Dear I am worried about what might happen to our NHS if Clause 118 of the Care Bill becomes law

. I understand that this Bill will come before the House of Commons for its second reading on 16th December. lease loo! out for it then" and I#m as!ing $ou now to %ote against this particular clause when $ou ha%e an opportunit$ to do so. Clause 118 was not originall$ part of the Bill and was simpl$ introduced as it went through the House of &ords when the 'o%ernment realised that the &ewisham Hospital case would go against it. I am worried because Clause 118 gi%es new e(tensi%e powers to )rust Special *dministrators who are appointed to rescue failing hospital )rusts. It will enable them to ma!e rapid changes to an$ local hospital +or e%en close it, whether or not it is part of the failing )rust the$ are re-uired to deal with. It also means this can be done without proper consultation with local people and local doctors. Clause 118 has been described as a .hospital closure clause/" and could ha%e rele%ance to an$ hospital ser%ices in the countr$. I also thin! that the wa$ the Secretar$ of State for Health is ma!ing this amendment to the e(isting law about )rust Special *dministrators is rather underhand. It seems to ha%e been designed to ma!e proper debate difficult. lease demand full discussion of this measure and all its implications" and" when the chance comes" I am as!ing $ou to %ote against Clause 118. 0ours sincerel$"

Do remember that you can only write to your own MP – the first thing their office checks will be your post-code. But once you have done your letter (or called in at your MP s surgery to tell them what you think! please pass word on to friends and relatives. This is such an

important issue all MPs should hear of it again and again from their concerned constituents.

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