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How Many am I Hiding?

Rationale: Students will be able to

solve a problem where the total and one part are !nown"

Submitted by: Krista Newman (+''ic+l+m Integ'ation: Grade Level: 1st

Music Social Studies Science ritin) Math ,eadin) Theatre &rt

Subject/Topic: Math

4. 1ealth

Mate'ials)E*+i,ment: ;onnectin) cubes Student math boo!s 4ennies ?ot cubes

TS solve problems where the total and one part are !nown" TS review and practice di##erent combinations that ma!e up a certain number"

Lesson Plan:



1"-&< model and create addition and subtraction problem situations with concrete objects and write correspondin) number sentences 1"*?< use patterns to develop strate)ies to solve basic addition and basis subtraction problems

$ntroduction %&nticipatory Set/Motivation': 1" State the objective" (" Start playin) the new activity with the class by ta!in) * cubes and statin) that you are be)innin) with * cubes" $n a way that is hidden+ ta!e away ( o# the cubes and hold them behind your bac!" ,eveal the le#t over cubes %-'" ./plain that you started with * cubes and now have - cubes le#t over" &s! students+ 01ow many am $ hidin)23 &llow students time to thin! and answer+ tellin) the strate)ies they used to solve the problem" 4rocess: 1" Model the activity several times until the students be)in to understand the concept" (" ./plain that they will be wor!in) with a partner" .ach student needs 5 countin) cubes and will ta!e turns hidin) some cubes+ revealin) the le#t over cubes+ and have their partner come up with the number o# hidden cubes" -" Model how to record the answers" .ach student needs to record their answers even thou)h they are wor!in) in pairs" %p"-6' 7" &nswer 8uestion re)ardin) the activity" *" ./plain that the second math rotation will be an activity we learned yesterday %1eads and Tails' and they will record their answers on the sheet o# paper in the math tub" They will use 19 and 1- pennies #or the two rounds o# the activity" :" ./plain that the third math activity is ;omputer: ;arnival ;ountdown: Snap ;lowns: Level &<;" =" &llow students to rotate throu)h each math station every :<5 minutes" 5" >nce students have rotated throu)h each math station+ have them )o bac! to des!s" 6" 4lay another round with the students startin) with : cubes" &s! students to share di##erent strate)ies o# how they solved the problem" 19" ,estate the objective and let students !now that they will be continuin) to solve problems li!e this throu)hout the rest o# the year"

"loom#s Ta$onomy:
Knowled)e/,emember &nalysis ;omprehension/@nderstand .valuate &pplication ;reate

%i&&e'entiated Lea'ning:
&uditory Kinesthetic Aerbal/Lin)uistic $ntrapersonal Aisual/Spatial Lo)ical/Math Musical $nterpersonal


;ooperative Groups Technolo)y $ndependent &ctivities ;harts/Graphs/Maps 4roblem Solvin) 4eer tutorin)


1ands<>n ;enters Simulation Lecture hole<)roup 4airin)

1" ("

1ave copies o# the directions printed out #or students to use i# needed" 1ave students start with #ewer cubes" Start by ta!in) away one+ then two+ then three+ etc"


Bor students who #ind * or : too easy+ have them wor! with 5 or 6"


hile students are doin) the activity+ assess how students are determinin) the number o# hidden cubes and i# they understand how to use the recordin) sheet"