Emphasis on

Problems with Leadership

Failure to Define with precision, accuracy & conciseness

Failure to

Periphery Allows Scholars to feel good about themselves because Theories were developed Allows Allows


Develop a readily recognizable school of Leadership

is Followers feel good about following because Always thought of as more important determinant of leadership because They see leaders take charge of the organization Than Believe in the effectiveness of the prescribed behavior by Do not see Process of Leadership

Without agreed upon definition All kinds of activities, process And persons are labeled leadership by Scholars and by Practitioners of

Practitioners see something tangible in

Integrates what we know about Leadership from the research and writings

They see leaders take charge of the organization

that Frames the understanding of Leadership which make sense to people Study Leadership and put the concept to work in organizations, societies and the world


Quest to define leadership and

Scientific methods known to researchers and

More intuitive about the issue

Conformed with the best logical positivist framework But without regards to Relationship / Connection between Leaders and Followers

The inability to agree upon a definition of Leadership as a problem

They believe they can accurately label the phenomena even if they cannot define the concept in words

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