beglnnlng of every school year among Lhe
Currlculum, lnsLrucLlon, and AssessmenL (ClA) commlLLee and Covernlng 8oard. ClA ls
represenLed by aL leasL one Leacher from every deparLmenL Lo provlde lnpuL and share Lhelr
conLenL area needs. Cnce Lhe plan ls seL, Lhe prlnclpal and ClA commlLLee members ensure Lhe
sLaff ls lmplemenLlng Lhe SSA.
Covernlng 8oard meeLs monLhly and revlews daLa and SSA goals. lf Lhere ls evldence LhaL
someLhlng ls noL belng lmplemenLed, lL ls dlscussed and Lhe acLlon/sLraLegy ls modlfled Lo begln
lmplemenLaLlon. Sub-commlLLees are creaLed Lo Lake Lhe lead Lo ensure Lhe SSA
acLlvlLy/sLraLegy ls lmplemenLed.

ClvlLas School of Leadershlp locus on Learnlng

III. Comment on the accomplishment of each school-wide action plan section; cite
evidence, including how each area has met the identified student growth targets and
contributed to the accomplishment of one or more expected school-wide learning
results (ESLRs) for all students.

1. Graduates will be confident, articulate communicators.
2. Graduates will be critical thinkers.
3. Graduates will be proactive citizens.

(See charts on following pages.)