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Product Safety Management And Engineering


error. harm or any other event which could be considered non-desirable. spiritual. financial. social. political. psychological. the condition of being protected against physical. occupational. educational or other types or consequences of failure. damage. accidents.Importance of safety • Safety • is the state of being "safe“. . emotional.

Why safety is Important? .

• Indirect costs include administrative time dealing with the injury and medical care. unwanted media attention. and rehabilitation. replacing the hours lost of the injured employee with hiring another employee.Injury cost • direct costs of an injury are the easiest to see and understand. loss of reputation and confidence in employees and clients. and more. . raises in insurance costs. These costs include emergency room and doctor visits. medicines. medical bills.

” .Working environment matters… • “When people feel like they have a good. they feel like they can make a difference. safe work environment.

. All you need is to establish the basic framework and pathways to achieve the desired targets.• Ensuring the safety at workplace does not require huge investment of time or money or other resources.

including aerospace. equipment. and product design. and procedures to preserve the health and safety of industrial workers. public works. • A safety engineer designs new guidelines. manufacturing. .What is Safety Engineer? • Safety engineering is a field that focuses on preventing accidents and lessening opportunities for human error in engineered environments or in engineering design. It can be applied to many disciplines.

and designing ways to prevent them. Other duties can include working on the designs of new products to ensure that they are not harmful. inspecting and maintaining equipment. identifying potential hazards. .Importance of Safety Engineer • A health and safety engineer is usually responsible for ensuring safety in the workplace. This can include functions such as implementing safety programs.