A multimeter is used to make various electrical measurements, such as AC and DC voltage, AC and DC current, and resistance. It is called a multimeter because it combines the functions of a voltmeter, ammeter, and ohmmeter. Multimeters may also have other functions, such as diode and continuity tests. Digital multimeter give more accurate reading then analog multimeter. It is also easy to read the measured value.


There are 2 type of multimeter that is always used when measuring electrical device , analog and digital multimeter.

Analog multimeter – Analog multimeter have a analog scale. Analog multimeter is less accurate because there is error when reading the scale. It is cause by human error when reading the scale. Digital multimeter – Digital multimeter is the latest type of multimeter that is used. It is called digital because the scale reading is in digital scale in the display. It is easy when reading the scale. So it give more accurate reading.

HARDWARE OF MULTIMETER Multimeter has many component to do many electrical circuit testing. Firstly, LCD Display is used to display the measured value from the testing. The Off switch function is to turn off the multimeter when not in used. This can save multimeter battery life. The turn knob function is to choose the variable test from testing direct current (DC) value to testing the transistor. Another component for the multimeter is test lead/probe that is act as electric conductor for taking measurement from electronic device.

There are three jack in the multimeter. The first is COM jack. It is the place to connect the black test probe. V Ώ mA jack is the place to connect the red test probe. The last one is 10A jack, the purpose is to connect the test lead when use for measure 10A current range.

After that is the DC Voltage Range . It is used to measured DC voltage in the electric or the electronic circuit. After that is the AC Voltage Range, the function is to test the

AC voltage in the electronic circuit. The ohm range in the multimeter is used for measure the resistance in the electronic component. The function of DC Current Range and 10A Current Range is to measured the value of current flow in the electrical component.

The multimeter is also equip with many testers such as Transistor Tester, Diode tester, hFE Check to test the complex semiconductor current, voltage and resistance .

PERFORMANCE Multimeter performance is depend on how it is used and what quantity is measured. To make sure the multimeter in the best performance we must take care of the multimeter. Do not over used the multimeter to measure something it can degrade the multimeter performance

ADVANTAGE Multimeter can be used to take many type of measurement from electrical device. It is more easy to take measurement from the conventional device such as ammeter, ohmmeter and voltmeter.

DISADVANTAGE Multimeter is a sensitive equipment. So it has some disadvantage. Multimeter cannot be used to take extremely high measurement

MAINTENANCE To make sure the multimeter in the good condition we must do the maintenance.The type of maintenance is , we must replace the battery in the multimeter in every one year . Do not store the multimeter in hot and wet place.

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