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ANBAGAM to accept Islam. The book effectively debates the various We are continuing these for a long time. This year
17, 3rd Cross Street, Srinagar Colony, Kumbakonam. Tanjore ideologies available for the age old evil of un-touchability. we conducted a summer courses at 5 places in Tamilnadu
This trust is devoted to the cause of Islam, its District.Pin-612001 We have also brought in three editions of this book including Anbagam.
propagation and promotion. The charities of this trust is for all To Contact : 9444239594. in a short span of eight months. Totally 6000 copies of this Tests, both oral and written were conducted, at the
citizens of India. Its immediate aim is to take Islam to the Having conveyed the message of Islam to a good chunk of books are in circulation. The english version of this book is end of the course, certificates were also issued to the
gross roots level. As of now Islam is the most misunderstood villagers, we felt the need for an institute to impart Islamic available in online. ( participants.
religion. knowledge to those who aspire to acquaint with various Another book, entitled "Senthamizh Nattu Cherigal"
Islam now, is not only misunderstood, but is also aspects of Islam. (The life at Tamilnadu Slums) is also released during this year. CAMPAIGN AGAINST UNTOUCHABILITY
under attack. Opinion is mobilised throughout the world Infact our field workers impressed on us to start one such Nearly 2000 copies are in circulation.
against Islam and Muslims. Alliances are forged to wage war institute. As such
against Islam and Muslims. Under these circumstances Untouchability is a Crime Against Humanity, but is
we started an STUDENTS’ ESSAY COMPETITION effectively practiced in India.
conveying the true message of Islam to one and all, is all the institute at
more an important duty. The Untouchables can get anything in India but not
Thirupanamthal This is a definite way to take Islam to students. social status.(as human beings)
Herein we present a brief about our services, n e a r Induced by competitive spirit students search books on Islam, Various Solutions have been advocated to
charities and activities. Kumbakonam read them, understand them and reproduce them, but for this eradicate this malady, None, other than Islam has
in1993. Later effort student will not be entering into this venture. The topic of succeeded in liquidating this crime, so saying the Veteran
ISLAM TO THE GROSS ROOTS LEVEL shifted this to this year is "The Global melt down and the Islamic alternative". Dalit Leader T.M. Mani, who faught for 52 years against this
Muthuthevanpat The competition is held on all India level. menance of casteism, embraced Islam. He is now T.M.
We are in the field of dawah (inviting people towards ti near Theni (in The best contribution will be awarded with Rs.10,000/- Umar Farook.
Islam) for the last 29 years. As such we have taken Islam to S.India). This is followed by an award of Rs.5000/- for the next best He has come out with a detailed account of his war
nearly 11,000 villages through various programmes. One of for men. contribution. against Casteism and the causes of his conversion. This is
them is dawah tour. As time SEMINARS a document in th form of a book entitled “The End of
passed, our Casteism.
DAWAH TOURS dawa activities grew in various dimensions. Five years back we We select a few current topics and conduct seminars We are arranging debates on this book and invite
We have a set of people who are experts in felt the need for an institute exclusively for women who throughout TamilNadu. This year the proponents of other ideologies to deliberate on their
conveying Islam to the villagers. They are in the field for the embraced islam ,and we started an institute at Nellai Eruvadi. the topics selected were solution. In the end every one gets convinced that Islam
last 29 years. They travel in our auto almost everyday to the With these institutes we continued our mission of taking Islam (a) Islam yesterday and alone can mitigate this problem permanently. This
villages and invite them towards Islam. to the gross roots level. Allah blessed out efforts, many families Today. The deliberations were discussion has taken place in 19 of the 31 districts of Tamil
Earlier These experts visited the villages for a select choose islam as their way of life. These coupled with the based on the book "Losing Nadu.
number of days. Now we have made it a daily affair. conversion of T.M. MANI, now T.M. UMAR FAROOQ a veteran Battle with Islam by David These debates are giving momentum and Islam is
We could have covered many more villages if we Dalit Leader gave new thrust to our mission. Then again our Selbourne" . accepted as the only solution. Even mainstream media are
had adequate vehicles / Conveyance. Now we own only an field workers insisted that we should open a centre to educate (b) The strength and the focusing this attention on these debates, sometimes to
auto. Insha allah we will with your philanthropy get more the families who wanted to know all aspects of Islam. We had in weaknesses of modernday dissuade us from pursuing our cause. Yet we are steadily
vehicles and accelerate our activities. Annually we spend our mind such an institute for a long time. We started this Muslims. moving ahead. (Alhamdulillah!).
nearly 3 lakh rupees in this noble cause. Anbagam to fulfill the aforesaid need on 12th September 2007
in a rented building . SUMMER COURSES PUBLICATIONS
EID GET TOGETHER 89 Families comprising of 300 members have taken
their education from this institute. We are working to shift this to An overwhelming majority of our Indian citizens are VERGAL PATHIPPAGAM
A f t e r our own building. Some good hearted people have accepted young. As such everyone try to woo them to their way. Muslims Apart from all these we are instrumental in
every Eid we the responsibility of constructing the new building. May allah students are also falling a prey to this invasion of ideologies. In promoting literature on various aspects of Islam which are
arrange Eid get- reward them. the absence of a of topical interest. In Tamil so far in our efforts 90 books
togethers to DOWRY FREE MARRIAGES m e a n i n g f u l
s h a r e o u r
introduction of Islam,
pleasure with During the last year we have arranged 8 dowry free they are being carried
members of other marriages among those who joined our institute (Anbagam). away by other
faiths. These get- Two converts were pregnant at the time of accepting Islam. We ideologies.
togethers were looked after these deliveries at our own expenses. It is our bounden
marked by a
duty to acquaint them
feast, a talk and LITERATURES FOR DAWAH with the basics of
Q&A session on
Islam. Students are
Islam. Usually a We are instrumental in promoting literatures in the field also over burdened
good number of of dawah and in general Islamic studies. Of these the book by with academic study materials. The best time to educate them
brothers from all faiths are participating. the veteran dalit leader T.M.Mani (now T.M. Umar is to avail their holidays. We use these holidays to educate
Farooq),"THE END OF CASTEISM” is a big hit instigating many them the basics of Islam.
have come. We have planned few more books for the disastrous consequences of smoking in mind, the government reservation was awarded to Muslims in Tamilnadu. This time
coming year. Insha allah. agencies and other voluntary organisations do a lot to we met Mr. Anbazhagan, (Finance Minister, TN).
dissuade smokers. We do make serious campaign against
ANTI DOWRY CAMPAIGN smoking. We join hands with other NGO’s (Non Governmental RELIEF AND REHABILITATION
Organizations) to do our best to get people rid of smoking. We
Dowry is a serious menance, which virtually drives have distributed nearly 20,000 leaflets in Tamil and English. Though we are for Dawah we are mindful of the
away our women folk from our family structure. We also joined the May 31 anti smoking campaign with the Islamic social responsibility of providing relief to the needy.
Though teenage girls suffer everyday, the society international community. This was a grand success an many During the Tsunami Havoc we rushed to help the affected.
pays only scant attention to this evil. We have been regulations were imposed on smokers. When we came to
campaigning against this evil by arranging public meetings. We are effectively campaigning against the habit of know that our
Apart from these we encourage our youngsters to go for drinking. We participated in the deliberations with the chief Palestenian brothers
dowry free marriage. minister of Tamil Nadu. have reached our
capital New Delhi as
our help through
We are in the human rights front since 1990. We When a conspiracy was hatched by vested interest charity alliance
educate the downtrodden and minorities particularly groups to decriminalise gay sex we effectively resisted it. And which distributed a
Muslims on human rights. We have filed nearly 124 human the resistance is going on in the form of street meetings and big amount for the
rights violation cases in various forums and law courts . We distribution of awareness leafelts. r e l i e f a n d
have succeeded in many of them.
rehabilitation of the
We were invited by other human rights organisations DISTRIBUTION OF PAMPHLETS Palestenian Brothers. We have contributed Rs.30,000/-
also in their campaigns. We readily joined them to further
towards their relief.
their cause. This is another means through which we take Islam to
We were effective participants in the campaign one and all.
against fake encounters. Quotes from various non muslim reformists like DEAR BROTHERS AND SISTERS
E.V.RAMASWAMY, DR. AMBEDHKAR are collected and
ISLAMIC MONTHLY IN TAMIL published in leaflet format. So far we have distributed 40,000 Apart from what was narrated above we have so many
VAIGARAI VELICHAM such pamphlets. We have also brought one more leaflet during other programmes to promote the cause of Islam, but running
this year. short of funds to back them. If your philanthropies gush forth,
Inshaallah, we can effectively serve the cause of Islam..
JAMAATH LEADERS MEETING We request you to contribute generously towards this
Local Jamaath Leaders are the first to come across Wassalam.
any problem that may come to confront Muslim. But for very Thanking you.
few leaders no one pays the attention they ought to give. Brotherly yours,
We convene meeting of Jamaath Leaders and
enlighten them on the issues that confront the society. After M. Gulam Mohammed M.Com,M.A.Journalism.
our programs they readily come forward to take on any (Managing Trustee)
issue that may affect the community. Moulavi.M.Mujeebur Rahman Umari,Secretary.
Moulavi.K.M.Ilyas Riyaji,Tresaurer.
YEARLY SUBSCRIPTION Rs.120/- The ruling DMK Government in Tamil Nadu went one step Please draw your cheques/DD’s in favour of
ahead in uplifting
This is the second biggest successful effort on our muslims. This
part in launching Tamil Magazine for the discussion of
Islamic ideology. It was published from december 2007. of "Ulama (Masjid and send to
Alhamdulillah! workers) Welfare 235,Peters Road, Royapettah,
Board. We felt Chennai - 600014.
that we should Phone No: 044 - 45566909
heartfelt thanks to Email :
Smoking kills slowly but surely. It causes many the Government, Website :
diseases. It is also an indecent public behavior. Keeping the as we did when