• Explain alternatives to recruitment. • Explain the external and internal environment of recruitment. • Describe sources and methods of recruitment. • Understand Internet and Intranet Recruiting

The process of attracting individuals on a timely basis, in sufficient numbers, and with appropriate qualifications, and encouraging them to apply for jobs with an organization

External Environment of Recruitment
• Labor Market Conditions • Legal Considerations • Corporate Image • Sons of soil

The Recruitment Process
• Human Resource Planning • Alternatives to Recruitment • Use Internal Sources and Methods • Use External Sources and Methods • Recruite Individual

Alternatives to Recruitment
• Outsourcing • Contingent Workers • Professional Employer Organizations--Employee Leasing • Overtime

• Present Employees. • Employee Referrals. • Former Employees.

Methods Used in Internal Recruiting
• Employee Databases • Job Posting • Promotion and Transfer • Employee Referrals

External Sources of Recruitment
Professional Association Employment Exchange. Walk-ins,Talk-ins,Write-ins. Consultants. Placement Agencies. Executive search Firms Colleges and Universities Competitors and Other Firms

External Recruitment Methods • Advertising
• Employment Agencies - Private and Public • Special Events • Internships • Executive Search Firms

External Recruitment Methods (Continued)
• Professional Associations • Event recruiting • Virtual Job Fairs

Virtual Job Fairs
• Students are interviewed face-to-face by recruiters using computers that use cameras to send headand-shoulder images • Recruiters visit colleges without leaving office

Tailoring Recruitment Methods to Sources
• Recruitment sources and methods vary according to position being filled


Internet Trends
• Increased Spending • Increased Hiring • Internet Recruiter • Employment Web Site • Post Resume for Job Search

The Internet Recruitment Process
• Recruitment time is often shortened • Increases number of applicants • Many ways to assist in screening applicants • May apply for job at any time

Limitations of Internet Recruiting
• • • •

Not a selection tool Lacks personal touch Many resumes to review More competition for qualified employees • Increased spending for Internet recruiting • Decreased spending for traditional recruiting • Confidentiality

Internal Recruitment -- Using the Intranet
• People within the organization communicate with each other • Database of current employees • Job posting • Job bidding