SECTION A ( 30 Marks



Which of the following produces electricity? A. Accumulator B. Calculator C. Wires D. Bulbs


What is the source of electricity used by a remote car? A. Dry cell B. Accumulator C. Dynamo D. Solar cell


In which of the following can a dynamo be found? A. Bicycle B. Doorbell C. Steam iron D. Electric kettle

A. battery B. dry cell D.It is a device that changes light energy from the sun into electrical energy. Dynamo B. A solar cell is used in all the materials listed below except A. solar cell 5. Satellite D. Calculator B. Accumulator 6. Water heater . 4. Battery C. • • • It is small and light It is cheap It cannot be recharge What it is ? A. dynamo C. Study the information below. Solar cell D. It is a …………………. Torch C.

II. Wire Switch Bulb Dry cell Bulbs Wire Dry cell Switch Switch Bulb Wire Bulb Bulb 8. III and IV 9. III and IV only D. I switch II wire III bulb IV battery A. Which electric components are correctly matched to the symbols A.. Which of the following symbols represents the component that is used to break or connect circuit? . D. B. I and II only B. II. III and IV only C. A complete circuit consist of …………. I.7. C.

It has only a type of electric circuit. In which of the following circuits. A. D. Which bulbs are arranged in parallel? . B. It is a path that allows electric current to flow through it. It must not be properly arranged to let electric current flow through it. the bulb will light up the brightest? 11. 12.10. C. It can be complete electric circuit without presence of dry cell. Choose the correct statement about an electric circuit.

B. I. D.13. D. All the bulbs light up with different brightness. If one bulbs is blown. the others will still light up. II and II only. If one bulb is blown. The cells will lose their electrical energy faster. II and III only. Which of the following statements is true about parallel circuits? A. A. Which of the following are true about the series circuit? I II III IV Each bulb has the same current. B. III and IV. . the othes will not light up. All the bulbs light up with the same brightness. All bulbs are joined in a row. C. II. Which of the following bulbs will light up? 15. C. I and II only. All switches are connected in a row. I. 14.

III and IV only.16. C. B. D. B. What should Ahmad do to help his friend? A. I and III only. Using too many electrical appliances. Ahmad’s friend is having an electrical shock. III and IV 17. Which of the following can cause electrical accidents? A. Send to the hospital. II and III only. D. Give a hand by using a wooden pole B. Which of the following is cause by mishandling of electrical appliances? I Fever II Burns III Electric shock IV Electrocution A. 18. Switching off the electrical appliances when not in use. C. Switching off lights when replacing the bulb. C. II. I. D. Current leakage. Read the statement below. Pour water onto his friend’s body. II. . Called his friend several times. I.

C. Avoid heating and cooling. Metres B. What can temperature be measured in? A. Let the railway track be good condition. The volume will reduce. Clapping hands C. . Minutes C. The presence of gaps on railway tracks is to………………. Litre 21. 22. C. No change. Cycling 20. Degree Celsius D. Sleeping D. A. D.19. D. B. Prevent the railway track from bending. What will happen to the water in the beaker? A. Jumping B. B. Which of the following activities produce the least heat? A. Some ice cubes are put into a beaker of warm water. Let the railway track bend. It will become cooler. It will become warmer.

The mass of air in the balloon increases. Why is mercury used in the thermometer. D. The temperature in the balloon decreases. What is the main source of the heat energy? A. A thermometer is used to measure temperature. The air in the balloon contracts. 25. Diagram 1 shows an observation from an investigation. It expands and contracts easily. 24. A. It has a bright colour. Burning candle C. The air in the balloon expands. Fire B. B. It expands easily only. C.23. C. What can be concluded about the changes in the size of the balloon? A. Torch D. The Sun . B. It contracts easily only. D.

All the object below conduct heat except A. Beaker Volume of water ( ml ) Temperature ( ° C ) R 70 60 S 100 60 T 85 60 U 60 60 Table 1 Which beaker has the most heat? A. Which of the following beaker of water is the hottest? A. 20 ° C C. iron nail D. paper clip 27. 0 ° C B. steel spoon C. wooden ruler B. Table 1 shows the results of an investigation. T D. S C. 100 ° C 28. R B.26. 50 ° C D. U .

B . Immerse the thermometer into the water until it touch the glass. I. III Read the temperature when mercury stop mercury. C or D is correct? . Which of the following are the correct way of handling thermometer when measuring temperature of a glass of water? I II Hold the thermometer at the bulb. A. I.29. II. Diagram 2 shows different eye positions of a pupil when reading a thermometer . C. II and III only. III and IV. III and IV only. IV Read the meniscus of the mercury. Which of the eye positions labeled A . D. B. I and II only. 30.

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