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LAUSD Y outh Service Academy

LADWP Internship Spring 2014

LADWP Youth Service Academy


Partnership with LAUSD and LADWP

Student interns work at DWP John Ferraro Building in DTLA with LADWP staff/supervisors
$ Internship and 5 elective credits YOU are responsible for transportation to and from workplace in DTLA

LADWP Youth Service Academy


5 days a week!

1:00-5:00 PM $8.51 an hour


Work Experience Education class

1:00-3:00 PM

5 elective credits towards Spring semester

Commitment to program from January June 2014 May extend to summer and fall

LADWP Youth Service Academy


Senior on track to graduate in June 2014

2.5 GPA
Right to Work documents

Social Security Card

California ID
Birth Certificate

Open afternoons Reliable transportation Flexible school schedule

LADWP Youth Service Academy


Cover Letter with intent to apply and contact info

Resume (entry level) TR04- LAUSD grad record 2 Letters of Recommendation Submit to Ms. Palacios in Counseling Office (C-103)

Applications due by Nov 25th !!!!

LADWP Youth Service Academy


Civitas: Roman Questions???