Global Action for Burma (GAB) enjoys public support while people don’t support NCGUB and accordingly

(GAB) is orchestrating to establish new exile government Dr. Sein Win led exile government, which has been existing for long time; don’t receive public support while Global Action for Burma (GAB) which enjoys support from the public is organising to set up new government in exile. Dr. Sein Win led exile government sent a letter regarding proposal for national reconciliation while Aung San Suu Kyi was facing trial on 20 May 2009. Regarding this, 88 generation students (exile) and Free Burma Federation (FBF) issued the statements opposing such NCGUB action which created disputes amongst exile opposition groups. Subsequently, Global Action for Burma (GAB) which comprises of 93 organisations, is planning to set up exile government as oppose to Dr. Sein Win led NCGUB. “Dr. Sein Win led NCGUB lack endorsement of people inside Burma”, said General Secretary of Monks League of Burma, Ashin Parami Khanti and Arakan Monks League’s General Secretary Ashin Pyinar Tharmi in February 2009 which were published on line. They said that exile government leader Dr. Sein Win is not popular inside Burma and we just overheard his name very mutedly through exile media since they broadcasted his name. Apart from that people inside Burma got no confidence and interest in him. Amongst opposition inside and outside Burma, people are saying that since Monks League of Burma is leading role in Global Action for Burma (GAB) and so they are planning to set up new government in exile. People who orchestrate the Global Action for Burma (GAB) are “Ashin Parami Khandi, Tun Tun, Myo Kyaw Lwin, Shwesin Htun, Sai Myo Win, Dr. Aye Min and Myo Thein”. This is the translated version of junta’s newspaper, the mirror; article which accuses of “Global Action for Burma” is organising to set up new government in exile. Translated by Myo Thein.

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