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The Indispensable

The Indispensable

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Published by MD Arthur
poem, indispensable
poem, indispensable

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Published by: MD Arthur on Dec 08, 2013
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The Indispensables and the Expendables The indispensables are privileged few whom the bosses cannot live

without. The expendables look up to them, not because of respect but more because of their proximity with the bosses. The indispensables are multifaceted, in simple term, the all around “errand girls” of the boss. ut beware, in front of the expendables, they transform into strict “mayordomas”. In front of the boss, the expendables will promise heaven and earth, name it they can deliver. ut, in the end, it is the Expendables do the !ob, they toil the soil, plant the seeds, yet it"s the Indispensables who reap the credits for good harvest. To further lift themselves to the pedestal, the indispensables will need to step on the Expendables. They capitali#e on others weaknesses, echoing mistakes in exaggeration to the boss, for the purpose of building their own image by stripping others of their dignity. The indispensables are like tape recorders in conversations and if pressed “play” by the boss, they have no choice but to oblige. Tell your secret to the Indispensable and your doomed, it is like giving a news scoop to a tabloid reporter, only that he will use it against you.

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