Being a ‘Stand-alone’ Small in Business is have to keep growing....

1. I am personally of the view that being 'Big' or 'Small' in Business is determined by market size, personal resources, and the economics of size/scale of different types of Businesses. 2. The definition of 'Small' will also differ from Business to Business. The 'Small' of Manufacturing or of Software Development, is different from the 'Small' of Retail, or of Technical Servicing/ Repairs. 3. Whatever the size, Businesses have to grow to survive and prosper. 'Small' has to grow to 'Medium' and 'Large', 'Large' has to grow 'Larger'! The key to successful entrepreneurship is to grow - to grow the enterprise into a selfgenerating producer of wealth, to the scale that suits the Industry Sector or Business it is in. 4. In very few cases are Businesses genuinely 'Small' and successful. We are not talking of of 'Mom & Pop' establishments here. Today a lot of apparently 'Small' Businesses could be part of large chains in some form or the other. 5. To my mind, 'Small is beautiful' in Business in today's context is history.

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