DEPARTMENT OF ECE STUDENT SELF EVALUATION FORM Name of Student Degree/ Branch Semester Year Date

An honest reaction to the questions below should help to identify areas which need to be worked on. Do you really interested with the department you are choosen? YES Good , If yes , what you have learnt till now? How much you will score yourself? [Out of 100] Academic Performance Practical Knowledge Contributed Ideas for Mini Projects 1 Project Innovations Usage of Net for surfing latest trends No If No, Summarize the reason in two lines.

Do you sucessfully managed your time well and used efficiently? YES Excellent, How did you made this possible?

2 No

Why you feel that you are not able to manage your time and what are the things you need to do by managing time?

Have you taken any initiative steps for your career growth? Yes So tell us first three steps you have taken till now? 1 2 3 3 No Why still you didn’t think of your career? Personal issues Not interested to go for job to earn money Any other problems?

What Kind of academic work you will do after college timing? List the works 4

Do you encountered the problems in enhancing effective communication skills? YES Awesome Job, How did you made this possible? Reading Newspaper Magazines Media 5 By course By regular practise No What is the reason for not developing your communication skill? Lack of support Medium in school background Do you able to deliver the things you have studied for the exam in a proper way? YES How? Effective preparation 6 Memorising Analysing the concepts By taking notes No Why? What are the skills you need to work on from the list above?

Do you cleared all subjects in previous semester exams? YES Welldone. What are the steps you have taken before the exam?



How many backlogs you have?

Do you have any plan to work on your problem? How you are going to come out of this issue?

Would you like to change anything in the system we are following?


Summarize your general performance in the past semester in three lines


SELF ASSESSMENT Your greatest strength from the list above : 10 Your weakness from the list above : Preventive measures you are decided to convert your weakness to strength :


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