5-3-2-1 Inside Defense Strength of 5-3-2-1 Inside Defense • Strong down the middle • Good for deep pass coverage • Good

protection against flat and short middle passes Excellent for stunting linemen and linebackers Weakness of 5-3-2-1 Inside Defense • Weak at the flanks defense is not spread out wide • Does not contain equal strength to strong side of Single Wing or Wing T formation
• •

ffers man! gaps along line of scrimmage

5-4 Defense Strength of 5-4 Defense • Good inside secondar! strength • Strong pass coverage to the flat and short across the middle Excellent for stunting linebackers Weakness of 5-4 Defense • "ossible issues with # deep pass patterns

• Weak to the flanks on end sweeps Weak on long pass over middle • 6-2 Defense Strength of 6-2 Defense • Strong to tackle and end areas • Strong to flanks$ outside the ends Safet! provides good protection against long pass or run Weakness of 6-2 Defense • Weak against short pass over the middle$ no middle lnebacker • • Weak against quick dives up the middle$ no middle line backer 6-3 Defense Strength of 6-3 Defense • %ine backers provide great run support • ver-shift to strong side makes it difficult to run Excellent for stunting line backers Weakness of 6-3 Defense • Weak against the deep pass$ onl! & D'(s • • Weak against weak side if over-shift is on .

iddle %ine 'acker • Weak against off tackle pla!s • • )ront line tends to pair of against %ine$ offering man to man blocking for offense 7-2 Box Defense Strength of 7-2 Box Defense • Good against short !ardage situations • Strong up the middle • "rovides good short side strength • "rovides good pass .7 Diamond Defense Strength of 7 Diamond Defense • "rovides strong deep pass coverage • Safet! provides assurance against long pass or run • )ront line provides strength against the run • )ront line able to provide pass rush %ine backers able to provide extra pressure b! stunting and blit*ing Weakness of 7 Diamond Defense • +eed strong pla!er to pla! .

rush Weakness of 7-2 Box Defense • Weak against deep pass • Weak against (hook( *one passes • +o safet! offers potential for long pass or run .