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Kimberly Stoll Kade Parry English 1010 Reflection Refection The ideas of pathos, logos and ethos are

very important in making a valid argument, a good speech and an interestng paper To me it is obvious as to the use of these three ideas, so ! found it particularly interesting to learn more about them Though ! have al"ays kno"n that all three of these are key points in any "riting and any speech, never kno"ing the proper terms "as an interesting topic to be brought up #lthough ! thought that it "as common kno"legde it surprised me of ho" many students "ere una"are of these guidelines Speaking of these guidelines ! find pathos to be the most important one of the three, and the most useful in my o"n "riting ! find that pathos is more effective due to the fact that most of the population allo" their emotions to guide them, "hether it is "hat feels right, or that gut feeling Therefore, appealing to that emotion is a key role in being able to connect and grab someones attention Personally, ! find that it is through pathos that ! connect to other people, papers and advertisments $inding that it affects me the most, creates a bias in me that thinks higher of it then the other rhetoric ideas %ogos is e&tremely effective argument approach as it is using facts to "in people over and give information as to "hy someone should be or should not be doing something ! have seen this fre'uently used "ith medications or "eight loss ideas as it has been (scientifically proven( and therefore has facts placed behind it to make it seem

more accurate This appeal to logos generally captivates the audience that is lost by those "ho are not taken by emotion ! find that "hen ! cannot be persauded or moved by emotion, ! am then "on over by logic and the (it makes sense( argument ! find that using credibility is my least favorite form of persausion, as ! find that many advertisments that use ethos ! do not like, or ! do not trust the person "ho is trying to endorse Though, if ethos is used properly it is very effective as it then builds trust bet"een the reader and the "riter Though this relationship is hard to create and easy to destroy, making this perhaps the more challenging of the three ideas of rhetoric Perhaps "hen ethos is used "ell, it sho"s the talent of the "riter )hile ! prefer using pathos to both logos and ethos, all three are truely needed to complete an e&cellent paper, argument or speech )hen properly using all three of these ideas, giving the reader an emotional appeal to capture an audience, then supported that "ith logic and facts to *ustify emotions, then finishing up "ith something or from something that is credible it makes the arguement or vie" point almost inarguable +reating such a balanced paper or speech is "hat can turn a "eakly "ritten paper into a strongly "ritten essay )hile ! had kno"n about rhetoric by other names before hand, ! found it interesting ho" this concept has been around through the centuries, and that it has such a strong presence in the "orld of literature ,aving a broad vocabulary and also having read a great number of novels, ! thought that ! "ould have heard of the three ideas of rhetoric ! found being able to learn about something so crucial to the "ritten "ord to be en*oyable