MODULE 6: Fifth Chakra (Throat Chakra

Carol:Hi, this is Carol Tuttle, and I am coming to you from my living room for this part of the presentation. Some travel conflicts of mine kept me from being able to be at the seminar live, but it’s really important that I talk to you about this Chakra, because this is like my Chakra. This is the Chakra that I shine in, that I have a lot of strength in, and it’s a big part of my purpose here on the Earth, to use this energy center. The Throat Chakra is the Chakra that we’re talking about this evening. It’s the fifth Chakra, it’s located here in the center of your throat, it actually connects all other Chakras, in that the energy and information coming from these lower ones and from the higher Chakras all move through this Throat Chakra. This is the expression center, where you learn to express yourself, and the imbalances that can occur with this Chakra, like anything, they go into both extremes, where you’ve got people that shut down, that don’t say anything, that retreat, that are quiet, that kind of remove themselves verbally; and then you’ve got the other side of the imbalance, which is people who are just talking too much, and they’re not listening. They’re not ready to hear other people, or take things in, because they are so much thinking about what’s their next thought to express. So hopefully, you’re going to find yourself somewhere in the middle there. But you’ll notice that you tend to go toward one or the other, because it’s unusual that we’re completely balanced in any one of these energy experiences.


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The Throat Chakra has been very important for my life’s work in that I do a lot of communicating, and I have the opportunity to communicate a lot of ideas, insights, and principles that come to me and express them to the people who are interested, that I’m attracting, that are ready to hear what I have to say, hopefully to benefit their life. You may recall, if you’ve seen the entire series, or if you’ve been attending this seminar series, that each of us has one prominent Chakra, energy center. Meaning that is something that gives us a strength, and yet it can also be a weakness for us. The mental, the mind, is a big part of the Throat Chakra, because that’s where thought becomes a voice. That your mind forms thought, which then is delivered into expression. So we’re working both with the mind and the voice, as a team, as a unit. So the Throat Chakra becomes the deliverer or the expressive center of what your thoughts, beliefs, and ideas are. So you’re going to have a lot of mental energy around the Throat Chakra as well, being fed from the sixth and seventh Chakra, which are your intuition and your crown, which we’ll talk about those in the next two months. Some of the conflicts that occur for people with the Throat Chakra that close this energy center and make this a struggle is the fear of expressing themselves, feeling judged, feeling that their words are harmful, that if they speak their truth they may do damage to someone else. The other side of it, if they’re too strong in this energy center, they don’t come from the heart enough. They’re too blunt, they do say harsh things that are hurtful to people. They’re too expressive, maybe saying too much, more than needs to be said. Going on and on, not giving others a chance to talk. And so in this balanced state, the Throat Chakra, what that looks like is you’re able to speak your truth comfortably, other are comfortable with you speaking your truth. You’re able to listen and receive the truth and the

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insights and allow others their experience, and you’re able to receive that. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you agree or support whatever their life experience is, or that you would choose that for yourself, but you’re at least able to allow it, and to give that support, that that is that person’s choice, and that’s their life experience, and you’re honoring that. When your Throat Chakra is balanced, you come from your core, from your center, from this willpower center, comes up through your heart, your heart softens that will, which then becomes the expression of you. That’s really important, that that’s connected to your willpower, that you’re able to express who you are in this world, openly and honestly. Not based on what you think others want you to say, or what others expect of you, but because that is who you are. The authentic expression of yourself. YOUR THROAT CHAKRA AND LISTENING Also, this Throat Chakra, as I’ve been talking about, it’s about listening, being heard, communication, finding your true voice, expressing it. If you have a lot of problems in this area, you may have viral problems, or you get sore throats a lot, anything that the body’s in manifesting in any particular area is the body trying to shift and open up, and cleanse, and become balanced. So you may be holding energy in here, and that energy aggravates those conditions. Maybe you’re misusing the energy, it’s too harsh, so that’s the kind of karmic cause and effect playing out for you, that you’re going to have some side effects at the physical level for your misuse of this energy. So the Throat Chakra, it’s really important that you’re in integrity with it. The expression of you. You’ve heard the expression “You walk your talk”, but what you express is really what you live. Especially if you work in this arena of healing, the healing arts, any kind of metaphysical type work that you do, that’s

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There’s a lot of negative waste that’s coming at us. the cause and effect of your life. this is the expression of me. those are some good insights about the Throat Chakra. so you can clean up what you’ve put in there. your choices. Negative talk with yourself. So you want to really be able to distinguish this. you have a real discernment to know what’s your expression. So Sodalite’s function is. ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 4 All rights reserved. So one of the first gemstones I am really fond of that helps you in establishing that sense of your own mind. overlook. and what’s a voice or information coming at you. YOUR THROAT CHAKRA HELPS YOU HEAR YOUR INNER VOICE Another valuable insight is to – when this energy center is open and in balance. just let go of what’s not. and ignore. Your will. It’s an absorber of negativity. A lot of mental chatter that’s unnecessary. and these are the voices and influences outside of me. that we walk our talk.something that I believe God and the universe and those powers greater than ourselves expect. to clean up negativity in the mental field. your own voice. your inner voice. I want to introduce to a few of the therapeutic gemstones that I’ve found very valuable to work with this energy center. I’m able to take in and receive what’s beneficial to me. in today’s world. You may even take on negative mental energy of other people. Blue is the color of the Throat Chakra. it’s going to help clean that up. do come into harmony with the expression of you. what’s been taken on. instead of having to consider everything. . This is me. and it helps purify your own field. it’s not even yours. This will help clean it up. it’s like a garbage disposal of negative energy in the mind. so you’re going to find these gemstones have blue – the gemstones in the blue category are going to work with the mind and the voice. So. So that’s huge. is Sodalite. stressful thoughts. Most people in today’s world need some help with the Throat Chakra. lots of worry.

there’s compassion. What this does is connect you with your higher mind. there’s charity. You look at this in real life. and you want to get above the dimension of this world into a more pure energy to pull in the energy to form your thoughts. and this has white coral. Wearing this. this is very small. Where thought begins. Every thought we think is a creation.So check out Sodalite for that. and it’s one of the most vibrant blues that I’ve ever seen in a gemstone. and eliminate the negativity by connecting with thoughts that are available from a higher source. so the expression of you is very Christ-like and very powerfully influential. this small little necklace. so you can become a more pure mind. This has a little bit of a blue sapphire in it. . tensionally. versus just mental logic and mind energy. to have the heart energy pulled up. So Lapis really gives you that connection and plugs those two energies in together. Then one of my favorites is called Angel Fire. once put on you’ll notice that it comes right at the ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 5 All rights reserved. but it is the gemstone for the Throat Chakra. swirling up so the expression of you is very heart centered. Then blue sapphire is the gemstone for. Then Lapis is a really vibrant blue. Angel Fire will help you do that. not having that heart connection . YOUR HEART ENERGY IS INFLUENTIAL So you find a lot of people expressing themselves. and they’re very delicate. there’s a sense of wellness and seeing the bigger picture in the expression of you. so you’ve got these basically thought energies all over the place that you can be plugging into. and its function is it connects the heart with the mind. I think it’s called Angel Fire because it connects you with the realm of angels where thought is more pure.this really plugs that mental and heart energy together so they can work in tandem. and let yourself be connected and flowing in those energies because thoughts are swirling all around us. Because people are much more easily influenced when there’s heart energy involved. Which is really what the Throat Chakra is wanting.

you’ve heard me say. You now. your sense of power in this world. . Once we establish that center and connect with our core. We create thought patterns. to choose new thoughts. Wearing the blue sapphire. unless you’re intentional and very conscious of that. I believe that’s a higher calling to come to. To become that connected with who you are. is a profound thing. that I believe we’re capable of. and thoughts that only serve your highest and greatest good. and that you can control and choose every thought. and feeds the blue ray into the mind. you’ll recreate today. That you that and and can ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 6 All rights reserved. that we are children of God.throat.what you no longer have to struggle or question your divine worth. we move to a higher role with ourselves . have a responsibility to use power of the individual to choose thoughts. we know that we’re loved. or you may have read in my book that about 80% of the thoughts that you had yesterday. knowing that. or habits with our thoughts. I believe is a lifelong process. the expression of you. I believe you can live at that higher level of consciousness. yet it takes a daily dedication to that effort and really working with yourself and what’s coming out of you. which helps get rid of just garbage thoughts. you’ve got a 10% window of changing your life on a day to day basis. CHOOSE THE THOUGHTS THAT FEED YOU Becoming a master of your mind and the expression of yourself. 80 to 90% of the thoughts you had yesterday. and we have that in place and we have our self-esteem connecting with our core. feeding your mind the blue ray. and know that we are worthwhile. and that little sapphire is literally pulled in by the Throat Chakra. move beyond your feelings of – I think we start this work when we’re feeling a sense of powerlessness and worthlessness. behavior to represent the person that you know you are. So if you look at that. expression. is going to help you open up to a greater percentage of choosing new thoughts.

It’s a tapping on accupressure points while you’re stating out loud these clearing statements. I’ve written a script. This is developed for the Throat Chakra. as you’re speaking these clearing statements. with the working and the tapping. I’m going to review this technique. You don’t have to stay right with me on the tapping. and as best you can. take a deep breath. said. let it out. So these gemstones help you become a master of those thoughts and the expression of those thoughts. while you’re saying ‘releasing. so if you’re on a different point than I am. that’s no big deal. release it. and that’ll help again. You could go backward and unwind it. if you’re married. and get a little familiar with that. but we’re going to go ahead and use the EFT and the tapping process. let it go. you will goof up. going in a backward motion unwinds the energy. emotions.then refine that. or a behavior that you’ve chosen that’s not in your best interest. . So all the phrases and the references are to some of the most common blocks and issues that we carry in this Chakra. that you’ve been operating in. patterns. You can work right on this energy center to clear. EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE Let’s go through this clearing script that we’re going to use with the emotional freedom technique. You’re going to tap on the pressure points that are on the face and torso. But that. follow along with me. I guarantee there’s hardly a day that goes by that you may have to be accountable for something thought. Let me review that with you. The intention of this clearing will be to help open this energy center. or a true expression of who you know you are now. they’re all on the page here. I mention on the handout that you could just take your fist and rotate right on this energy center. Just ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 7 All rights reserved. afraid to speak up’ whatever. telling your mind/body energy system and your deeper subconscious mind to release these beliefs. because you will make mistakes. can’t say my truth.

being misunderstood. afraid to say no. Alright. you can use either hand. side of eye. It’s a very simple process. don’t want to hear it. Inside of eyebrow. Angry that I can’t find the words. fear of words. let it go. simplicity works when it comes to energy. What am I afraid of? Pointless to speak. on your collarbone. arguing. and print out the simple two page instruction sheet for EFT if you need to follow up and get a copy of that. Releasing patterns from my Throat Chakra that no longer serve me. just start tapping right up here. Fear of speaking honestly. debates. Release it from every cell. you may find me doing it off my body because I don’t want to create any unnecessary noise on the mic. so the script just begins exactly with the releasing. Releasing fear of having no power or authority. Letting others dominate me verbally. Not being able to discern between inner voice and ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 8 All rights reserved.keep moving after three or four or five taps. but you go ahead and tap right on the body on that collarbone point. shutting down. Because intention is what drives any clearing – you have a desire to release yourself from these old illusions and patterns that are keeping you stuck. conflict. and that you can go to the home page. Unheard. Not speaking up. Because it’s outlined and you then know what you are doing. but I’m going to use my right hand on my right side. releasing. and scroll down. and follow along with me. Fear of words --. they’ll think it needs to be a little harder than it is. about four inches down under your armpit. And you’ll find. on your chin. under your arm. go to the next position. If anything. letting others speak for me. people tend to complicate it. don’t want to hear it. under your eye. I lay on my collarbone here. I have a microphone. either eyebrow.I forgot to tell you. Now. . so if you’ll go ahead and follow along with me. because it is so simple. under your nose. I have information on my website at caroltuttle. afraid to argue. go to the top of your head – stay with me. communication problems. So the tapping points begin with your inside of eyebrow.

so you can experience the expression of that truth. And on that last one. no will. Rage and anger caught in the throat. Let it go. is giving it permission to get turned on. Let it go. letting go of the lies and illusions I’ve been telling myself. that’s coming alive. you always want to anchor in the new positive belief by doing reframes. unexpressed feelings. full body breathe. sensing the unspoken. with your ideas and beliefs. Your system. your physical body. intense frustration. irritation. Letting every energy center open up and clear. choking on my words. too big a risk. What it is doing. unable to swallow my reality. realize the truth of who you are. the patterns of my family. Anxiety attacks. these old patterns with your voice. all aspects of who you are hold true. as we repeat the I AM statements. Old tapes. imagine your energy just flowing off you. Again. once and for all. We’re just ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 9 All rights reserved. open up. Let it go. big breath. while repeating these positive statements. recreating the dysfunctional communication in the family. now that we’ve done the release statements. as we say these. your mind/body energy system. The energy holds that truth. Release it from every cell in the body. too many voices. no center. Take three deep breaths. expressing yourself is unacceptable. Release it. holding back. giving my power away to avoid conflict. So we’re going to anchor that in to the mind and body. Don’t know my truth. As you’re repeating them and working right on the energy center. drop your body like a rag doll. Okay. tapping on those same points. Shame and guilt. you can take your fist and rotate in a clockwise direction. letting go of blocking my voice. Out of balance. they’re a declaration of your truth. We’re going to go ahead and use the EFT. pull that energy all the way up from your feet. can’t speak my voice. These are all ‘I am’ statements. . let it go.outside forces. Holding back of energy. You’re letting go of all these old ideas.

I am powerful and safe within my family. I’m comfortable with what comes out of my mouth. thanking it for opening up. I am discernment. I am creating speech that reflects my loving thoughts. full body. Truth is held within you. I make wise choices and decisions. My choices about life serve my highest good. those light switches get turned on. I am vocalizing my feelings. Just put your hand up ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 10 All rights reserved. When you do. and activate that truth. what I have to say is important. Now take a deep breath. and you make a shift. Thank you God.helping the whole system remember and recognize. you don’t have to go looking out in your world for truth. I am open to hearing. My words are supported by love and joy. I am safe expressing my inner emotions. I am centered. You can even tap all over your body. God. I am the authority in my world. I exist. I’m openly expressing myself. I am honored. Say “I am grateful for a clear. to do this work on a several days a week basis. I am power of choice. I’m allowing others to speak their truths. I am my spiritual self.” You know you can do that any time of day. letting it in. You can thank your Throat Chakra. I’m able to swallow my reality. I’m allowing others their opinions and choices. and I am allowing mine. I am speaking my truth and supported by others. balanced fifth Chakra. This is very powerful to work with your Chakras. The fifth Chakra. I am personal authority. I am choosing my words with discernment. breathe that into every cell. I speak with clarity and kindness. I am always saying the right thing in the right way. I am understanding what’s going on. What you’re looking for is something to recognize the truth that you already carry. turning the truth on. I am important. I am the creator of my life. I am supported in speaking my truth. opening the Throat Chakra. . PRAYER FOR THE THROAT CHAKRA Thank you. Great. I am deserving. being more expressive.

here. You get a lot more accomplished sometimes by doing that than to verbalize. And in that choice. next time you want to come back at your husband. You have a right to speak. open. or a child—choose to not. some people are just less expressive. . but you want to know you have the choice. you can be sitting anywhere. and to feel the freedom in that choice. and giving yourself the choice. things starting to clamp down. silently. Maybe you don’t even want to speak. you may choose to only say it to yourself. So it’s not even necessarily about having to say anything. unusual. and be very. CHOOSE TO SPEAK You know. ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 11 All rights reserved. but in that knowing. then there’s going to be a sense of victimization and blocked energy and a sense of powerlessness. in your mind. In fact. yet how much expression are you offering that doesn’t need to be a sound out of your mouth? You can be expressive through thought and intention. you still feel like you need to say something.” Especially if you’re in a situation where you’re starting to shut down. say “I am grateful for a clear. validate. this energy center stays open and clear. Send it out as a thought. and you don’t feel you can speak up. and get into a whole pattern of conflict. you want to put your hand there and give permission. quietly. You can say a lot of things without ever putting them into verbal expression. So you’re able – we are meant to be expressive and sound coming out of our mouths. very powerful. That doesn’t look too Just. so sometimes you may choose not to. But if they feel like they don’t have the choice to speak. then do it non-verbally. balanced Throat Chakra. So know that you always have a choice to speak. it’s knowing you always have the choice to say something. and express yourself. get people on the defense.

critical. being able to talk about them and work them out. where the Throat Chakra is being used to just be real harsh. when you started becoming more verbal. arguing. There’s no real expression of emotion and life situations. I’ve worked with many clients that just can’t find the words. It’s an hour long audio CD. around your five to six years old and then up through your teens. the expression of your truth. that particular time span. so that particular audio CD is going to give you the statements to help form the words in your mind that become your expression. We may not agree with it. where there’s constant quarreling. critical times for you to be validated. . They so much want to express themselves.ADDITIONAL RESOURCES If you really need some assistance with this particular Chakra. helps really get the words in there. Then there’s the other side of it. Typically. This particularly. They’re very – there’s probably eight. but you have a right to speak your own mind. So your childhood is the time in which you were meant to just activate this energy center and know how to use it in ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 12 All rights reserved. the Powerful Affirmations to Change Your Life Now. I’d say three to six. “We appreciate what you have to say. to say how you feel about things”. very powerful. to be taught how to come from your heart and the expression of yourself. yelling. and actual sentences and the actual expression of yourself. there are family themes with the Throat Chakra. And then Clear Your Childhood Issues. but they lack the forming of the words into sentences. that’s recommended for any of the Chakras. Everything’s always just fine. That may look like everything is always just fine. your young adult and teenage years. nine different life categories that I’ve created affirmations for. because that was your parent’s job. What I mean by that is you may come from a family where the Throat Chakra is just not being used. and then into your teens. that’s all about positive affirmations. two audio programs that I recommend that I’ve produced.

Imagine that moment staring at the still waters with only the brief tremor ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 13 All rights reserved. but really encourage you to do the whole program. I guarantee it. in your five year old. and put a big ole blue light right in their throat. that you most likely didn’t hear enough – he’s a wonderful. in your twelve year old. we love your ideas. God wants to use us as instruments to help guide others to remember their truth. and activate that Throat Chakra. we validate you. And it is called Revelation Must be Terrible. it’s a fabulous program. So thanks for being a part of this series. So you can always go back through meditation and guided imagery. in your sixteen year old – you know. wonderful poet. it’s very powerful in today’s world. . Your life will change as a result. Those are the things that you really needed to hear. to live their life more consciously. bring them into the light. Anyway. To be able to teach people to come home to their truth. we are going to disagree at times. POEM FOR THE HEART CHAKRA Syl: Tonight I’m going to begin with a poem. Revelation must be terrible with no time left to say goodbye. we love hearing from you. So thanks for joining me tonight. Just give them that energy.your best interest and the interest of others. go back to that child self. You can find this at davidwhyte. We hope you’ll benefit from it. and say “You have a right to express yourself. that’s my experience with the Throat Chakra. To live with intention and integrity so that we are people who walk our talk and that we resemble who God created us to be in the fullness of ourselves. imagine yourself in those age groups. and you are still loved and accepted”.

As if you were meant to be exactly where you are. I’ve got to get up and talk. Whether that be off the couch. I’ve got to get up. as if like the dark branch of a desert river you could flow on without a speck of guilt and everything everywhere would still be just as it should be. or the pew at church or whatever. WE BUILD OUR LIVES ON OUR CHAKRAS ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 14 All rights reserved. terrible word to make the circle complete.of your body to say you are leaving everything and everyone you know behind. and you know you’ve got to get up. Being far from home is hard.” or you have to say something that is true. revelation must be terrible knowing you can never hide your voice again. . at least we are exiled together. When you open your eyes to the world you are on your own for the first time. I see dead people. Knowing that it takes only that one. As if your place in the world mattered and the world could neither speak nor hear the fullness of its own bitter and beautiful cry without the deep well of your body resonating in the echo. I think we’ve all kind of experienced that. No one is even interested in saving you now and the world steps in to test the calm fluidity of your body from moment to moment as if it believed you could join its vibrant dance of fire and calmness and final stillness. when you have the heart pounding. it’s just like “oooh. but you know. that is true from your heart. and speak.

This is the vishudda Chakra. And when you lie. and then you move on to that instinctual creativity and then the power of the ego and then the heart. actually. The color is shades of azure. It’s like Carol said. what emotions arise? Anybody want to share? Panic. THROAT CHAKRA PRACTICES Tonight I’m going to share a couple of experiences with you that are fairly personal experiences that have to do with. And when the heart is opened and we have moved kind of through that center. . vishudda. The fifth Chakra. you know. That’s for sure. that you won’t interpret anything I say as coming from my ego. The heart can’t open when the ego is shining forth to an extent. You always know when someone is talking from their ego. straight in on that jugular notch. nice and firm on that. and you speak what is true from your heart. We’ve talked about that a little bit.That’s why these Chakras are so amazing. and just press in. I loved what she put in her clearing script. then you can speak with a clear voice. Right there. my choking on my words. When you press in. which is the inhibitor of this Chakra. just wild Chakra things are going on. the system of the Chakras . you start working on the Chakras. and they’ll start working on you. Just take your really is the base. or bright blue. and it’s amazing how many of us are walking around choking. It’s at the throat. And this is a very amazing place on the body. Am I able to swallow my truth? I’m tired of swallowing my truth. There’s a huge difference. this series that we’re doing. I would hope that you would be able to take from that experience some sort of metaphor that will help you in other areas of your own life. Amazing. your throat actually tightens when you lie. you really can’t speak from the heart. You deal with the root. ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 15 All rights reserved. So that is my hope tonight.

the parathyroid. it’s instinctual. To really let that tension roll out from the throat center. Out the mouth. Swallow – okay. and I went the Santa route. Lies inhibit this place. Your ears. are Throat Chakra. the neck. Try another deep breath in. Turquoise and aquamarine are actually the traditional gemstones of the Throat Chakra.I had the biggest problem with Santa. continuing on. Fruits are the food of this Chakra. it’s really therapeutic. The sense of hearing is the sense for this body Chakra. but – just clear that throat. and I’m wearing it tonight. (loud exhale) A couple of times a day. When. for the baby to grow. vibration and ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 16 All rights reserved. That’s the place it came from. Sound. from about hear down. The creative center. We’re dealing with that as best we can. You don’t have to do anything once you conceive. Thank you. that oil. they got it from Oman. Jackie. Hammmmm is the seed sound. We’ll finish with a little chant there. there. If you want to chant hmmmm. Frankincense is the aromatherapy. Conscious creativity is thoughtful and a process of unwinding and uncovering and brings you into that. Take a deep breath in. it was so brutal. and I think it’s done the most for me. The jaw. just enough to hear through. hearing. just like for real. I remember I broke down. Gemospheres does offer aquamarine. the shoulders. It’s at the thyroid. “he wears a red suit and he comes down the chimney” you know. Of all the gemstones I’ve tried for my specific issues of throat. or the second Chakra. The frankincense that I have here tonight comes from Oman. the glands. and it’s different from the creative center. Conscious creativity is different. How about again. You know. is instinctual creativity. Because that ‘s also the Throat Chakra. It has to do with communication and creativity. When the wise man took it to the baby Jesus. It’s kind of the ancestral home of that essence. sort of off the cuff. when no one is watching. Oman is where frankincense – it’s like the home of frankincense. but man. is the element of this Chakra. . It’s what you do.

I could tell she just could not share her truth. and most of us have these little guardians. and it releases all the way down the throat. and look how many of you are yawning. It’s a release. there’s a tendency to need to swallow. click. The tightest jaw I have ever felt in Thai yoga therapy has been a hairdresser. It was amazing. I always know. We don’t really connect with our guardian angels enough.” So you know. click. That will release those muscles. To protect that expression. who had to sit and listen to people talk every day. And also there’s a tightening. the jaw. to protect our throat. a physical tightening in the throat. yeah. How tight is your jaw? Really great Throat Chakra release is just (camera notwithstanding) to just open your mouth as wide as you can. it looks great. and release it.resonance. I speak is the verb to speak. there’s a tendency to raise the voice. that whole thing.all I have to do is mention it. They’re called these little muscles right here. to talk really loud. the lips. “I like my hair with a streak of electric blue. this tension in our shoulders. So that give you just a brief overview of that Chakra. To release that tightness in the throat. ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 17 All rights reserved. yeah. LIES INHIBIT YOUR THROAT CHAKRA Lies inhibit the fifth Chakra. when I get to the jaw. You know. Some things that you can do – the teeth. and the we’ll sing. and go “Oh. That’s why yawning is so relaxing. as though that will make it more real. the inner ears. that creates existence. When you lie. it’s so tight. so we create them ourselves. how tight her poor little jaw was. and shave it short on this side and long on this side. the world exists on levels of vibration. When you were telling your mom where you’d been. . and the neck. because -. when you lie. the earlobes.” “She’s nut’s…” click click. within the space. and that really. It’s just the atom moving. when I’m doing a Thai massage. the throat.” And she’s “Okay. the tongue.

In the fifth Chakra. I resisted that for a long time. or vice versa. we not only have sound and resonance. SOMATIC BALANCING FOR THE THROAT CHAKRA Somatic balancing for the fifth Chakra. and whatever. There’s white lies. You can go ahead and join me. ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 18 All rights reserved. is up to you. Sometimes it takes a lot.the quieting and the not speaking. It’s wonderfully soothing. Read out loud. that’s fifth Chakra. but we have the space. That’s why one of the most healing things is actually to say out loud what happened. But all really inhibit that fifth Chakra. I’ll just demonstrate it real quick. do whatever you need to do. and feel the resonance of ohm. you know. Awe out your day. and be read to. When Steven Spielberg had done Schindler’s List. like we did. You know. Anything that isn’t true. Hum is the seed sound of this Chakra. he did a really beautiful documentary after that. Listen with the intent to understand. a lot of ‘awes’ to clear it all out. in German. but actually writing a letter. ohm seven times. in their own language. where he had people come in and tell their experience. it’s just an amazing documentary. If you tried to hear music that didn’t have any space between the notes. And it was interesting. Inner child dialogue.And we basically are raised with the different variations of lying. Palm to ear press. To speak their truth. letter writing. send it down the river. it would eventually become white noise and you wouldn’t hear anything. whether you mail it or not. there were many really powerful experiences. and these are people who have their serial number burnt into their arms. And they said the most powerful part of that was saying it. So the pause is actually a fifth Chakra thing . Message in a bottle. They had been here in the United States. for me to speak and for you to hear. So writing a letter. But that will clear out tension in the Throat Chakra. for that center. in their native tongue. what came out of me. But I had to do it eventually. as many times as you need to. .

It’s probably been one of the most healing things I’ve come across in my life. Ah. We don’t try to get you into any really funky postures. . but anyone can do it. on the back there. what can you do at home. and it’s for very. very basic yoga. in a booklet. a lot of the restorative. I have a CD. Oh. How long do you want to go. And if you have an interest in yoga. but don’t really feel like you could do or join in a class. I’m giving a yoga basic workshop. the rolling of the neck. who harmonizes with the vacuum? I think I’m the only one. take a door frame. It’s really wonderful when I do go to these trainings. hang this way. I already know that. there’s a little flyer or signup. I just kind of like to sit in the background and listen to other people’s conversations and it’s very therapeutic to just listen. and it’s a – there are nine different types of breath. there’s a knot right there. They will balance your brain chemistry. but Zen vacuuming. I’m getting some shaking heads. there’s no like competition. I get chided for this one a lot. I teach it once a year. in the back room. All sorts of different things like that. the breath work is something you can sit and do. which is a body lock. Hang this way. it’s just really soothing. Someone who’s thinking “I’m just not going to go do yoga.As you put your palms to your ear. that ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 19 All rights reserved. it’s part of yoga. Silence practice. You’ll hear ohm. It’s through yoga. Neck rolls – what we started with. Jalandhara Bhanda. I’m very strange. really releasing. You’re not telling me anything new. How many of you have done that? Am I the only one. It’s for – we use a lot of the bolsters. Okay. no matter what”. do both directions. usually it’s at the White Lotus foundation. being silent? Play with that a little bit. in a couple of weeks. you’ll hear your own inner vibration. But I teach the body locks and the pranayama. really. and love within yourself. to open up. It is done at the retention of the breath. Where you actually take time for silence. they are back here and I’m going to go into that story in a minute. and that’s in July. and that space between the two notes in your life. I’ll just – I won’t say much. the breath practice there.

and she had rings all over the place.. and see how well you’re connecting with what they say to you. to help you begin your own at home practice. and her head was shaved all the way around. Does your voice seem necessary? Do you feel people hear you when you speak? How challenging is it for you to communicate your ideas clearly? In what ways do you cultivate your own creativity on a conscious level? To have an open and clear second Chakra is to live creatively. most of us live in work environments that are fairly noisy. A lot of times this is done in the heat of the moment. and back and forth. We’ll talk a little bit about meditation there too. At one point during my marriage. mirror back what they say. . how challenging is it to hear the truth spoken of you? Does anybody do Zen vacuuming? (laughter) How challenging is it for you to speak your truth to others? “that’s okay.” “No I didn’t. “You just said.. ETHEREAL BALANCING FOR THE THROAT CHAKRA Ethereal balancing for the fifth Chakra. it takes you four months for your blood ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 20 All rights reserved.. while my son’s father and I were driving down the street and we saw this kid walking across the crosswalk. and she had the hair on the top with the ponytail back. How challenging is it for you to speak in public? How challenging is it for you to speak one on one? There’s both sides of the same coin. in an can leave with.” (growling) you know. The Throat Chakra. The noise levels in most industrial work environments are far and away beyond what our ears can really handle. When you are exposed to that for two weeks at a time. I just said. without looking at me. It was a girl. and it was interesting. Freeway noise is above and beyond anything our ears were meant to deal with. I turned to him.” How can you live creatively? When listening back to others.. and I said “What are you going to do if Tommy at some point looks like that?” and he just.” You know. “What are you going to do if” and Tommy was three months at the time. said “Take a picture. and I said.

Alice Miller has a really wonderful book. let me see if I can find it here. both verbally and in writing. She says. Don’t have to be sound related. things like that are really healing for the body. Secrets. unless it’s repeated. called For Your Own Good. but you know. It really is true. So to be able to actually speak your truth..” There’s a resonance there. then you don’t understand how to ever express it. to hold quietly. “Someone who is not allowed to be aware of what was being done to them has no way of telling except to repeat it. when you’re told to keep a secret. before you started with exposure to that kind of noise. or in an experience that you’re witnessing. is what is so freeing about that. We resonate with each other. hold on. to cover your ears. . Things that you resonate with. It’s wonderful. there’s more to it than that. which also lets us take a more sacred look at ourselves and what we’re expressing. it goes generationally.” Okay.” You know. in cycles of abuse. so I’d really like to read it verbatim. there’s a validity to it. Once it’s in the written word.pressure to return to where it was. and how we kind of get out of train with that. Once it’s spoken out loud. That’s why. YOUR THROAT CHAKRA AND SECRETS So. Okay. THE CHAKRAS AS MANIFESTORS What’s been going on with me in this Chakra series has just been very unique. it talks about how to raise children in love. and you don’t have the ability to really understand what is either happening to you. and I think some of you have come up ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 21 All rights reserved. that the truth will set you free. So taking time for silence. you’ll have somebody that – it’s like “I like that person. when you’re a child. but she has a wonderful quote. Or like “I like this. éclair.

with what I’m talking about. asked me. and what I could offer people. I don’t do it to make money. let’s do it. Carol approached me. So talk about grounding and survival mode. that will be great. I thought “You know. yeah. “Well. to have something to take with them. sawed off shotguns. lifting thing. and it took like five days.” I’m not an essential oil person. physically and emotionally. So when she said would you do this for a year. so people can take them and listen to them. yeah. I’ve always wanted to have someone sit down and talk me through the breathes. and enlightening. I’m always kind of glad when it’s over.” So I sat down to do it.” So I called this guy. that they could take from this. So I thought. And as I was thinking about this. and how to physically open up the body to these centers. There was no script. it’s a holiday series. And so in the second Chakra. and we hashed it out. I’ll include the oils. but similar resonance. that would hopefully be a healing. . and I said “I’d like to have some ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 22 All rights reserved. people face down. there was no nothing.and expressed similar experiences. and I just said to her. “Would you be willing to do this?” I teach a yoga series once a year. there is was. Second Chakra is the sexuality center. from this. It was total Root Chakra. If it was robbery in the first. and at the root Chakra. You can’t make money on the types of essential oils that I sell. where we spend an hour of discussion and an hour of yoga. I don’t know if I can go any further. It would be really nice. he says “Yeah. I really thought. We started this. And I teach it at Christmas time. They’re out of price range if I tried to double my money.. I don’t want to go to the second Chakra. So we go to do the root Chakra. and maybe I’ll put these guided meditations that are new book on tape. And it’s always intense for me. on the Chakras.. Robbed – ski masks. because I knew the commitment that would take. come on over.I’ll offer the oils. I’ll do maybe a CD about the breath.” And I thought “We’re going to be talking a lot about breath work. Not exact experiences. because it’s way intense. the place where I work during the day is a bank. healing wise. and it was robbed. it’s instinctual creativity. I have been using these essential oils.

I do it all the time. and it was a really amazing experience. And I was doing these yoga DVDs that I have now filmed. and it sounded really good. A few weeks later I called the companies to say I’d like something in writing. ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 23 All rights reserved. if you would bring them back to me. it was like trying to remain open to my heart. I said it was White Mountain Yoga. you’ve given so and so permission. SUCCESS CAN BE MORE DIFFICULT THAN FAILURE It was really interesting. I really did get taken a little bit. Let me get permissions.background music. But the Heart Chakra. Seven years. As I went into the heart. and it’s hand hewn wood.” and he said “Sure. And then going up to this cabin that’s up above Sundance. when we moved on to the power center. sure. . and finding a place and finding the right kind of people to help me with the process. $7 million. it was $7 million. So any of you who had bought those CDs.” So I picked some nice soothing music to put in the background of all this. I enjoyed the creative process. I knew I had to forgive this person. it would be nice to film it at a cabin. That’s what the Throat Chakra will tell you in just a second. Long story that I won’t go into. and really felt an opening to what I truly wanted to express. I let it go. you just pick some CDs you like. I had some definite things happen. for this issue with these CDs. I’ve done this work. I will replace them with something better. but experience this where I felt like my power center had this little balloon that just popped. and I paid him a fairly large amount of money. So after all of the second Chakra. None of them had given him permission. and just kind of got out of the way of myself. it took them seven years to build. And then the solar plexus. to give that that night. because I was kind of going to set out the dialogue for these DVDs. and I shared with them the experience of my dream the night before. I was really glad. I had a friend. And the Heart Chakra as well. I basically sort of forgave the process. large for me. Really interesting. on the heart.

I’m sure that ‘s why it was built. and here is divinity. and this is what Carol has hit on with her book. It was something totally different. Wow. I got to the Throat Chakra. earth. Revelation Must Be Terrible. That’s the traditional Sanskrit name. As I was discovering this. and visshuda is the name of the Throat Chakra. just the birds. and I go around and what – the day before the shoot. It wasn’t that at all. That I can actually live from an open heart and an open voice. it’s terrifying. And a lot of times success is more difficult than failure. We’re used to this lower area. But I saw the cornerstone to it. whatever. That’s terrifying. and it means purification. and discussing it. and as I’m rounding the corner. It’s like – okay – and it’s got a half sun on it and it says “The Seven Sons Lodge”. It scared me to death. You know. What came out of me was beyond me. I just went up there. that I don’t have to suffer. You don’t have to suffer. I didn’t want to go any further. and the wind. Because this is sort of the bottle neck of the body. route. and they’ve got a woodland scene carved in half the cabin that James Christianson designed. So as I went through this process. Freaked me out. and then the next center and the next center and the next center. I see the cornerstone to this cabin. It was really scary. and it’s this big iron piece. THE THROAT CHAKRA AND PURIFICATION ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 24 All rights reserved. red. . and the sound of the water.” Blew me away. It was knowing that I could never hide my voice again. And it was conscious creativity. It was just amazing. It worked for yoga. So I’m up there. the important of going from the root. blah blah blah blah blah. and you can hear a hawk screech in the background. It was like being at the burning bush for like five days. Amazing. I sat down to write the purl logs. and it was terrifying. It wore me out. inside the divine consciousness. it was really amazing. Like you drive up to it. Like the poem. First Chakras. I’m just like “Chakras. just like I did her. When things line up for you. and what happens there.

f. But those words would just ‘sing. So I’m having this really incredible experience with the Throat Chakra. it was like you can’t end a song like (holding a note) and then end. You have this feminine energy that moves up. who happened to compose music. sing’ It’s been 15 or 20 years that I’ve done that. And all of that divinity can come down to each center and take care of everything it couldn’t do itself. interestingly enough. and that is consciousness without manifestation. You need that return. sing’. I don’t understand much other than that. before entering the presence of God.And the throat is where you purify yourself. So I’m kind of going to do the voice over for the Heart Chakra with Perry. and I told him about my experience being taken at the second Chakra. this female that rises up and connects with the divine. just wild manifestation without consciousness. and she is mother nature. . It’s like this most amazing process of life. As he’s composing this music.b. when you’re on the phone. So at the throat is where you have the conscious creativity.” and I never really understood it. which is grace. She is all of it. So there’s this sort of intersection. I should be writing what I hope my new married name to be someday. sing.c. You’re going to find these cleansing practices. and it’s within the Chakras as well. I would write ‘sing. by this person. through these Chakra centers. ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 25 All rights reserved. But when we got to the crown. I say to him what if you know. This has all happened in the last month. Destruction and creation and the whole thing. until this month. then you have enlightenment. it occurs to me that I’ve gotten to the top. or something. I say “You know.d. I don’t understand—a.” But through my own healing process. It just so happens he knew someone very well. but I was visiting with a friend of mine who was giving me some advice on this singing for another thing I’ll tell you about in a second. As I’m writing these purl logs. each Chakra has a seed sound. baby. And Shiva resides at the crown. Shakti. Just ‘sing.g I think. sing.e. sing. That truth is within every religion. really personally. when I jot. And once Shakti unites with Shiva. How would you feel – I don’t read music. sing. I don’t know. I don’t know why. this last month. doodle. You know. I haven’t ever really sung.

and you got to the ram. okay. the crown Chakra resonating note is the heart. ram. ham. that is five above. with abc. Some chants. and it was like rom. can connect you with what’s going on in your Chakras. three. And there are specific notes for the Chakras. lammmmm. It’s something I do on my own. and I said “What if I do just. C D E F A B Okay.” And basically. And we’ve come up with basically this background music for these guided meditations. Which ones are easier and which ones aren’t. So if you get up here. five. it’s something that’s really sacred to me. vam.. Chakra chants are God God God.. starting with whatever. and they’re finding that different notes resonate with different diseases. it starts. you go one. If you go to a kirtan and people are sitting there and they’re singing and they’re doing this – that’s basically what they’re ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 26 All rights reserved. Love Love Love. that’s basically the general idea of any kind of chants you hear. Really unusual.just.” I was like totally blown out. if he knew someone that could record me just going in and chanting the seed sound for each Chakra. So I’m learning all this amazing stuff about sound. I guess. It starts with c. you know. . the third Chakra. I thought.for the root. when we listened to it. and then when he called me he said “You know. resonance. we’d finished. So these chants. in the medical community with healing. it was just like – when I finished the recording the. So interestingly enough. for rheumatoid arthritis. I had just come from a meeting with the Board of Directors of the bank. Okay. for different things. you know. and my solar plexus was completely blown out. or five on. two. making a sound come out of you. So afterwards. all of those different things. four. CHAKRAS AND HEALING Harvard and Columbia have both done studies on healing for cancer. and each Chakra has a complement note. And I was chanting. and the studies I’ve done on sound as healing have been amazing what’s going on. and then vammmm. as far as yoga goes. your ram is a little short. just the lam.

and speaking truth is probably the biggest freer of the throat. that’s called Sri Ram Jai Ram. Or sexual center. How good does it – kids? They’re awesome. which is really interesting. and totally natural too. Great. and there is a really great book called Sound as Healing and it’s by ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 27 All rights reserved. It’s more than – scrapbookings great. And how are we doing on time? Okay. it’s kind of the work of the Throat Chakra. where I’m basically sort of guiding you through a relaxation and a balancing of these points in the body. . So it’s like a calling to God. it’s a supplication. the name of shiva”. I am offering this CD with just the music too. healing the distortions of the second Chakra. SPEAK / SING / CHANT YOUR TRUTH AND HEAL YOUR THROAT CHAKRA Doing things different or seeing things different than you’ve seen them before. and another one that is a call to God. what you’re doing with this chanting. instinctual creativity. And so I’m telling Perry kind of what I want to have happen in these. And there’s one that I do to praise. that’s a praise for God. Healing that place. because you can put it in and you can lay back and you can feel that resonance. and he’s just really talented. So when we speak from our throat. Basically. The whole process has been totally conscious and creative and terrifying. So you can get the Throat Chakra resonance in the root or in the creative center or in the solar plexus. if you have deep grounding issues. I talk a lot about in the guided imagery mediations of the Chakra. how are you today?” Don’t you wish you could do that? So what do you do to kind of heal or clear the throat? The hum chant is wonderful for throat clearing. What is going on is called sonic entrainment. so you can use these throat chants to tune into your root.saying. and it’s Om namah shivaya and that is “Om. we start to live more creatively. but I’m talking about live creatively. “Hi. amazing thing that he came up with.

or pitch even. “Sonic entrainment can restore harmony between our innermost selves. Numerous studies have shown the degree to which stress. I’m not talking about volume. and feelings of hopelessness depress every aspect of our immune system. And to speak freely will loosen that. but over time.” They’re finding people’s blood pressure lowers. which can thus influence us on a cellular level. you will relax. sonic entrainment can affect us emotionally. you can transform the negative and repressed emotions into a state of psychological equanimity that directs an immediate effect on our physiology. the heartbeat actually resonates with the beat of the song. and eventually you will all be asleep. so called sonic entrainment may alter our energetic states of being. and I will be up here talking like this. . you will start to yawn.” It’s a really interesting book. you know if you’re in kind of an area with someone who is maybe of a lower vibration.Mitchell Gainer. pessimism. thus reawakening our spiritual consciousness. it’s very powerful. people who suffer from high blood pressure. and he discusses these seed sounds that are on this CD. waves may entrain the human organism. if they put in the right music. often very subtle. and I’ll just read “The process by which the powerful rhythmic vibrations of one object are projected upon a second object with a similar frequency thereby causing that object to vibrate in resonance with the first object. because the vibration actually comes out through the voice. “Through the process of entrainment. Interestingly enough. What I’m going to have us do ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 28 All rights reserved. On one level. A lot of times. On another level. leading to psychological transformation.” The Throat Chakra exists in a way that sometimes we live as though we have a noose around our neck. I’m feeling good too” you really get that resonance.” If I talk to you like this. “in terms of sound and healing. our essence and the universe. causing us to vibrate in resonance with those waves in a variety of interconnected ways. And in terms of sound resonance. But if you talk to someone who’s like (annoying noises) you’re like “Hi.

okay? Now. So in the middle of the night. So it’s like a whisper. but the tongue just lightly touches.right now. And you want to think about the air. With the lips closed. But Throat Chakra issues. I have availability in week three and four of July. we can do some shoulder work. So deep breath in – same on the inhale. as well as others. if you’ve got a partner. OPENING YOUR THROAT CHAKRA It’s really soothing. ideally. Uji. we’re going to do just a little uji breathing. Anybody in here have ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 29 All rights reserved. Really soothing. . but metaphorically coming in and out through the jugular notch. if you’d just like to sit up nice and straight. if anyone’s interested in a session. it won’t really. But if you hold your hand in front of your face and do that. So think about breathing from here. and this is a breath. Like that. feel the heat? it comes out on the hand. back to the open mouth. you make the sound that you would make by fogging up sunglasses. I’ll just do like three minutes of uji. Because once you become sort of adept at the pranayama practice. really from the Throat Chakra. It’s really amazing. and I’m cold and I’m too tired to go get another cover. I can show you some things you can do at home. you can use it to either relax or energize yourself. So it is like that too. And it relaxes. To further open up the Throat Chakra. we talked about at the very first introduction of the series. There’s a sound with this breath. I go for the ocean. It’s a fairly simple breath. but it’s also an energizing breath. Or there’s a sign up sheet. when I wake up. about how to do it. and then an inhale. and I’ll wake up the next morning in the same position I was when I fell asleep. you want to do it probably mid day until you know how it affects you. It’s great for insomnia. I go into a lot of detail on that pranayama Cd. kind of against the sides of the bottom teeth. that are Thai yoga therapy. The lips close. and it opens up all the energetic channels in the body. you’re creating that warming within your own body. But when you start. So when you start practicing uji. It’s done by touching the tip of the tongue just behind the two front teeth. you’ll notice it’s spread. similar to the sound of the waves of the ocean.

in the Thai yoga sessions. if that’s feasible for you. Another deep breath. Just sit on the end of the bolster. Gentle pressure with the exhale. If you want to. a nice deep breath. To deepen. Okay? So you want to lift through the heart. Deep breathe in. Deep breath in again. and then as you exhale. Keep the heart lifted. baby. you want to keep the heart lifted. Palms of the hands on those little knots. because we’re going in through the throat. just with your legs crossed. we’ll just put it that way. Just so you’re nice and comfy. ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 30 All rights reserved. Okay.real specific Throat Chakra issues that would be willing to come up and let me work on your shoulders? Okay come on up. . so you basically just spreading the shoulders. With the Throat Chakra. So you can really release a lot. deep breath. we hold a tremendous amount of tension right here and right here. tell me to stop. a little bit deeper. and exhale. Where do you feel that to? On your head? Can you feel it up on your head? the throat and the heart are connected. We spend about twenty minutes on the shoulders and neck.

lift the back of the head. my knee is right next to her scapula. Just a nice little release. deep breath in. as much as a heart. it’s the throat. which is where I am. ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 31 All rights reserved. Now go ahead. Again.for intermediate or advance yogis And then a great one is to extend the neck. This is a throat and a heart opener. lift the heart. . Tight shoulders this way. Up here. why don’t we have you turn around this way? So my foot is at the base of her spine. and lace the hands behind the head. Just like that. So opposite side and over. in fact. Deep breath in. come back to center. Because this muscle here connects right up into the jaw. is really closing in and protecting that heart area. Tight shoulders are actually a Throat Chakra issue. and it just takes that muscle and it says “stop it some more” deep breath. just nice pressure there.THROAT CHAKRA YOGA – GROUP OR INDIVIDUAL PRACTICE One of the variation of headstands for the throat chakra . just a little lift right through there. So I’m putting my foot just at the base of her spine. My knee. I’m going to guide the head to one side.

Sorry. Everything moves connected to everything else. And that’s actually connecting speech. Do you mind holding the mike while I work on her? For the Thai yoga therapy on this. so working on the shoulders. a little bit of pressure. within your body. Thai yoga is the most bizarre thing to watch. Stop it some more. Go ahead and lay back. as long as you’ve got a partner. to the speech. it’s really amazing what you see in yourself. . Okay. deep breath in. So to open up the shoulders. Thank you. heart. but physically. So just holding on to my forearm there. When you get into your body in these various levels. It’s always in a mirror. a reflection. And then swing it around behind you. To open up this back side of the body. Okay. and this is something anyone can do. and just press in at the back of her scapula. and then we switch sides. Not only energetically. thumb just goes in as the shoulder goes back. Extra points. tight shoulders. these upper shoulders and right behind the heart. and I’ll try not to push myself off the end. so it releases this muscle right here. and I just basically push my thumb up under her scapula. that comes right up to here. “Thai yoga. again. but it’s actually one of the most natural ways to move the body. can be not speaking your own truth. It’s just very organic. top – right there – hold on to my arm. So it’s all connected there. All I sort of do is work the tricep. I know my back is to the camera. she said it. basically drawing the shoulders down and away. or holding someone else’s lies. Go ahead and extend your legs back. You can give me the weight of ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 32 All rights reserved. Again. and just take my elbow. forgive me. And then I take my thumb right underneath her scapula. I see myself in 3D” in Thai yoga therapy. let me do the other side. Deep breath in. So you can release pretty much all the Chakras – sorry Perry – by just taking the ankles. Just press in with the elbow. just naturally opens things up again. will actually connect through the throat. One of my yogis said to me. You know we never see ourselves.Just like that. speech.

So where are you feeling it in your ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 33 All rights reserved. you can just lay there if you’re tired. I was just going to play the through for you. When we lay. We’re just going to finish tonight. I just called it Chakra Resonance. and some people I could remove my hands. if you feel comfortable. Right there. but it’s amazing. And all that does is it takes her whole body. Sorry. You can close your eyes. Since we’re on the throat tonight. and I just pull back. As she exhales. It balances your Chakras. I lift the legs. Come out. and then I just hold the base of her skull. The whole process last two hours. and just aligns the back of the head. Can you hear that? Is it hooked in? (chanting hammmms) So it’s just about that connection with the sound of the throat. If you feel comfortable enough to hamm along. sort of pseudo name. It’s just fabulous. It takes the neck. Now.your legs. Deep breath in. because I couldn’t think of a fancy. It is from a Chakra perspective. we lay like this. take a deep breath on the pause. exhale. but specifically her neck. one shoulder. It’s actually part of the Throat Chakra/third eye region. We’re just going to finish tonight. That’ll release all the way up the back to the top of the head. And it’s not you specifically. okay? And then maybe we’ll do a few hammms ourselves. I would suggest that you kind of do it out loud with the music. Just that movement. One foot. other side. so we start from the toes and go all the way to the head. The space between two notes is what this Chakra is about. Deep breath. So just kind of take it in. Not required. you’d feel it. Tom how am I on time? Okay. . I’ll share with you a little off of this CD that I’ve explained about tonight. and it would stay right there. the space. Some gentle pressure again. It’s like every single person I work on. but basically it’s just a resonating with the Chakras. So if you were to take your hands and just go like this. and it goes whoo. just as much as the sound of hammm. and you just want to stay there. I push down with my feet and I pull up with my hands.

just imagine the blue of an azure sky coming in and out through that jugular notch of the throat. coming out to witness your own personal truth. exhale. and as you come up. and drawing the chin back. fall forward. relax into the spinal twist. Inhale. When you’re ready to come out. roll back to plank. Inhale. Reaching out through the arms. lift through the belly. lift them to align with the ears. and up through hips. lift the hips. Inhale. Inhale. Gently roll forward as you inhale. Exhale. and exhale it down to the spine for a deeper twist. Feel the sound resonate with the silence and the connection. and align them with the ears. reach through the spine. Press strong. and exhale the hands back. reach up with the heart.body? Whether you’re doing it out loud. exhale. and allow yourself to fall into a forward fold. Coming in to wash clean anything false. let the head fall. and rotate the torso back to center. lift the feet off the floor and reverse the cross. As you just gently begin that uji breath. exhale. Just kind of centering yourself in the present moment. Gently pulling the left foot to align in with the right ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 34 All rights reserved. Cross the right foot over the left knee. bend the knees in a gentle squat. as you inhale up. deep breath in. inhale squat down. let the head fall. you gently lift the arm up. and exhale out falling forward at the hips. and reach the left forearm around the knee. or just listening and taking it all in. exhale. reach out with the arms. the arms out to the sides. Take a hold of the left ankle and draw it back to the hip. to align with the ear. Inhale. and roll back as you exhale. Switching sides. Bring it back. reaching high with the heart. the right arm up. If you’re seated. Inhale. Hold at the wrist. pressing off with the hands. twist. Relax the neck. Breathe in. . and when you’re ready reach back through the hands. Breath out. only to the ability of the strength of your neck.

pressing through the balls of the feet and lifting through the hips. Take a deep breath in. tuck back to the plow position. Breath in. press actively with the hips and the elbows. Breath in. lifting through the hips. back to center. . Bring the knees in. the heart faces the upward bent knee. Wrapping the right forearm around the left knee. and pressing out and upward with the feet. into a half shoulder stand. bring the knees in. exhale. Deep breath in. Inhale the arm up to the ear. As you press actively through the hips and the balls of the feet. Inhale. The head is the top point of the triangle. Reach around and take a hold with your hand just at the top of the thigh. exhale twist. Reaching up with the arm on the left side. relax back. exhale. exhale. exhale back to center. exhale the feet all the way out. reach your arms up. inhale let the feet fall to the ground and extend the legs one at a time. extending through the neck. opening up through the shoulders.knee. to release the neck back down. Inhale. taking a hole of the sacrum to help lift the hips. Support your neck with a folded blanket underneath the cervical spine ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 35 All rights reserved. To come out. At home for the plow we can rest the feet on the chair. twist deeper. exhaling into the twist. with either hip at the base pressing in and active balls of the feet. exhale. Inhaling. Reach up with the heart and open with the neck and thyroid. using the elbows like a lever to lift the torso through the heart. Gaze over your left shoulder. You’re on your shoulders and the neck is free. Twisting out either side will release any tension or compression in the low back. tuck the knees in. align it with your left ear. Pressing actively through the hips. bring the elbows back down to the mat. breathing deeply with active pressing through the hips. Inhale with the heart. Bend at the elbows.

and shoulders. ©2010 Carol Tuttle Page 36 All rights reserved. Exhale. With the crown of the head and the base of the cranium just off the blanket. inhale. you can move into various hip openers that feel extremely therapeutic. . If you want to add movements through this posture. once you’ve mastered the shoulder stand.

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